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Publication numberUS1216941 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1917
Filing dateNov 1, 1916
Priority dateNov 1, 1916
Publication numberUS 1216941 A, US 1216941A, US-A-1216941, US1216941 A, US1216941A
InventorsWilliam Watson Camp
Original AssigneeWilliam Watson Camp
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US 1216941 A
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w. w. CAMP.


APPLlCTION FILED NOV. 1 -|916- 1,216,941. Patnted Feb. 20,1917.

//v VEN TOR wsrsws co. Fuowuma. wAsn me new ,parts as ,hereinafter'lmore, particularly explained by the following specification.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed November 1, 1916. Serial No. 128,965. I I

- Canada, have invented certain new. and usefullmprovements in Bag-Holders, of which .the following is the specification.

My invention relates to improvements in bag. holders and the object of the invention is to devise a simple form. of bag holder which may be. used either on even .or uneven ground, in which the bag mouth stretcher maybe readily removed from the major portion of the holder :for-the purpose of shaking the bag, in which the front portion ofithe mouth of the bag is depressed so as to allow of the easy pouring in of the grain,-in which slack in the mouths of 1 larger sized bags than are ordinarily used 20 :bag will fit the holder and in which the base may be taken. up so that the. mouth of the of the holder maybe utilized for a truck for transporting thebag when filled from place to place and it consists essentially of the following arrangement and construction of Figure 1, is a general perspective view of my bag holder showing the bag in position.

' detached so thatit maybe hung upon a suit- -able support.

,Fig. 4, is a perspective detail ofthebag Fig. 5, is a perspective detail of the bag mouthstretcher showing the bag in dotted lines.

Fig. 6, iszan enlarged sectionalelevation of the-supporting bracket for carrying the spring finger forstretching the bag mouth.

Fig. 7 is a perspective detail, of the means for taking up the slack of'a larger sized bag.

In the drawings like letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in each figure.

1 indicates the base of the holder which isin the .form of a truck and comprises longitudinal bars 2 and 3, a. cross piece 4 connecting the bars 2 and. 3 together at the rear end of the truck, a cross bar 5 connecting the bars 2 and 3, together at the front end of dicates the usual foot piece carriedat therear. end of the longitudinal bars 2 and 3. 10 indicates a U-bracket secured to the normally lower face of the bar 5. 11 indicates an orifice formed in the forward edge of -the cross piece 4. 12 indicates a bar standard which is slipped through'the bracket '10 and into the orifice 11 at its lower. end. 13 and 14 indicate-diametrically opposite perforations extending through the walls of the orifice 11. 15 indicatesa split pin which extends through the perforations 13 .and 14 and through the perforation16 formed in the. standard 12 proximityto its lower end. The upper end of the standard 12 is -hook-shape at 17 as indicated in the drawings. 18 indicates a cross piece provided with a central orifice 19 through which the standard 12 extends. 20 indicates a set screw extending through the cross piece 18 against the standard 12 to secure it in place in .any desired position upon the standard 12.

I will now describe the means forholding the bag stretcher .in the open position.

21 and 22 indicate a pair of hook members each. having rearwardly hooked upper endsv 23 and forwardly hooked lower ends 24. 25 indicates a bar which is secured to :the inner face of the upwardly extending portions of the back portions 24. The ends -26 and 27 of the bar 25 are inclined in an outward direction and extend at a slightly downward incline. 28 indicates a bracket securedto the arm 27. The lower end of :the bracket is provided with an out-turned portion;29,' the outer end of which is curved downwardly into .U-form at 30 thereby forming two horizontal arms 29 and 30".

31 indicates a spring finger provided in,

Patented Feb. 20, r917.

vided with an inverted U-shape double portion 89 designed to fit over and grip the side portion 26 or 27 of the bar 25. The lower end of the depending portion of the bracket 38 is provided with an out-turned portion 89 provided with an orifice 40. 41 indicates a pin extending upwardly through the orifice and split longitudinally from its upper end. The opposite or lower end is provided with a flattened head 43. 44 indicates a washer which is secured upon the pin 41 so as to bear against the lower face of the portion 49 of the bracket 38. indicates a ratchet wheel also secured upon the pin 41 and bearing against the upper face of the portion 39. 46 indicates a spring dog pivotally mounted upon the portion 49 and co-acting with the ratchet 45..

Having described the principal parts involved in my invention I will briefly describe the operation of the same.

Under ordinary circumstances when a flat draw is provided the truck is set up vertically in the position shown in Fig. 1 so as to be supported upon the wheels 7 and 8 and foot 9. In this position the standard 12 extends vertically, the hook portions 23 of the brackets 21 and 22 being fitted over the arms of the cross piece 18. When in this position the mouth of the bag is inserted between the outwardly extending arms 26 and 27 of the" bar 25 and the edge of the bag .folded over the upper edge of this bar, the forward portion of the bag mouth extending loosely and freely between the ends of the arms 26 and 27. The spring arm 81 is then forced inwardly against its spring tension and the depending portion 37 inserted in the bag mouth against the front edge thereof. When the arm 81 is released the bag mouth is forced outwardly and downwardly by the spring coil 32 into a V-shaped stretched position as indicated in the drawings. This allows of holding the bag mouth in such a position as to allow of the easy pouring in of the contents of the bag through the mouth. 7

If it is desired to shake the contents'of the bag down all that it is necessary to do is to grip the arms 26 and 27 and lift the bag up completely so that the hook portions 23 of the arms 21 and 22 are lifted oif the arms of the bar 18. The bag may then be shaken down and replaced when desired.

If it is found necessary to fill the bag in a barn where the floor is covered with grain or the floor is otherwise uneven and un adaptable for placing a stand having a substantially fiat bottom thereon or if it is necessary to fill the bag out in the field where the ground is uneven the standard 12 may be removed by withdrawing the split pin 15 and raising the standard vertically from the orifice 11 and through the bracket 10. The hooked upper end of the stem may then be placed over a suitable support such as shown at 47 (see Fig. 3) or in the case where the bag is being filled in the field it giay'be placed over the edge of the wagon In order to adjust the device for different heights of bags all that it is necessary to do is to loosen the set screw 20 and raise or lower the bag 18 to the desired position and retighten the set screw 20. If it is necessary to remove the bag after being filled the truck support may be tilted to the horizontal position, the mouth of the bag closed and the bag removed to any desired location.

In some cases it is desirable to use a certain class of bags which have very much larger mouths than are ordinarily used and which are too large to be stretched tightly by the ordinary bag stretching means. In order to overcome this defect I have provided a tightener. When this is employed the mouth of the bag is folded over the bag mouth stretcher in the usual way and the edge of the over-folded portion inserted in the split of the pin 41. The pin is then turned by means of the flattened end 43 so as to Wind the fabric of the bag around the pin, the pin being held in such position by the ratchet dog 46 co-acting with the ratchet 45. By this means all slack in the mouth of the bag is taken up and the bag stretched tight around the stretching frame.

From this description it will be seen that I-have devised a very simple form of bag holder which may be either used as a standard holder having an integral base, which base may be used as a truck for transporting the filled bag from place to place, or may be used in locations unsuitable for supporting the base over the standard in which case the standard may be hung on a suitable support during the process of filling, and in which the frame of the mouth spreader of the bag may be used as a frame whereby the bag may be lifted manually from the holder, shaken down and replaced without disturbing the bag mouth.

What I claim as my invention is:

1. In a device of the class described, a bag mouth stretcher comprising a bar having forwardly and outwardly inclined ends and around the upper edge of which the rear portion of the bag mouth is folded, and a spring finger carried by one of the aforesaid inclined arms and having a down-turned outer end designed to be sprung rearwardly into position within the bag mouth.

2. In a device of the class described, a bag mouth stretcher comprising a bar having forwardly and outwardly inclined ends around the upper edge of which the rear portion of the bag mouth is folded, resilient means for stretching the forward portion of the bag mouth, and means for taking up any the pin, and means for holding the pin in superfluous slack in the bag mouth and comany position to Which it is turned. prising a right angled bracket having a turned over upper end supported upon one WILLIAM WATSON A of the inclined arms, a split pin journaled Witnesses:

therein into the split of which the bag edge M. EGAN,

is designed to be inserted, means for turning S. BROWN.

Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, .D. 0.

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