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Publication numberUS1217838 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 27, 1917
Filing dateOct 18, 1915
Priority dateOct 18, 1915
Publication numberUS 1217838 A, US 1217838A, US-A-1217838, US1217838 A, US1217838A
InventorsWilliam E Schmidt
Original AssigneeWilliam E Schmidt
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US 1217838 A
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win/E8858.- I I/WE TOR J I Wr;


, EYE sumo.

APFUCATION LED OCT- 18,1915- 7 1,217,838. Patented Feb. 27,1917.

. preferably of glass but either side of the head 6.

, a citizen of the United ings,



. Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. 2'3, 1917.

Application filed October 18, 1915. Serial No. 56,646.

To all whom, it may concern: I

Be it known that I, WILLIAM E. SCHMIDT,

States, and a resident of Seattle, in the county of King and State of Washington, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Ey Shields, of which the following is a full, true, and exact specification.

y invention relates to improvements in eye shields and has for its principal object to provide a cheap, simple for protecting the eyes and face from flying pieces ofmetal, .emery and the like from lathes, grinding wheels and the like. A further object is to provide a device of this character which able to a tool post of a lathe or the like and to provide means for adjusting the posith tion of the shield, which is transparent.

Other objects will appear as my invention is more fully explained .in the following specification, illustrated in the ing drawings and pointed out pended claims.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a front elevation of my device. Fig. 2. is a side elevation of same. Fig.3 is a front elevation of a modified form of my device with parts of the shield broken away. Fig. 4 is a side elevation of Fig. 3.

Referring more particularly to the drawnumeral 1 indicates a forked clamp a clamping screw 2. A channeled accompanyin the aphaving shield support 3 is secured to the top of .clamp 1. A transparent shield 4 issupsupport 3. The shield 4 is may be of any trans- The shield is held in the support by screws 5 or may be cemented in place. Referring. to Figs. 3 and 4, the forked clamp consists: of a head 6 with spring fork members 7, one securedv to Head '6 is semispherically socketed at'the top to receive a ball member.8 which, together 6, forms 'a universal ball and socket joint ported by shield parent material.

between the fork" and a shield support'9.

The upper ends of fork members 7 are bent around ball 8 'so as to positively hold it in contact with its seat and to frictionally retain it in any set position. The support 9 has spring jaws 10 which are. adapted to and novel device will be removably attach-- shield supporting member which with the head lathe or the like,

frictionally retain a shield 11 by snapping into grooves 12 in the shield. My device is clamped or frictionally held to the tool post of a lathe, to the bed ofa shaper o'r.,in front of the wheel of a grinder so as to be between the workmans eyes and the work. By use of my modified form, the shield may be readily adjusted to any desired position, the shield is quickly removable from the support and the entire device is frictionally eld in place. The advantages in the use I, of a shield are workmans eyes and face.

While'I have' shown .a particular form of embodimentpf my invention, I am aware that many minor changes therein will readily suggest themselves to others skilled ine art without departing from the spirit and scope of the desire to avoid being limited to the exact form shown and described except as pointed out in the appended claims.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent, is 1. In a device of combination of a transparent eye shield holds in the protection .given' the" lnvention, and I therefore. j

jaws with the groove in the shield, whereby the said shield may In a device of the class described, the

combination of a longitudinallygrooved transparent eye'shield, a spring jawed shield supporting member which frictionally holds said shield by the cotiperation of said jaws with the groove in the shield, whereby the shield may be easily removed, and spring clamp members adjustably attached to said shield supporting member. I

3. In a device of the class described, the combination of a transparent eye shield, africtionally grips the said shield, a frictionally held clamp member which is adapted to be re movably attachable. to the tool post of a and a joint between the said shield support and the, said clamp member, whereby adjustment between the said members may be made.


be easily removed. 1 l

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U.S. Classification82/152, 74/612, 248/229.15, 451/451, 24/560, 24/486, 24/561, D15/138, 24/326
Cooperative ClassificationB23Q11/08