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Publication numberUS1218393 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1917
Filing dateFeb 21, 1916
Priority dateFeb 21, 1916
Publication numberUS 1218393 A, US 1218393A, US-A-1218393, US1218393 A, US1218393A
InventorsTheodore F Gensmer
Original AssigneeTheodore F Gensmer
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Shoe-shining device.
US 1218393 A
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Patented Mar. 6, 1917.



1,218,393- PatentedManG, 1917.

2 SHEETS-SHEET 2- x/vvzwme 77020002: Emma/1M. V

I I 6767M rnnononn r. ,eansmnn; oF mNEAroL'Is, MINNESOTA.

snoE-snI-n ne nEvIcE,

Specification of Letters Patent.

To all whom it may aoncerm- Be i 'knownthat I, THEODORE F. GENS- MER; citizen of the United Sta'tes, resident" of Minneapolis, countyof Henn'ep'in, State of Minnesotm haVe invented certain new and useful Improvements-1n Shoe-Shining 'Devices-, of which the" following is a specifiscribed in my pending application for U.- S.


r invention relates to a shoe shining device similar to the one illustrated and dc Patent,-No. 27,448, fi1ed May 11, 1 915.

a shoe shining device having jaidauber. head which can be easily and quicklyfremoved 4 from the'suppoi'tinghandle and a new head substituted, thereby avoiding" the necessity I of throwing away the entire device when the bristles ofv thedauber are worn out.-

A further object is to'p'rovide a dauber in which the-paste, will be --unifor mly. dis

' tributed to the bristles.

or paste container which can "be sold sepaand 'conv'enient'l into the brush handle preparatory to t e operation of feed1ng the- -.paste to the brush bristles", l

Other bjects of the invention will ap rately from-the brush andbe inserted easily pear from the following detailed description; 4

The iiivention consists 'ous constructions and combinations all as hereinafter described and Pointed out 'in the claims." j.

. In the accompanying drawings forining part of this specification, v

1 so maga'zine shown in Fig., 5,

;Fig. 7 "s-a side view',-'partially inse ction,

showm paste applyingbrush mounted .Figure-l is alongit. dinal-sectional'view "hrough a shoe shining device embodying my-in'vention, Y

Fig-,2 is a'top view, partially in section, .of the same, 4.

Fig.. 3-is'a', transverse sectional v ew on the line Hot Fig, 1 Fig. 4 is a view of. the 'xpaste'contamer 1g'nthe in the ishing brush,

"Figfi8 is a top v ewsot-the saine, I

t dle and the parts fitting therein, e

F 1g.- 12 is a siinilar'view, showing a paper generally-in particularly hollow mste-containing handle,

- Fig. 11 is a detail sectional vieiv,'sh ow ing-. i

a modified cbnstruction of the hollowhan' Patented Mar.6, 19 17;- appli ation filed retruar 21,.'19' 1e. seria 'nohzat el. I

magazine or container and the washerhavmg the ponitfor cutting" the walls of'the.

paper magazine.

In the. drawing,2' 1'epresents'tl e head of the dauber brush, made of suitable-material, 1: The object of my .inven'tion' is to provide preferably wood, having comparatively long 5 bristles-3 in one end'and similar but-shorter .Ishoe cleaning bristles 4 in the opposite end. A 'centralorifice 5 is provided in the-head and a tube 6 isinserted into said orifice and I eating with a similar tube 9, WhlCll" extends r centrallyin the head 2 and iiito'th'ebris- Afurther object is to provide a magazine The dauber head-is preferably "made: in

the form shown, sothatby removing the.

screw 7 the head may be detached fromthe' handle and a 'newone substituted when the; I

clogged with v ast'e.

paste to' the' extremities of ,the'bristles. and deliver it uniformly thereto.

opening 12-therein to receive the projecting has a central A cylinder 10' is. seated atope end against f 4 the head-2 and forms the j andle of the end Dfthe tube 6; A paste magazine croonv I 13 is adapted. to fit into the cylinder I ..'10.- This magazine isillustrated in detail-in- I Fig.4 and comprises thecylindrical body portion and covers 14 and 15 for the ends thereof,

= one en'd being preferably provided with an .annl-{ila'r rib 16 projecting sufficiently to -pi'e-' Went" that end from being inserted into the .cylindr- T e. paste magazine is adapted to containany .s'uitable' form' of p'astet'm polishing J j shoesor the surfaces ofother articles, and through the application of. 'the follower therein will be constantly under pressnre,

thereby preventing the air from .OIltGI'lng the magazine and-dryingthe paste. 1 1 I A cap 17 1s';threaded to engage the threads s5. intothe hollo iv-handle and the cap is about in the'end of'the'cylinder and encircles the projecting end of the paste-magazine. This ca is provided with a hub 18 having a handle shrunk thereon t revolvethe hub when the handle is turned. 'lhehub has a left-hand 'thread to receive a feed screw 20 provided with a rib 21 at its outer end which prevents the screw and the hub from "able material, and a: washer 23 that isseparatin The other end of the screw is adapted to stick into the magazine of paste when'th'e cover '15 is removed therefrom and is provided with a follower 2' of suit threaded on said screw and has a limited movement thereon between the stops 2-; and 25. hen the handle. 15) is revolved with theuhub 18, ,the screw .will' be fed inwardly 'until the rib. 21' contacts. with the hub and diiring'this movement the follower22 will ldflftKlVflIlCOll with the screw to feed the paste. 7

its longitudinal movement. the continued \Vhen the screw reaches the limit of revolut on of the hub and'handle'will rc a.n%ldesir e d length of stroke in the cylinder.

1 wardly toward'the brush-head.

valve the screw also and thereupon the fol,

lower 22and the washer 23 will continue to advance and eJect the paste "from the magazine. 'llh-e teed screw may be adapted for ie washer. 23 has a lag QGthere'on tOCOlP tact with a, longitudinal rib 27 in the magazine. Thisrib will prevent the washer from turning withthesorew' and will feed it in- Fig'. 2illn'stratjes the position of the parts whenthe paste magazine has been inserted to be replaced and the feeding operation begii'n; 'The revolution of the screw when its forwardmovement has'heen checked, as

fwardthereon "to, advance the fol-lower and" above-"described, will cause, the washer 23 thatis threaded on the screw to be fe(l.-f( .r

continue the feed ofthe paste until the followee reaches the inner end of the screw and contacts with the stop 25, at which'e follower may be discarded and -left in the magazine, thereby preventing the *form'ation'of a. vacuum when the screw is inagazineof polish.-

.withdra'wn'fromthe magazine. A newfollower Willbe-furnished with each tube or In Fig.5 the outer end of the magazine is shown, prov ded w th a series of teeth.

.- These teeth are "iu'lapted to engage a surfaee flf) in the, cap" for the pur' oseof' revolvmg the'magazine. in the i101 'ow handle and seating its inner endfirmly against the head ofythe cylinder forming the handle. In Fig. 7 I have shown a finishing brush BOQha ving asoek'et 31 therein to receive the head 2 and preferahly"providedwith a clip 32in position tobe engaged by a"pin 33 for locking the bruslrand paste-applying device x.tlo g ether temporarily. This head 2 may also be made to fit snugly in the socket 231 and he held therein by its fries tional engagement with the Walls of the socket.

In Figs. 9 and 10 I haveshown a modi-. lied meanstortastening the cap 17 onthe end of the cylinder which consists in pi'0- 'viding bosses 34 in the walls of the cylinder to enter grooves 35 formed in the walls of the cap. said grooves having ott'sets at their ends extending through the edge-of 5 the cap to allowthe entrance of the bosses therein. t

In Figs. 10 and 11 l have shown a niodilied constructionof cylinder. which consists in seaming the edges at 3'13, the inaga- '/.ine fitting therein being also seamed in a similar manner. these seams rojecting in- 'wardl v and formin a stop' to hold the .washer against revolution.

In Fig. 1'. a magazine 37 is provided, cong5 sistiug preferably of paper having a longitudinal depress on 38 at the 'DOlIit where the cylinder is seainedto receive the said 'seam and the washer 39 has a sharpened point orspur 40 which digs into the paper and holds thewasher against revolution and also cuts through the wall of the paper, preventing the use of the magazine a second time. I

described for use in shining'shoes, may be used for polishing stoves or other Slll'fitdSi" I claim -as my" invention: 1. A shoe shining device comprising a hollow handle adapted to contain a suitable oo paste, a tube forming a longitudinal am-- 'tinuationot' said handle and through which the paste is fed,'a'dauber head having a 7 socket extending therethi-ough to. receive said tube; means mounted in the end iofsaid ation thereofla dauber head having ajsocketiis' to receive said tube and fitting snugly against the end of said handle, a screw engaging said dauber head and tapped into said tube for kicking said head and tube This shining device, while shown and 90 together, the remoyal of said screw allowing the sepai'ath-in ofYsaid head from said handle, bristles mounted in said" head, and Sill(l' tllb@ having a. discharge port therein leadingto said bristles. i

3; A shining device comprising a hollow har le having a daubeiflbrush and a feed passage. eounnunieating .wit-h said handle, a paste magazine fitting within said handle, a feed screw for said paste magazine, a t'ollower t'or said feed screug means feeding .said sci-'ew lengthwise initially to advance said follower and for revolving said, screw and moving said follower on. said screw when lengtlnvise inoi enienfl of the screw.

I has ceased.

4 I 4. A shlnmg device COmPPlSlDgEiL hollow ha'ndle, 'a brush having bristles and a feed "passage leading from said bfistles tosaid -handle,- a reniovahle cap for said handle,'a

paste-magazinefitting within said handle,

-a. feed screw mounted \vith in'said cap and a. hand grip for feeding said screw length .\vise a predetermined,disfiauee, a follower mounted on said screw' and having means for advancing 1t lntothe paste through; the

revolution of "said screw when its forwardmovem'ent has ceased.

" ,5. shining! device eompi'isiuga hollow a feed'passage communicating"with said j handle, adanber head-lmvi g bristles imahollow handle, a-cap. for said hollow handle, a hub mounted thereon and a handle for said hub, a feed screw passing through said huband having a limited longitudinal 25' .inovemenf: therein when said huh and handle are revolved, a follower mounted on sand screw and advanced into said hollow handle .-'by the longitudinal movement of said screw, the .revolutlon of S:ll(l l 1l ll) and handlere volvmgsaid screwfwhen its longlt'udinal movement has ceased and continuing the" feeding n'iovenlent -'of said followei in said handle.

'Inhw'itness whereof, "I have hereunto set my hand thislfithflday of February, 1916. TH EQDORE F. .GENSMER.

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