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Publication numberUS1218760 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 13, 1917
Filing dateMay 28, 1915
Priority dateMay 28, 1915
Publication numberUS 1218760 A, US 1218760A, US-A-1218760, US1218760 A, US1218760A
InventorsRobert S Graham
Original AssigneeRobert S Graham
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Key for type-writing and other machines.
US 1218760 A
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1,218,760. T Patented Mar.13,1917.

. fmw min ,53; v 1 W gym it;

sp liesi-ic-n filefi may 28, 3.815

"0 all'wkom may uemssmr Be it known that I, S. GRAHAM, a citizen. of the United Si'IAuLS a d resident of the borough m". ii'i'aiiiiisiten ii '16 city and State sf New 55821;, svs invented a new and useful improvement in Keys for Type .Writing Oiiilfif Machines, sf which the following is a s a-echicstiun.

This invention relates to an improvement in keys for typswriting and other machines,

and has for its abject tepmvide 2:, key having a character bearing surface apart from the finger engaging surface, so that when the finger i resting upon iiie key, the chairacts! will stiii be visible.

Another abject is to piOVi'l. a sushi-1m for the keys having a characfierbesring surisce, formed integral therewihn Another object is to provide a cushicn having a, non-slipping finger engaging sur face.

Another object is to pruvide flCHSiliUfl and character bearing surface which is adapted to be remevabiy secured t0 keys ziow in com- A practical smbodiment of nvsni ion is represented in the accompanying drawings in whici1 Figure 1 represents a pisfi view 0 5 the invention applied to a key,

Fig. 2 ,i'spressnas a side eievst-ion of the same,

Fig. 3 represents a from eievzstien (if the same,

F 4 represents a central ssction ink-9n in the plane of the line A A (if Fig. and

Fig. 5 represents a side elevation of invention detached frcm iztey.

' This device is paieuiari Wei adaptsd 46 $02 use upon keys oi typewriting' said other machines new in eoinmen use where key stem, denoted. by 1 has secureii thereto an eimuiar cup 2 having periphe sl rim 3. The head 4 of the cushion has formed inas tegi-al therewith a character bearing 5 wvhich extends downwardly and forwsrdiy from the top edge the head, izheTeby pissing the character spproxnnateiv at right angles 3118 line of vision of fine operator- 56 as Wei? lacing the character-in a position where 1t will not iio obscured by the continual use oi. the key.

The head 4 has e180 farmed integral therewith a conical bass 6, the ease? specification. of Letters ZQatsmt.

Patented Mai"; .13, iiiiin' Serial H0. $43579.

wardiy through ins. conical base 6, the Willis (if which epeniiig diverge the base. i I

The top or finger engaging surface of the head may be corrugated 01' roughenefi, as shown at 10, so give a positive nan-slipping surface for the finger {if the epemtoi'.

The device, consisting of )the hesii 4, the tab 5 and the seminal bass 6, is maiie 01 rubber imving :1 suitable degi'ee of resiliency, s0 that the conical may be squeezed into @116 :iiiimiai' cup 2, with the recess in pbsition fie receive the rim 3, while the head forms yielding cushion for the fingers 0f the operates).

To prevent the aisvice from turning in the cup 2 while in use, tiie'szib 5 is formed so as t0 grip the cup 2 between it and the canical base.

Furthermoye, the conical base 6 is made a (10 the bostoin of trifle larger in diameter than the inside direm Che sm it veni-ion; hence I dd not Wish 0 limit. myself strictly to the struetm'e herein seb fin-t 1 but What I cisim isz-- 1, In combimiion with key having an upwsniiy apes. cup-sing top, a resilient member having :i huliew fi-ustQ-emiimii base pm'tion seatsd within said top and having an up wi' fingsr-en gsge l portism overhang" ing flldlilli of said, cup, said upper portion having an inner svity gi ester in diameter' than the upper end, sf she him of the said base portian and connected to said here substansialiy in alinement with the upper end Of said. cup-siispe i top; izhev upper end of the latter bein larger in igiternai diameter than the parties as? the said bass heused iiiei'sby, as permita radial expansion of said top upon pressure on said finger- -engaged portlon.

2. In combination, a key having a top equipped with an axially vertical ring, and a resilient member having a base portion disposed within said ring and an upper portion projecting above said ring, said base portion being contracted at its upper end to a diameter smaller than said ring, to permit r dial expansion thereof upon a. down- 10 war pressure on said member.

In testimony, that I'claim the foregoing as my invention, I have signed my name this twenty-seventh day of May 1915.


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U.S. Classification400/491.1
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