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Publication numberUS1220466 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 27, 1917
Filing dateAug 14, 1916
Priority dateAug 14, 1916
Publication numberUS 1220466 A, US 1220466A, US-A-1220466, US1220466 A, US1220466A
InventorsHerman Schultz
Original AssigneeR J Goerner, Herman Schultz
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Detachable handle for jars.
US 1220466 A
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H. SCHULTZ. DETACHABLE HANDLE FOR JARS. APPLIcMmN man fis. ze, 19m. www Aue. 14, wxs.

l Patent@ Erima 2?; M?.

abbey/m43 pplicason filed February 556, 19M, Sera No.

To' @ZZ wfwm z'b may @omge-15e.

Be ii known time L HERMAN SGH citizen of 'lie Ui'iiel State-sy. -dingal, Parkersburg, in i; county off D tlei" anni eehben new in. lDelcoens-ble Stale of have invented @ed useful mpiovements Handles foi* lois of wliieli the olloiviiw-is.

a. speciliea'ion, reel-ense being heel o the 1 accompanying so hat it is readily applicable the preseii iiiliamlle means a full degi'ee of adjustment io weep-ia cles o Widely mij/mg sizes. u

It is still further the objecl; of ikliis invention to provide e. lisiidie means of lie Reliure described which is of such sii-iiple consi-meion liat it may be very ehleeply mammie@ timed, this advantage being proeuieel with Cuit depaibiiig in any manner from fue eil? Vith the above sind oslieiobjeets iii View, the inveniion resides nioi'e fully in the novel "co'moii'ialion5 :formation and eri-angemen; of parts moie folly liei'eiiie'fei cleseribeii particule.. y poiiieil ouf@ appendeci.

` Reference is had be lie .accompanying cliawiiig's in Wliioli simile? elmie-ciers of freference designate corresponding pero;

tliiouglioii the seveiai views and vf'liei'ein, Figure l is a sie elevation oi i'vl'ie upper portion of n. jar, with the improved elemelin able handle means atlanelied 'thereto Fig. 2 is a top plan View of the detachable lianclle means.

Fig. is a. peispeetive View of lie locking member of the device.

Fig. (l is e plan View of one of lie mem-- bers for adjusting the diameter of thegar engaging portion of the device.

Fig. is ai veiioai sectional View taken eemi'ally through said adjusting Ineens,

Renewed 313.-,

in the Claim hereto f securing liese lionel desired size of recepieele, suoli :is e iei or the like.

grips ico This means for seei lie hand grips compz'ises a oi. f secioiis '5 which lieve' ecljeoem; ends :s "sbly eoiioeozecl "eogo'lier es will be exp The otheiwfeiid poi'ioiis. of lie seoiolis l1 e their ei:l;'iemi iii-es beni; bsolwerdly 'and eoilerl. around 'alie seoions, es to form he loops 8. losleing lei/ei is piovidefl which compr' plate 9 p'ovided adjacent he/eiiizer side of one enel poitioi with en opening l0 throng" which passed one of lie loops S. Ine iimei ieee oi plaie is piovielefl. *lilith ing l() will fue moved ouweiclly omi eonnecion of the o'niiei loop S so lifi, the tension exerzecl by lie e i will sew/e io hold the locking plaise @in oelfiiig goei ibioii. Rf i ling :i pliiifality oi: feeijli, it is see enable eljusmen: i lay loe lied. The liano.

grips positioned mi elle iii-shaped ieng'tiis of Wiie? which have "me l side eleveioii of said,

exeremiaies of mais icoi'mepl mili eyes lit is illusl seen lio'w :two efljeceii' ends of lie seobioiis :we ienipiileed lio bind. lie seciions around 'elle reeeprzeele. To ecl'juseloly eoinee lie olieif ends ol sections, paies The plaies oir of plates lli fiie profielen?.

each pair have their opposed :feces formed with opposed ,grooves l5 @Elie wire sections are passed hrougli these grooves. A clamping screw i6 is passed through' each peil of plzilzes and lius clamps ziwiife Heil tions egsiiisi'; movement i'eleive '55o lie pluies .Eeeli end of one of lie'wiie sections is firmly seoiirefl o ein ouvbei' plete M. To accomplish laliis, lie plete is provided with en Opening l? ex'enoliiig from folie one portion of e groove l5 to the ont-er 'fece ont the platennd the extremity oi the wire section is extended through the `groove the edge of the plate, en d then into the opening 17, as shown et 18. i

From the 'foregoing it will he seen that un exceedingly simple and el'rieient handle means has been provided nf'hieh muy Ahe very readily etteehed to or detached from e receptacle and which may he constructed so as to be easily adjustable for various Sizes of receptacles. y

Having thus described this invention, what is eleinied is :u

lLdeteehahle handle member .comprising :t pair of Wire sections, pairs of plates provided with opposed longitudinal grooves eoacting to receive the sections, Clamping and eroundY screws passed through ene-h pair of plates, one of the plates ot each pair being pro; vided with. en opening extending from one of the grooves outwardly, and the Wire adjacent said opening being extended therethrough and directed around the edge et the plates handles carried hy the sections, and ineens associated with the other ends ol the sections for drawing them together into clamping relation und holding them in such position.

In testimony whereof l hereunto affix my signature in the presence of two Witnesses.


lWitnesses W T. EvANs, M. L. Eisenselmunfr.

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U.S. Classification294/31.2
Cooperative ClassificationB65D23/108