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Publication numberUS1220758 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 27, 1917
Filing dateJan 10, 1916
Priority dateJan 10, 1916
Publication numberUS 1220758 A, US 1220758A, US-A-1220758, US1220758 A, US1220758A
InventorsWane Lamphiear
Original AssigneeWane Lamphiear
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Combined garment-hook and clothes-hanger.
US 1220758 A
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l ,QQ Patented; Mar., 27, .191?.

wenn LAMPH'I'EAR, or ANAconrEs, wAsHrneroN.'


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Mar. 27, 1917.

Appli-cation inea January 1o, 191e. serial Nojvlia shall embody a bracket and a garment-hook to which shall be rigidlyattached a clotheshanger bar that shall project at' a right an` gle therefrom, and which garment-hook shall be hinged to said bracket in a manner to adapt said garment-hook and its attached bar to be swingingly moved through an angular distance of ninety degrees in a verticalplane as may be required to utilize only said garment-hook, or to utilize only said clothes-hanger bar, as may be desired at different times; and a further'object of my invention is to provide such a combined garment-hook and clothes-hanger whose operative` parts shall be so arranged that if the garment-hook be in its position of-use then the bar of the clothes-hanger shall be unobtrusively disposed adjacent to and parallel with the vertical wall, or other support,


to which the device may be fastened.

l accomplis/h these objects by devicesillustrated in the accompanying drawings wherein Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of a structure embodying my invention as it appears when fastened to the face of avertical support, as, for instance, thefwall of a room, and Fig. 2 is a view in side elevation of a like structure in all respects except that some of its parts are of a modified form.

Referring to the drawings, 3 is a backbo'ard that is adapted to be fastened to a wall of a room, and upon the front surface of saidback-board 3 is secured a bracket 4. to which is pivotally hinged a curved garment-hook G that is swingingly movable in a vertical plane, on its pivot '5, from its vertical position shown in full lines to a horisont-al position indicated by dotted lines.

'llhe free end 9 of said garment-hook 6 is of hook-like form to adapt it to engage with and be caught by a latch 10 which is pivoton a bracket 12 that is fastened to the 10 to turn downwardlyto'disengage itself y from the hook-like end 9 of thev garmenthook G thus to permit said garment-hook G to swing from its substantially vertical position to the horizontal position indicated by broken lines in Fig. l. Integral with the hinged end of the gar- 'Y ment-hook G is a cylindrically vformed lug 7 which projects therefrom in a direction at right angles to said garment-hook 6, and a clothes-hanger bar S of tubular form and of a desired length is fixed on said lug 7 whichy projects in tothe open end of said clothes-hanger bar 8 upon which clothes may be hung when it is maintained in a.

horizontal position as shown in Fig. 1, and

said clothes hanger bar 8 may be permanently fixed or removably fixed on said lug4 7' as maybe desired.

Manifestly, when the arm 11 is pressed to unlatch 'the garment-hook 6 then said garment-hook 6 will swing downwardly to the horizontal position indicated by dotted lines in Fig. 1, in which. position it may serve as a hook upon which a garment may be hung, and at the same time the clothes-hanger bar 8 will swing downwardly from its horizontal position to an unobtrusiveV vertical posi-f tion near the vertical support to which the back-board 3 is fastened.

'In Fig. 2 I have shown a modified form of a structure embodying my invention which structure differs from the structure of Fig. 1 only with respect to the means for releasably locking the garment-hook 6 in its i vertical position, and with respect to the forms of the clothes-hanger bar 8 and the garment-hook 6; and in said Fig. 2 is shown a spring latch 17 that is substituted for the latch 10, bracket 12 and spring 13 of Fig. 1, while the free end 16 of the garment-hook 6 of said Fig. 2 is formed to engage its outermost side surface with the spring latch 17, and, further, a socket 14 in Fig. 2 is substituted for the lug 7 whereby a round solid bar 15, preferably of wood, may be substituted for the tubular bar of Fig. 1, one

of its ends being projected into said socket i 1-t;' thus the structure of each of the Figs. 1 and 2 has the same mode of operation.

Manifestly, instead of employing a backhoe-rd, as back-board 3, the brackets t and 3 2 may be' fastened directly to the wall of a room Of course, one may dispose as many of the combined 'gnrmenthooks and clothes-hangers, on e back-board in n row, as may be desired, and obviously other changes may be mede in the forms, dimensions and arrangement of pnrtsof my invention without departing from the spirit thereof.

What I claim is:

A. /combined garment-hook and clothes hanger comprising a bracket, a, garmenthook having one oits ends hinged to said bar telescopically mounted on the lug and.

adapted to extend in line therewith.

In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my 11eme' this 22nd dey of December A. D., g5 1915.


opie of this patent may be obtained for five cents nach, by addressing the Commissioner of Patent,

' Washington, D. C.

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U.S. Classification211/99, 248/291.1, 248/306
Cooperative ClassificationY02T50/672, A47G25/0685