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Publication numberUS1222035 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 10, 1917
Filing dateJun 1, 1915
Priority dateJun 1, 1915
Publication numberUS 1222035 A, US 1222035A, US-A-1222035, US1222035 A, US1222035A
InventorsWilfred B Schott
Original AssigneeWilfred B Schott
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US 1222035 A
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TUB covea. APPLICATION FILED JUNE 1. I915- LQQ2,3W I Pat ented Apr. 10,1917.

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Application filed June 1, 1915.

To all whom it may concern.

Be it known that I, W'ILFRED B. SoHoT'r, a citizen of the United States, residing at W est Salem, in the county of Wayne and State of Ohio, have invented a new and use ful Tub-Cover, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in flexible covers for tubs used in the manufacture and shipment of ice cream and other substances which by reason of dampness or tendency to corrosion or breakage, render the use of metallic or wooden covers disadvantageous.

The principal object of my invention is to provide means for adapting covers made of canvas or other flexible and non-corrosive material to tubs of varying diameters so as to fit more closely and securely over the open end of the tub than has been possible heretofore and to provide improved means for hinging the cover to the tub and for folding the cover when lifted or detached from the tub.

It consists of the improved method of constructing and joining the parts of the cover body and the hinging, folding and se curing means hereinafter set forth and as stated in the appended claims.

My invention is illustrated by the accompanying drawing in which similar letters of reference indicate like parts.

Referring to the drawing Figure 1 is a perspective view of a tub cover embodying my invention; Fig. 2 is a reverse view of the upper part of Fig.1; Fig. 3 is a front elevation of a tub with cover applied broken away at one side for better illustration of the parts; Fig. f is a vertical cross section of Fig. 3 on a diameter on the dotted line 33 the upper part of the tub being broken away centrally showing the cover in position thereon; Fig. 5 is a detail view of my hinge and fastener strap attached to the inner surface of the cover; Fig. 6 is a horizontal section of Fig. 5 on the dotted line 5-5; Fig. 7 is a vertical cross section of Fig. 5 on thedotted line 66 thereof; Fig. 8 is a view of the lower part of Fig. 1 in folded position.

In the drawing A is a circular top and B a foldable band attached thereto by a seam m a, best shown in Fig. 7 The lower edge of the band is provided with a wide hem b to stiffen and strengthen the same and also to afford a double thickness of material to Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Apr. 10, 1917.

Serial No. 31,577.

support the plurality of eyelets cl cl in the perforations made therein. 1 The band B 1s constructed of one piece the ends thereof being joined together by folding one on the other by a seam J so as to make the band B continuous instead of separated as heretofore. A fastener strap 0 is firmly sewed across the band B at the junction seam J aforesaid, and may be more firmly secured upon said joint by means of suitable rivets e 0 passed through all said folded parts. Said strap terminates a distance beyond the lower edge of said band B with a link a. and may be further supplied with a perforation 0, eyelet supported for purposes hereafter stated. Diametrically opposite said joint strap C I secure a similar strap D across the band B, and in a similar manner, but preferably surmount said strap with an elongated linka. Said strap may also have a like perforation 0 and extend beyond the edge of said band, as shown in the drawings. When the cover is detached from the tubv it readily and naturally folds together, with said band B lying fiat upon the inside of the top A by natural folds or wrinkles c as shown in Fig. 8, wherein is also shown the marginal seam m n, the folded band 13 and folded down strap D. Such folding is advantageous in packing covers in quantities for shipment, and is made possible by the manner of constructing said marginal seam and the flexibility of said strap.

Said cover may be permanently hinged to said tub by means of a staple S secured therein at a suitable distance from its top,

said staple being passed through said link a, as shown in Fig. 4. By means of the several thicknesses of material in the joint of said band (J Fig. 6) the ends thereof are not only securely connected as aforesaid, but the said joint being reinforced by the flexible strap C. is thereby stiffened at this point, which stiffness is of advantage in handling the tub cover.

In like manner also the opposite strap D gives added stiffness to the front part of v C being hinged tothe staple S by the termoving and suspending said cover as aforesaid. The forward part of the cover is securec down upon the tub by means of the strap I) in connection with the adjacent staple S. Provision is also made for locking said strap to the tub by means of the extended link a, secured over said staple by padlock L, as shown in Fig. 4, if desired. To accommodate the cover to tubs of different diameters, and to tighten the cover band around the tub, I provide a plurality of eyelet reinforced perforations d d on opposite sides of said straps and through the hem b of said band, adapted to receive a cord 7 which may be passed through the same and also through the adjacent staple and strap perforation 0, whereby said band margin may be drawn or puckered by crinkles 0 0 to tighten the same upon the periphery of said tub.

am aware it is not new to construct canvas covers for tubs, and to hinge the same thereon. and such I do not broadly claim. I

'Heretofore canvas covers for tubs have been constructed with a band sewed to the I periphery of the top portion at right angles therewith, and severed at one side of the cover, the severed ends of the band remain-- ing disconnected, and folded back upon the latter to support gromets in said folds, thereby leaving an opening to the inside of the'cover between said folded ends, the op posite side of the band being provided with.

agromet adapted to engage a staple in the tub for hinging said cover thereto.

This device is defective in that no pro- 7 vision is thereby, made for folding the band inwardly so that it will lie flat against the inner side of the cover top when removed from'the tub, and the gromet and staple for hinging the cover to the tub allows the cover to be swung only vertically and down- 1 wardly when removed, leaving it sticking out from the receptacle with its inner side up and open for dirt to accumulate therein,

- thus making it unsanitary for want of means presence of salt in the shipment of ice cream which causes said strap to corrode, and said strap, being non-flexible, is in the way of the folding of said band as required.

I overcome said defects by joining the band B to the top A by a double lap seam m n, which permits the band to fold and lie fiatwise upon the inner side of the top when removed from the tub, and construct a crossstrap G of several thicknesses of flexible materialpreferably of the same material as the cover-secured across the band at the junction of the overlapping ends, and extended below the lower edge of the band sufficient to permit the extension thereof to twist (as shown in Fig. 7 and thereby allow the cover to be swung sidewise and downwardly as aforesaid when the tub is to be opened; a link a, secured to the end of the strap extension, aifords'means for hinging the cover to the tub by a staple, so that it may be swung freely in any direction with said band folded inwardly over the inner surface of the top, and with said inner surface facing the side of the tub as aforesaid.

By making the band of one piece, and continuous, instead of in two parts, with adj acent ends folded back, I avoid the opening between said ends which has heretofore been objectionable.

By means of the perforations in the hem of the band reinforced by eyelets, the perforation in the strap below the band, and a cord passed through the same, and secured to said staple, the band may be shrunk more tightly around the tub, and the cover more completely sealed over the tub contents than heretofore.

The junction of the ends of the band is also reinforced by the strap secured across said junction, and this gives added stifiness to the band opposite the hinge aforesaid. After the parts of the cover are fastened together, I make the same entirely impervious to water, and in all respects sanitary, by dipping the completed cover in melted paraflin. If desired, the front strap of the cover may be omitted, and said cord may be applied either on one or both sides of the cover, at pleasure.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is- 1. A flexible cover for tubs comprising a top portion, having substantially the contour of the tub top, an inwardly foldable and continuous band secured to the periphery of said top portion, a flexible strap secured across said band and extended a distance beyond the free edge of said band, a link in the extended terminus of said strap, and means for tightening said cover around said tub top and for securing the same thereto, substantially as set forth.

2. In a flexible cover for receptacles, the combination with a top portion, an inwardly foldable and continuous band depending around said top portion, a pair of flexible straps secured across said band on opposite sides thereof, respectively, said straps extended beyond the free edge of said band, links in the ends of said straps, respectively, and means for attaching said straps to the receptacle, and for tightening said band thereon, substantially as set forth.

3. A flexible canvas cover for tubs, comprising in combination, a cover top, an inwardly foldable band depending from said top, having a wide hem on its border and its opposite ends overlapped and secured together across said band, a series of eyelets in said hem, a flexible strap secured across said band over the junction of said ends, terminating with a link below said band, and a cord passed through said eyelets to pucker and tighten said band around the top of a tub, and secure it thereto substantially as set forth.

In witness whereof, I hereunto set my hand this 12th'day of April, A. D. 1915.

'WILFRED B. SCHOTT. Witnesses:


Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. 0.

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