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Publication numberUS1222246 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 10, 1917
Filing dateAug 22, 1916
Priority dateAug 22, 1916
Publication numberUS 1222246 A, US 1222246A, US-A-1222246, US1222246 A, US1222246A
InventorsFrederick H Schumacher
Original AssigneeFrederick H Schumacher
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Adjustable nursing-bottle holder.
US 1222246 A
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Patented Apr. 10, 191?.

wi r'neowo/ r sins FATEN, clarion.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Apr. 10 .1917.

Application filed August 22, 1916. Serial No. 116,292.

To all whom it'may concern:

Be it known that I, FREDERICK H. SCHUr ed to be secured to any suitable support such as a high-chair, crib, etc., and which may be quickly adjusted. to any desired position relative to its support.

A further object of my invention is to rovidea holder, which Wlll accommodate ottles of various sizes, and which will be of such simple and inexpensive construction as to fulfil all the requirements of a device of this character.

With the above and other objects in view, this invention resides in the novel features of construction, combination, and arrangement of parts to be hereinaftermore fully described, claimed and illustrated in the accompanying drawings of which Figure 1 is a side elevation of my invention showing a nursing bottle in position in .the holder. 1

Fig. 2 is an enlarged top plan view of the clamping member and associated parts.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged section on the line -3-3 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged section on the line 4-4 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged bottom view of the bottle holder.

Referring to the accompanying drawings, the supporting standard of my improved bottle holder consists of a rod 1, telescoping within a hollow rod 2, and adjustably secured thereto by a set screw 4 projecting through a collar 5 formed on the end of the rod 2.

The outer end of rod 1 is slightly curved asshown at 6, and has attached thereto a radially corrugated disk 7, whichforms one joint of a swinging clamping joint. A complementary, jaw-forming disk 8, similarly corrugated, is attached to the rear of an arcuate plate 9 which forms a rest for a bottle 10. Through these complementary jaws 7 and 8, there extends a screw 11 secured to the jaw 8, and having on its outer end a wing nut 12, adapted to be screwed against the jaw 7. When this nut is loosened, the jaw 7 may be swung or turned with respect to the .jaw 8 to any desired position which position is maintained upon again tightening the nut upon the screw.

The plate 9 has attached thereto near one end a looped coilspring 13 adapted to encircle the base of the bottle 10 resting against the plate 9, and a similar spring 14 is secured to the plate near the other end, in position to encircle the neck of the bottle 10.

A corrugated jaw 15 similar to jaw 7 is formed upon the outer end of the hollow rod 2, and engages a complementary jaw 16 of similar construction, to form a swinging lock joint, the aws being clamped together by a screw 17 and wing nut 18 as previously described. The jaw 16 has an outwardly turned lip 19 formed upon its outer edge as clearly shown in Fig. 2.

A clamp 20 adapted to engage a suitable support, such as a high-chair, crib or the like, and consisting of the hinged plates, 21, connecting screw 22, washer 23, and wing nut v24 all of standard construction, has an outwardly turned lip 25 upon its inner end, which lip is adapted to abut against the lip 19 upon the jaw 16, and be secured thereto by a screw 26 passing through the said lips and having a nut 27 upon its end.

In the use of my device, the parts having been assembled as described, a milk bottle of the usual form is placed against the plate 9, with its base resting within the looped spring 13, and its neck projecting through the spring 14, the said loops being of coiled spring wire, readily adjusting themselves to bottles of various sizes, and holding them 'firmly against the plate 9.

The clamp 20 is then secured to a suitable support, and the swinging joints formed by the jaws 7 and 8 and 15 and 16, and lips 19 and 25, are then adjusted by their respective clamping nuts to swing the bottle to any desired position. By loosening the set screw 4, the length of the supporting rod may be adjusted as desired, and the rod 1 may also be turned within the rod 2 to bring the bottle to the desired position.

It will thus be seen that I have provided a bottle holder which will adjust itself to bottles of various sizes, and which can be supported from a suitable standard and adjusted in all directions to bring the bottle to the required position.

I claim: v.

A bottle holder comprising an elongated arcuate plate forming a bottle supportf looped COIIQd SPI'iIIgS secured to each end 0 ing joint comprising complementa jaws secured to the said arcuate plate on? the seeond mentioned rod respectively, an adjust- 10 able clam comprising hinged plates and having a 'p upon its mner end, and a second rotatable clamping joint comprising jaws secured to the above mentioned lip and the outer end of the above mentioned hollow 115 rod respectively.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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