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Publication numberUS1222381 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 10, 1917
Filing dateMar 22, 1916
Priority dateMar 22, 1916
Publication numberUS 1222381 A, US 1222381A, US-A-1222381, US1222381 A, US1222381A
InventorsEdward T Frankel
Original AssigneeEdward T Frankel
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Talking-machine record.
US 1222381 A
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1,222,381. Pm 11i-@d A W-- im, m17

l l m7158353 "www:

410 talking machines,

Es PATENT onmo. I

UNITED STA l :nnwnnn T. FM


NxnL, on NEW YORK, N. Y.

1,222,381. specimen@ of 11mm Patent. nieuwe() Apr, 10, 1917.

4 plantation inea March 22, ma. serial nu. 85,923. To all whom it 'may concern.' y mede in the usuel 1r uriner. except as .for as 4Be it known that l, EDWARD T. FRANKEL, the reoorc'zl grooves :ire eoiwerned. One 0r 55 n citizen of the United States, :md n resident both feces of the Vrisk has a lplurality of: of the city of New York, borough of Men-1 record grooves :inl oorupying different 5 hatten, in the county und Stute of New concentric pori-ions or :trees of the disk. York, have invented n new 4und Improved 'I-lie groove areas :ir-,1 seperated by a. narrow '1`nl king-M.tcliine Record, yof wliicli the folsmooth surface 4, so that 'it is 'impossible for 60 tdesoription. the needli: o r stylus to pits-s nntomnticrilly lowing is u f\1ll,'clenr, und exec This invention relates to disk rlfoords for 'fr the finishing md of one groove to the und` has for its general olbegim'iing of the ne xt groove. In the pres ject to improve the record 'in n simple end ont ins-tenue the hejginiiings 5 and 6 of the inexpensive manner so as to increase the efmoord. grooves und 3 ure outermost, so that 65 eotive record spztee or the dur-tion of the the needle will travel inwardly :is the record. sound reproduction for a given eroe. plays; andtlio inne" ends of the grooves tern'iore speoifioolojeet of tlie'i-nvention is n'inete in deep circuler grooves 7 and 8, so the fprovision of n plurality oit Conoentrie that the needle will remain engaged` in 'the record grooves which nre noonstioelly rznre gino. if retos.' 'itinues to rotate 70 lated and, @noli :r seperate piece, and the after is reached, sind ieoes are recorded sind reproduced diftims there is no der ger of the needle passing 4trent' rotntive speeds, buttlie rotative speed from the record groove 2 to the record 'of encli piece is uniform throughout, and groove B. '.Fliet'entrnl space 9 is utilized'for consequently Within n given eres e. ler-ger advertising pui-ponesin the usual manner 75 number of sound undfuiations een lie oli n nd also for bearing the 'titles of the pieces tuined than the maximum possible Wit-li the on the record, :ind associated with each title ordinnryreoords,es oenjbe mathematically is the notation of the speed et 'which the demonstrated., and'on nach disk Will be the disk should turn for the reprodnctionof tit- 1,35 nf the pierres and the speeds et i'v'liiei:4 sn Virex fimteri in Fig. 1. The sound 80 they :ire 'to be reproduced, so tl'iet the Tser viin 'i mord groote :we ref een, by adjusting; the speed regointr of the Corded et t :need than that ii'iuoliine, pini' the pieces et `the proper Vreqnirerlil i so that Within' speeds.- .lnoli piece ends in :t nire-nier groove n comparatively smul eren a piece of Conso that it 4is in'ipossiole for the needle to sid niiile lengtli'ren 'be recorded, and nso, 85 pass from .tl groove of one piece to the result, 'two or more complete pieces can be groove ot' tlw mlimfent piet-e, und the smooth reeorded in the nien. usually employed for e I $5 space between the grooves will guide the single piece, nei-ordieg to tl'io comin-on user in properly placing the needle for the methodof sound recording and. re rodeo 'desired selection; "j tion; It is to be understood that a though 90 With 4suoli objects in view, and others only two record grooves are slioyvn,'the num which will appear ne 'the .description pro ber may be variedIJ and furthermore, the t0 -ceeds,"the invention oomprises various'novel vgrooves tney be xeyorsely arranged 'tothose .feetnres'of construction and arrangement o shown, so that the needle will 'travelf outnrts Whiohwill be vs'et'forth with particu- 4 wrdly.4 The record differs from that-'153113095 nrity in the;V following description( n n pfdisk Vrecords which has 'ft vplurality-.of claims appended hereto.' l"sound grooves 4for tlie- 'simultaneous repro-V In the accompanying drawing which illnsduction of sounc'. by reproducers operating? i ytrates 'one embodiment of the invention and i in connection Wish the respective grooves. wherein similnreharacbers'of seferonoe indi? Having' tliiss desoribodmy inventi on,il4 100 cete corresponding 'parte in -both the views,- olaiinas new and desire'to secure-by Letters ""Figur'e 1 is u plan view'of the record Patent: i' l 60 disk;- and -l i Lx-A disk moord havin separate nonnen Fig. 2 is an enlarged sectional vView on the trici portions provided with' sound. grooves i line 242, Fig. 1. '.1 'recorded at different rotative speeds. los -Referring to the drawing, the disk l is 2. A disk record lioving spiral sond record grooves occupyin different concentrir portions on the face o the disk, there being an ungrooved circularportion onthe face Abetween the grooved areas, the said grooves 5 being recorded at different rottive s eeds, and the rotativel speed for each groove in maintained uniform from beginning to en In testimony whereof I have signed nm'ne tovths specification vin the presence ofLv two .subscribin witnesses.

DWARD T. FRANKEL. Witnesses: f


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