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Publication numberUS1223928 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 24, 1917
Filing dateJul 13, 1914
Priority dateJul 13, 1914
Publication numberUS 1223928 A, US 1223928A, US-A-1223928, US1223928 A, US1223928A
InventorsMirza H Benson
Original AssigneeChanning Evans E, Mirza H Benson
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US 1223928 A
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AAPPuc/nmrs min Jun/13,1914.

Patented Apr. 24, 191?u fil? To cl2 whom may como-em:

Be known that l? Mmm H. Benson, e ciizen of die Unifed and resident of Des Moines, in by of Polli and State of l and useful Loek, or' which e specification.

The objec. o1 my invenion is to provide a lock of comparatively simple and durable construction, of the ordinary padlock sype,n and having a easing with two cylindrical openings extending through it, provided also with locking bols edapibed to extend'into said opening, which lock s used in combination with e shackle with arms edapied eo extend ino said openingea :1nd provided Wien notches 'to be engaged by seid locking bolts.

invention consists in certain del-evils, toeconsrnction, combination and :an rangement of the various parts of die devioey whereby me objects contemplated ere et *minedq :is hereinafter more fully se orli, poined ont in my claim and illustrated in nccon'lpnnying drawings, in which: Figure l shows e side elevation ol an lock, "edging my' invention. fig; slioiif's e similar View of the saine9 'elle following is po lions ol' elle lock casing being :may 'o sli 'flle locking bolts and the openings exlnough lle casing, and lie manwbichrrbe shackle is locked mposi y lrdinery locking meebox'ide which locking meolles locking b ols lil, adapted in inovemen; o extend ings ll, Any spying f` u be used und. lle spying nete l", desirable 1n many instances lo employ edloel having e. snaclile which con .oe

A. deiinie vice such es herein nerenlater mentioned.,

mgs l, es shown in lie drawing., The zo? Specoetlen o. eisers .Je

"iowa, have inveneo e cecen'new on one side pere of lock and elle bolt l2 spacedA so elle?, 'when the arms 14 are inserted imo elle openlngs-ll the bolt l2 neer lower part of the lock may be receivel 1n one of the noches 1n one of the arms le end elle bolt l2 neer the upper parl:

of the look ma* et lieseme time be re- .eived in one of alle notches in the other erin le, es clearly shown 1n F 1g. 2,

lVeere e lo-ce of `bis typo is used, as for instance to lock together the hrottle and spark controlling levers on an automobile seering wheel, and to secure them to one of lle spokes of the wheel, it is desirable eo lleve n shackle 13 of such size as to make il; possible to loclz the levers to the spokes of mozomobiles of Adirlerenla makes and sizes. l* s i'zliereiofre desirable that lie space between bhe leek member and. the closed end o elle member .'13 be adjusable so that loel may be used for a variety of purposes. Snell adjustebility is accomplished by line eonsirucion liereinbeore set forth. The members le may be pushed through the openings ll fer es desired sohat the opening between the' member A and the closed end of elle shackle can be mede smaller or according ,to the circumstances of elle use io which the lool; is put. In ordinary, lock or this kind, the openings l entirely closed et one end and ine shackle cee be locked in only one posi '.on.

will undersood the?, some changes may be'mede lle details of the construclon of my eoinpleed lock Without departol' elle arms 14 are properly nig from its essentiel features, and it is my v inten; to eoveil by thisv application any such changes which may be included Within the scope of 'ollowingclaim.

claim es my invenion:

A loel o ehe class described comprising :l casing having locking bolts arranged therein in seggered releion with 'each other, a yoke having oppose firms slidably extended through said casing, seid arms being pro-r vseid device being so uranged that the -free vided in their ajueent faces With plurzmln @he respective arms at points at different tles of notches to reeeve smd oekmg bolts, dlstances ,from the closed end of the yoke.

said looking bolts having bevele ends Des Moines, Iowa, July 6,1914. edapee to ^e:m1 said arms to shde freely MRZA H. BENSON. H1 sind easmg m onev Cufectlon, the peres of WVltnesses:

A M. WALLAGE, ends o me ooizmg bolts enter the notches L. ROBNSON.

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