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Publication numberUS122427 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 2, 1872
Publication numberUS 122427 A, US 122427A, US-A-122427, US122427 A, US122427A
InventorsIsaac Baknett
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Improvement in lubricators
US 122427 A
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' Improvement in Lu'bricators.

. Pa'ten' tedglan- 2,1872.



Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 122,427, dated January 2, 1872.

We, IsAAo BARNETT and PETER EOKFORD, both of Cincinnati, Hamilton county, State of Ohio, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Iuubricators, of which the following is a specification:

Nature and Objects of Invention.

Our invention consists of a lubricator in which the cylindrically-shaped outlet is governed by a tightly-fitting. plunger, which has a spiral groove of varying depth out upon its lower end and a screw-thread upon its upper end, adapted to a nut in the top of the oil-cup, through which it extends, so that the flow of the oil may be regulated or entirely shut off from the outside by screwing the plunger in or out, whereby the outlet formed by the tapering groove is contracted or enlarged Description of the Accompanying Drawing.

Figure 1 is an exterior view, partly sectionized, of a lubricator embodying our invention, the instrument being adjusted to deliver oil rapidly. Fig. 2 exhibits the same cup insection, with the plunger adjusted to deliver the oil very slowly.

General Description.

A is the cup or oil-chamber; B, the shank, adapted for attachment to the part requiringv lubrication; and O, the cap of the cup. D is the discharging-aperture, which is bored perfectly cylindrical, and iittedwith a plunger, E, snugly. The upper end of the plunger E has a screw-thread, d, out upon it, which fits the interior screw-thread of the nut or cap 0..

A milled head, E, is formed upon the top of the plunger E to afford convenience for the,

adjustment of the plunger, and a lock-nut, G, is fitted to the screw-thread d, which serves to secure the plunger at any point of adjustment. The part of the plunger which fits into the cylindrical discharge-opening D has a spiral groove, H, cut upon it, which is variable in depth, being deep cut at the upper end, and

gradually decreasing in depth of out until it- Claim.

In a lubricator, the plunger E, which is fitted in the cylindrical aperture D, and constructed with a groove, H, of variable depth or area, when it is extended with its screwthreaded end at through the nut (3,, substantially as and for the purpose specified.

"In testimony of which invention we hereunto set our hands.



- JOHN A. CONN. (8 7)

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Cooperative ClassificationF16N7/02