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Publication numberUS1226107 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1917
Filing dateOct 23, 1915
Priority dateOct 23, 1915
Publication numberUS 1226107 A, US 1226107A, US-A-1226107, US1226107 A, US1226107A
InventorsWilliam Neville
Original AssigneeWilliam Neville
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US 1226107 A
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i lene evaporator,



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 15, 1 91 7.

Application led October 23, 1915. Serial No. 57,582.

To all `wko/my it 'may concern lle it known that I, WILLIAM 4l\l11vIr.Ln, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Duluth, in the county of St. Louis and State of Minnesota, have invented 4certain new and useful Improvements in Gasolene-Evaporators, of which the ,following is a specification, reference heilig had therein to the accompanying drawing. n

This invention relates to gasolene evaporators and has for its principal object the production of a simple and efficient means for heating the gasolene ybefore the same is conducted to the carbureter ot' an explosive engine. i

yAnother object of this invention is the Yproduction of a gasolene evaporator which comprises a casing low the device to be conveniently supported upon the exhaust pipe of ,an engine whereby the gasolene circulating therethrough mayv be heated before being conducted to the carburetor of an explosive engine.

A still further object of this invention is the production of Va gasolene evaporator having a casing provided with an inner chamlier, this casing being adapted to allow the Water from the engine to `pass' around the inner chamber so as to heat the gasolene Vcirculating theretln'ough, this water also be- 1ng heated since l. upon the exhaust the device is supported pipe of the engine.

With these and other objects in view. thisl invention consists of certain novel con1binations, constructions. and arrangements of parts vas will be hereinafter fully described and claimed. 'In the accompanying drawings Figurel is au'side elevation4 of the gasoillustrating the 'manner in which the invention is used.

Fig. 2 is a detailed perspective view of the Fig. jtis a section ta'en the ar- Fig. 3; looking in the ireci rows.

Fig.` l5 is a central section througlt the device. l Fior 'il .5 is a fragmentary toil of a iidrtion of the outer casing: one of 1e ears used for attachln" Referipg to the accompanying drawings by numerals 1t will be seeuthat the gasolplan view .u stratmg so constructed as to a1- p the same.

lene evaporator comprises an' outer casing 1 and an inner chamber This outer cas-A ingl comprises a base portion -3 having the inwardly bulged portion 4 which is so constructed as to rest snugly upon the exhaust pipe 5 of the engine 6. The side walls 7 and end walls 8 are formed integral so as to support the integral top 9. The ears l0 areformed integral upon the top 9 so as to be positioned in alinement with each other and are provided with openings 11. The U-bolt 12 passes around the exhaust pipe 5 so as to in the ears l0, as clearly shown in Fig. 5. The retaining.;r nuts 13 may then be threaded upon the threaded ends'14 of the bolt 12 for firmly mounting the evaporator in'its correct position upon theexhaust pipe 5. he inner chamber 2is fixedly carried at a spaced distance from the inner portions of the outer casing l by means of the necks 15 whichl are formed integral upon the-casl ing 1 and chamber 2 as 'clearly 'shown in Fig. 3. vertically threaded openings 16 extend through these necks 15` for allowin the-fuel pipes 17 to be connected therewith` for supplying and relieving the .chamber 2 of the gasolene or other liquid fuel. The chamber' 2 is also supported at its end portions ,by 'the cores 18 which are.I integrally formed uponV the inner surfaces of the walls 8 and the ends of the chamber 2.

It will also be noted that the side Walls 7 are provided with internally threaded openings 19 communicating with the .interior of the easin 1. The water pipes 20 may be threaded '1n-to these openingsconveying water into the casing and alsorelieving the casing, thereby maintaining a circulation of Water through the casing.

When this device is in use it is first mounted upon the exhaust pipe 5 and then the U-shaped bolt is passed around the exhaust pipe so as toextend in the ears, at which .time the n'uts are threaded into their correct'positions for re taining the casing in lits correct position upon the exhaust pipe. The water pipes 2() are then threaded into the openings 1 9 and these water pipes are connected 'to the engine. water pipes ments, such for instance Vas a carbureter when the same is providedwith a waterjacket, and will operate as eiiciently under all conditions.

pass through theV openings 11 formed end.

through the openings` It is of course obvious that these may be connected with other ele- The pipes 17 are then'tl'u'eadr4 ed into the neclis -so as to allow one pipe to extend from theA fuel tank while the 'other pipe extends to communicate with the carbureter. It will be seen 'that as the heated water from the engine passes into the casing.

through one of the pipes `and then circulates about the inner' chamber, it wilLheat the inner chamber. The water may then continue to pass out through the other pipe 20, thereby maintaining a circulation about the inner chamber. `T '1e heat othls water may be greatlyincreasedby the exhaust tion 4 of the base 3. This additional heat will also heat the water' circulating about the chamber'whereby the gsolene passing through the inner chamber-2 will be heated to a high degree. l

From the foregoing description 1t will be Seen that a very simple and efficient gasolene evaporator has been roduced in which the device is rovided Wit a simple and eili.

cient means' r firmly supporting th same upon the exhaust pipe of the eX losiveenchamber iixedl gine, and which is provided wit an inner supported at distances from the inner sur aces of the -'casing whereby water may be freely circulated around this inner chamber for heating the gasolene pass- ,ing therethrough to a very high degree and thereby cause the engine to have a' greater power and reduce the cost of 4opera'tlngv the engine, since the inner chamber will hat the gasolene passing therethrough so asto assist 'in the evaporation thereof before thev gasolene or other fuel is'conducted to the carbureter. It ,will further be seen that the outer casing l1 is 'constructed soas to allow theopenings 22 to extend throu h the cores 18 at theend portions thereof. bese-open- .ings arei'nternally threaded, if so' desi-red, and are adapted to be used when the evapj orator i s being constructed. When being constructed any suitable supporting means may be passedfthrough these openings 22 so as to engage the end portions of the inner which'is created by the construction casing for' supporting the same. The gas of ametallic device of this 'character may also escape throughv these openings, while these openings also provide sufiicient space for the removal'of the foundry sand Aafter the metal hasv hardened. After the device has beenv completed these openings 22. nialyA be permay threaded nently. closed by the external plugs 21as clearly shown in Fig. 3, or by drivingthe plugsas desired, as these o en- 'ings willl not be of any more use as t eir functions will have been accomplished. I It is also""obviou'sthat.this evaporator may be inade of any metalfdesired', inasmuch as p pe 5 which bears 'against the bulged po1'-' provided with 'openings in its side portio pipesthreaded into, said openings veying waterto and from saidcasmg, where? by the water' withinthe heated by the exhaust pipe .upon whi Ah the,

the constructing' thereof ofone metal or another will not depart from the spiritof this invention as presented by the claims.l

What I claim is:

1 In a gasolene evaporator, the combination of a casing, said casing having a base provided with" an inwardly bulged' ortion, said bulged portion being adapt to fit snuglybponthe exhaust pipe of an engine, means for retaining said casing in its correct position, said casin4 being ada ted to bel supplied .with water w' reby the eat from the exhaust pipe will heat the water, said casing provided with an internalchamber l5 and means whereby gasolene may tet-'pass through said chamber so' as to be hea the water carried within said casing.

2. In a gasole'ne evaporator, the combina` tion of an outer casing, said casing rovided with ay base having an inwardly bu ged portion, integral earsextendin from the u per portions of said casing, a. -bolt carried by said ears, said bulgedportion being adapted to fit upon the exhaust pipe of an engine so '8 5 as to allow said U-bolt to embrace the ex-v4 f haast pipe for securely/ retaining the 'casing in lts correct position uponthe exhaust piperA a. chambercanjied within s'aid casing' and; :fixe'dly secured al: spaced distances from the 0 0 `side portions thereof, means forsupplying said casing with water, means for supplying said chamber with gasolene, whereby the heat from the vexhaust pipe wil1-heat the 4'water withinth'e cas'ing for heating .said 9.5

chamber, thereby heating the gasolene passing through said chamber Atoa high 3. In a gasolene evaporator,l .the combina'- 'tion of a casing, said casingy being dapted to be mounted upon-anexhaust pipe-o an 160 explos1ve-eng|ne, a. chamber psitioned-within said casing, integral 'necks connecting the upper portions of said chamber to the u' per portions of sa'idcasin ,said necks provided -with vertically interna ly threaded openin gs plpes carried within saidopenings and coni municatin withv the interiorof said cham- I ber where y 'gasolene 4may be conducted to" and'con'veyed from said chamber, said casin 119 forco' casingl ni'ycasing is mounted so that as thvwater c'irf "115 culates'about saidehamber it will beheafted l -so as to impart heat tol said 'chambengwhereby the gasolene pnsBing through said chamagree.

.berfxnybehea -toah' h In testimony W eteof Il ereunto ax my signature.


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