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Publication numberUS1226278 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1917
Filing dateMay 22, 1914
Priority dateMay 22, 1914
Publication numberUS 1226278 A, US 1226278A, US-A-1226278, US1226278 A, US1226278A
InventorsFrederick E Teves
Original AssigneeFrederick E Teves
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Salt-shaker pulverizer.
US 1226278 A
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7h 1 9 l 6 1 VJ a M m D m P ves A TTORA/E rs l/vmyrofl Frederic/6 E. Z?


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 15, 31911 8'.

Application filed May 22, 1914. Serial No. 840,228.

To all whom z't may concern:

Be it known that I, FREDERICK E. Tnvns, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Glen Cove, in the county of Nassau and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Salt-Shaker Pulverizer, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

Among the principal objects which the W present invention has in view are: To. provide a utensil. of the character mentioned with a device for pulverizing and delivering the contents of said utensil; to provide a device of the character mentioned, simple in form and at a reduced cost; and to pro- 'vide a device of the character mentioned, the operation whereof is thorough and searching.

m Drawings.

Figure 1 is a vertical section of a salt shaker, showing in conjunction therewith a pulverizer constructed and arranged in accordance with the present invention; Fig. 2 is a horizontal section taken on the line 2-2 in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a detail view of a modified form of the invention.

m Description.

The shaker 8 is of conventional form and construction. A perforated cap 9 is provided, having preferably a central perforation or hole in which is set the shank 10 of the improved pulverizer.

It will be understood that while l[ have illustrated the shaker as of a particular c011- struction, other forms of shakers may be employed in conjunction with the pulverizer. In each instance, however, the shank of the pulverizer is passed through the hole in the cap 9 prior to attaching a handle 11.

In the preferred form of the.invention as shown in Figs. 1 and 2 of the drawings,

extended to near the bottom of the interior of the shaker. The wire from which the shank 10 is formed is twisted around said shank to form a spiral, the convolutions whereof ascend toward the handle 11, before reaching which, or the cap 9, however, the wire is turned sharply toward the center to form a loop 12, around the shank 10.

These coils, being unsupported intermediate the ends thereof, produce a resilient or yielding structure. In this manner, prothe pulverizer when used vision is made to avoid blocking or jamming the pulverizer when in operation. Said coils, if obstructed by a relatively rigid body of material, will yield and pass there- 0 over. Also it will be understood that by compressing the coils, by drawing outward the shank 10, in the form shown in Fig. 1,

or by forcing inward the shank in the form.

shown in Fig. 3, the salt or other contents of the shaker may be shattered, or broken if it has become set or solid.

In the modified form of the invention shown in Fig. 3 of the drawings, the central shank 10 is dispensed with below the clamping loop 12. In this form of the invention, the wire is twisted to form a double spiral, the pitch of the convolutions of which is increased to maintain the opening between the convolutions on a parity with those obtained in the single wire spiral. The resultant structure is that havin an open or cylindrical interior peculiarly adapted to facilitate in the functioning of to deliver or force from the body of the shaker the contents thereof. I

When a shaker is provided with a pulverizer constructed and arranged as disclosed in the accompanying drawings, the operation is as follows When it is desired to break up or disintegrate the main body of the salt contained in the shaker, this is accomplished by lifting the pulverizer by means of the handle 11, space being provided between the cap 9 of the shaker and the loop 12 of the pulverizer. If, however, the salt has become damp and will not readily pass through the perforations in the cap 9, it may be forced therethrough by turning the pulverizer in the proper direction so that the coils 13 operate as conveyor members, and force the salt or contents of the shaker through said cap. The pitch of the spiral 103 forming the coils 13 is sufficient to exert a pressure to or from the cap, as the case may be.


1. A salt shaker pulverizer comprising, a continuous wire, shaped to form adjacent one end, a straight shank; and a spiral body co-axial with said shank, the other end of said Wire being inturned toward the axis'of said spiral body and wrapped about the said shank.

continuous Wire, shaped to form adj aceli t tion to said pulverizer. Y one end, a straight shank; a spiral body 00- In testimony whereof I have signed my axial with said shank, the other end of said name to this specification in the presence of 2. A salt shaker pulverizer comprising, a shank to maintain said cap in engaged rela- 10 wire being inturned toward the axis of said two subscribing witnesses.

spiral body and wrapped about the said t FREDERICK TEVES. shank; a shaker cap haying a central perfo- Witnesses: I ration forming a guide for saidshank; and E.:F. MURDOGK,'

a handle rigidly mounted on the end of said PHILIP D. RoLLHAfis.

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