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Publication numberUS1226453 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1917
Filing dateNov 20, 1915
Priority dateNov 20, 1915
Publication numberUS 1226453 A, US 1226453A, US-A-1226453, US1226453 A, US1226453A
InventorsJohn R Boyle
Original AssigneeJohn R Boyle
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Toilet-paper holder.
US 1226453 A
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Ly. mem-@d May 15, 1917.

. conn n.' norm. or BELorr, wIsvcoNsrN.

rornnrrarna' Homannmarinas.

To all whom #may concern: y Y

' Be it known that I, JOHN R. BOYLE, a citizen of the lnited States, residin 'at Beloit, in-the county of'Rock and tate of lVisconsin, have Iinvented new and`useful Improvements in Toilet-Paper Holders, oli which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a toilet paperV holder adapted for connection with the seat post of a closet.

The primary object of-theinirention is to provide a toilet paper holder of the classy described which has a horizontally movable roll holding member which, enables the roll j of toilet paper connected therewith to bev positioned within convenient reach of the person'ulsing the closet.

A am further'. object nf the invention is' to provide a toilet paper holder which may be connected with the various types of closand arrangement of parts which will lbe hereinafter describedand more particularly pointed out in the claim.

The preferredA embodiment ofthe invention has .been illustrated in the accompanying drawing, also no restriction is necessarily made 4as tothe precise-details of construction therein. shown,' as changes, altera-' tion's and modificationswithin theg'scope of the appended claim may be resorted to when "so desired.

Like characters of reference denote corre#l sponding parts throughout the several views showingthe invention connected to the Seat paper holder removed from the. seat post,

means connecting the roll holder with the" post thereon,4

Fig.I 21s aI perspective view of 4the vtoilet Fig. 3 1s a sectional view disclosing the.

supporting arm, y

. F1 4 is a detailed sectional view tomore clear y illustrate the connection of theroll vretaining means with the rod constituting ya. part of the holder.

Referring now to the drawingin detail the numeral lgdesignates a closet of the ordinary well known construction lwhich is Specification offl'letters Patent.

v.Dated by extends beyond the cylinder Patented May i5,- rait.'

Application led November 2o, 1915. Serial No. .$2,608.

provided with the usual seat 2. which is -h'ingedly connectedavith a seat post 3 exv through the rimof the tending vertically closet at the rear end thereof,`said seat-post being secured to the rim 4of the closet by means of the usual nut 4.

The improved toilet'paper holder is desig- -the numeral 5 and comprises a supporting arm 6 and a roll holder 7. The supporting arm 6 has each end thereof flattened andprovided with an eye 8, said arm also having between the ends thereof'an off# set portion 9,- `whereby a portion of said' arm may be disposed above the seat 2.

With reference to Fig. 2 in Ithe drawing it .will be seen that one flattened end of the supportingv arm 6 is considerably larger' than the other flattened end of the arm which is designated by the numeral 10, said first mentioned end of the arm being adaptv-ed to contactwith the under side of the rim of the closet 1 when the 4seat post' has its4 lower end passed through the opening in the end ofthe arm and the nut upon the seatpost frictionally 'engaged with saidflattened end of the arm,

'From the :foregoing statement it will be seen that by loosening the nut 4 the supporting arm 6 may be'moved horizontally withrelation to the closetl and retained .in any desired position whenthe nut 4 is tightened thereagainst.

The roll holder 7 comprises a rod 11, a

so that the arm may be turned in a plane parallel with the seat.

flanged cylinder 12 fixed tov the rod and a' rollretaining member 13.

The rod' 11 has the end thereof distant underlie the flattened end of the supporting,r arm `6, so that a'bolt 17 may be and rod and have threadedly connected therewith a wing nut 18 adapted to bear 011V the end 10 of the supporting arm 6 and in The 'remaining 'end "of the and has threadedly engaged therewith the roll retaining member 13 having an enlarge- -from the cylinder 12 flattened as indicated i by the numeral 14 land`.provided'with an. aperture 15, said flattened end being adapt` ed to Contact with and Figure 1 is a top plan View .of a closet passed through the openings in the flattened endsof the supporting arm' rod 11 which i 12 is threaded ing member may be removed from the threadedend of the rod 11 to enable a roll of toilet paper to be positioned upon the cylinder 1 2. -v

Vlith ret'erenceto Fig. 1 in the drawing it can readily be seen that through the use of the bolt 1T and the wing nut 18, the nut lS'can be adjusted upon the bolt to permit the roll holder to be moved horizontallyr away `trom, o1' toward the closet 1, as the 0C- casion may require, and maintained in any position desired, `while through adjustment ot' the nut 1 on the `seat post 3, the arm 6 can also be adjusted with relation to the closet 1 and connected with the rim thereof upon either side of the closet.

From the foregoing' statements taken in connection with the accompanying drawing it is at once apparent that a toilet paper .holder has been provided, which is simple opposite end of the second section.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two Witnesses.



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U.S. Classification242/592, 242/597.4
Cooperative ClassificationA47K10/38, B65H16/06