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Publication numberUS1227122 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 22, 1917
Filing dateSep 9, 1912
Priority dateSep 9, 1912
Publication numberUS 1227122 A, US 1227122A, US-A-1227122, US1227122 A, US1227122A
InventorsFelix Eberhart
Original AssigneeAmerican Can Co
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Can and attachable metallic label therefor.
US 1227122 A
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/ mlllll F. EBERHART.



Patented May 22,1917.

Felix Alera r2 4 jaw.



OF NEW YORK, N. Y., A coaroan'rron or NEW JERSEY.


Specification of Letters Patent. I Patented May 1917.

Application 'flled September 9, 1912. Serial 110.7193.

To all whom it may concern:

Ltallic Labels Therefor, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in cans and attachable metallic labels therefor.

My improved can or container and attachable metallic label therefor is more particularly adapted for use in connection with lithographed cans or containers, such as are employed by manufacturers or canners that pack various kinds of products in the same general size and type of cans.

It has been found that cans or other containers provided with pure white or other delicate shades of lithographing are constantly increasing in popularity with the trade. However, in packing and filling the cans, it has been found impracticable to process cans having light and delicate lithographed colors, inasmuch as the heat, necessary in the processing step, discolors the delicate shades, but it is also found that the heat does not affect. to any material extent, the darker colors of the lithographing.

It is the purpose of this invention to provide a can which maybe suitably decorated with any desired combination of dark and light colored lithographing, and yet have the same in perfectcondition when supplied,

to the trade. To this end, the invention consists in providing a can or other sheet metal container with a portion of its exterior surface embellished with lithographing, enameling, decoratin embossing, printing or coating, this em llishment being integral, as contradistinguished from paper labels, and said exterior surface is provided with a blank or label space adapted to receive a label after the filled can has been processed. With this arrangement the can body or container may be provided with the dark shades used to embellish the surface, which will not be injured by the processing step, and the lighter colors applied to they label, which may be placed upon the can at any time.

Another important result obtained by this combination and arrangement of parts resides in the fact that a packer may order his entire seasons requirement of cans of the various sizes from the manufacturer, said cans being embellished with information WhlCh Wlll be applicable to all of the canners products. Such information, for instance, might consist of the firms name, the

quality of the contents, the canners guarantee, etc., and as the cans are filled with various products, the same may be suitably labeled by merely attaching the label, the label being provided with such terms as California peaches, Maine corn, Raspberry jam, etc. With this arrangement the canner orpacker does not suffer any loss from cans which cannot be used he end of a seasons run, which might otherwise occur under the old conditions if the packer should order more cans provided with a certain label than were required to pack the seasons supply.

Another important result may be efi'ected by my Improved combination of container and attachable metallic label, since the label may be provided with an embossed pocket in whnh can be placed a key, where it would be used with key opening cans, or in which could be placed a prize or number or. word to be used in connection with prizes or premlums.

In the drawing forming a part of this specification, Figure 1 is a side elevation of a container orcan showing my improvements in connection therewith. Fig. 2 1s a horizontal sectional view, taken substantially on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1, and Fig. 3 is vlew of one form of metallic label embodving the invention. i

In the drawing, 10 denotesthe sheet metal can or container, which, as shown, is cylindrical, but which may be of any other deslred or common form, and as-illustrated, is

adapted to be provided at each end portion 11, 11 with any form of. embellishment, such as lithographing, decorating, enameling, embossmg, printing or coating, this embellishment in the drawing being represented b the words Company and Chicago, I111 nois. Intermediate these embellished portions 11, 11 is a blank orlabel receiving space 12, over which is adapted to be placed the metallic label 13, which may be provided with any desired form of embellislf-.

a plan ment, which, as shown in the drawing, is indicated by the word Peaches. This metallic label 13 may be secured in place on the container by any suitable means, such,

for instance, as a tongue ,14 and slot 15. T

properly hold the label in position on the can or container, the latter may be provided with a number of spaced embossments, beads or projections 16,-16, spaced apart longitudinally of the can a distance equal to the width of the label. As shown in the drawing, the label 13 is provided with an embossed portion 17 adapted to receive a key or other article, which will be inclosed between the label and the wall of the can body provided with a printed and embellished surface having difi'erent properties from said surface of the container and which bossments.

would be injuriously afiected by processing;

and attachin means whereby the said label may be app ied to and retained on said space of thecontainer. 1

2. A. lithographed and labeled sheet metal can the body of which is in colors adapted to withstand a processing heat, combined with a separate attached label in colors which are different from those on saidbody and are not adapted to withstand a processing heat. 3. A sheet metal can the body of which is formed with rows of outstanding emboss'= ments forming a space, and which outside of said space is in colors adapted to withstand a processing heat, combined with a separate sheet metal label which is in colors which are different from those on said body and are not adapted to withstand a processing heat, said label being arranged in said space on the body and having its ends attached and being held in place by said em- FELIX EBERHART. Witnesses:

W. D. Fos'rnn,


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U.S. Classification40/306, 40/665, 24/17.00A, 156/DIG.800
Cooperative ClassificationG09F23/00