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Publication numberUS122718 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 16, 1872
Publication numberUS 122718 A, US 122718A, US-A-122718, US122718 A, US122718A
InventorsWilliam Gee
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Improvement in nozzles for soda-fountains
US 122718 A
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Nvo`zz|es for VSodn Fountains.

N0.v 122,718. Patented Jan.16,-1872.




Specification describing a new and useful Improvement in Fastenings for the Caps of Screw-Nozzles of Soda-Water and other Apparatus, invented by WILLIAM GEE, of the city, county, and State of New York.

The invention consists in the combination of a cap, a bail, and a set-screw with trunnions provided on opposite sides of the external nut, by which the nozzle is secured in place. I In the accompanying drawing, Figure l is a side of a nozzle fitted with my improvement. Fig. 2'is a central 'section of the same; and Fig.3is a side View at right angles to Fig. l.

Similar letters of reference indicate correspondin g parts in all the figures.

A is the nozzle, which is provided at its inner end with the ordinary flange a and polygonal boss b, which flt the inside of the vessel or apparatus to which it is secured. It is eX- ternally screwthreaded from the boss b nearly to the other end. The nut B, which fits to the outer side of the vessel or apparatus and clamps the nozzle in place, is provided on opposite sides with trunnions c c. G is the bail,

havingl hooks at its ends to fit the trunnions c o and a tapped hole in its middle portion for the reception of a thumb-screw, D, by which the cap E is secured in place. The cap E has an annular groove, e, in its inner face, which is tted with a rubber ring or gasket, and fits the mouth of the nozzle A. In its top there is a central cavity or recess for the reception of the end of the screw D. To remove 'the cap for the purpose 0f openin g the nozzle the screw D is unscrewed sufficiently to remove its point from the cavity in the cap and allow the bail to be swung back so as to free the cap. Io apply the cap again it is simply placed on the mouth of the nozzle, the bail swung up, and the screw screwed up to impinge on the cap and secure it in place. This operation can be performed much quicker than the unscrewing and screwing on again of the screw-threaded caps ordinarily used on such nozzles.

-The cost of manufacturing this cap and fastening is less than that of manufacturing and fitting the ordinary screw-cap.

The nut B, having trunnions c c, in combination with the nozzle A, provided with the flange a', bail C, screw D, and cap E, for application substantially as described.

Wituesess: WILLIAM GEE..


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