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Publication numberUS1230683 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1917
Filing dateNov 6, 1916
Priority dateNov 6, 1916
Publication numberUS 1230683 A, US 1230683A, US-A-1230683, US1230683 A, US1230683A
InventorsJohn A Daly
Original AssigneeJohn A Daly
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Device for cleaning teeth.
US 1230683 A
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1,230,683. Patented June 19, 1917.

JOHN A. DALY, or NEW noci-Inman, NEW YORK.


To all whom t may concern."

Be it known that I, JOHN A. DALY, a citizen of the United States, residing at Rochelle Park, New Rochelle, in the county of Westchester and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Devices for Cleaning Teeth, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to devices for cleaning the teeth, and more particularly that class ofl such devices which are adapted to be placed upon thetip of the nger and held thereon by means of the elasticity of the teeth cleaning -member, and it has for its primary object the provision of such a device in which the elastic member is provided with an additional cleaning and polishing surface formed of suitable flexible material adapted to form a secondary finger cot to overlie the elastic finger cot which fits `the finger tip.

A further object of the invention is to provide a finger cot of the character set forth with means to preventv -any constriction of the tip of the finger and to permit circulation of air around the tip of the finger incased by said finger cot.

A still further object of this invention is.

to provide a modified form of the device more particularly adapted lfor use in hospitals or other institutions where the user thereof is suffering from an infectious or contagious disease, whereby the teethcleaning portion of the device may be removed and thrown away after the device has been used.

With the foregoing and other objects in view as will from time to time hereinafter appear this invention consists in the particular combination'and arrangement of the various parts of a device for cleaning the teeth as described in the following specification and more particularly set forth in the appended claims.

Referring to the accompanying drawings illustrating the essential features of the invention and in which the same reference characters indicate the same parts wherever used Figure 1 is-a perspective view of the prefer-red embodiment of the device;

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section of an enlarged scale of the device shown in Fig. 1;

Figs. 3 and 4 are views of modified forms, und

Specification of Letters Patent. Patented June-19, 1917, v

Application filed November 6, 1916. i Serial No. ILftPL'ifS.

Fig." 5- is a cross section on an enlarged scale of the device shown in Fig. 4. 6 designates the ordinary form of rubber finger cot tooth-brush which is provided with a plurality of upstanding teeth-cleaning projections 7, the said finger cot being adapted to be'worn upon the end of a finger and to be used in` this position to clean the teeth. rlhe forward end of the member 6 is provided with a small aperture 8 which permits the egress of air from the interior of the member 6 when the same is placed upon the finger, thus permitting the fmember to slide easily upon the finger and to set rmly 1n place.

In accordance with the present invention a second member 9 similar to the memberfil but formed of suitable textile material adapted to present a rough surface, is placed 0.ver the member 6, the ,projections 7 of which project .upwardly through the textile covering 9 with a portion of their length projecting above the surface of the textile fabric.

In the modification shown in Fig. 3, the finger-cot 6 is incased by means of a second finger cot 9 formed of similar textile material but of closer weave than that in the construction illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2, so that the projections 7 do not project'through the member 9 but are incased. thereby.

In the modifications shown in Figs. 4 and `5, the construction of the member 6 is modified so that the underside thereof is provided with a plurality of longitudinally extending convolutions 10 which permit a circulation of air between the finger cot '6 and the finger incased thereby, in or'der to prevent any constriction of the finger bythe elastic portion 6. In the construction of the other two forms of this invention the finger cot 6 isincased by' a second finger cot 9 of suitable flexible material.

The operation of the device is as follows: In the constructions shown in Figs. 1 and '2 the device is placed upon the end of the finger as described and the teeth cleansed by means of the projections 7 acting in conjunction with hthe adjacent textile surface of the member 9 when the teeth may be polished by using the reverse or underside 11 of the device which is free from the projections 7 and which presents only the textile surface. In theconstructions shown in Figs. 3 to 5 the operation ofthe device is the same with theexception that the second cot 9 may be removed and thrown away after each use.

I realize that considerable variation is possible in the details of construction and arrangement of parts Without departing from the spirit of my invention, and I therefore do not intend to limit myself to the specific form shown and described.

Having thus described my invention what I claim as nev7 and-desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. In a device Jfor cleaning the teeth, the combination with a Enger cot provided with a plurality of teeth cleaning projections extending therefrom, of a second cot adapted to incase said rst named cot and to be held thereon by said projections.

2. In a device for cleaning the teeth, the combination with a linger cot having a plurality of teeth cleaning projections thereon,

of'a second cot adapted to incase said -rst named cot, the projections of said first named cot passing through interstices in the second named cot to hold the same in position.

3.v In a device for cleaning teeth, the combination of an elastic finger cot adapted to incase the end of a finger and provided on one side With a plurality of corrugations to reduce the pressure upon the finger and have ing on its outer surface a plurality of teeth cleaning4 projections extending therefrom and a second cot of textile material adapted to incase said irst named cot and be hel in place by said projections.

In testimony whereof I aHX my signature in presence of two Witnesses.

`JOI-IN A. DALY. Witnesses;


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