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Publication numberUS1232575 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1917
Filing dateMar 29, 1917
Priority dateMar 29, 1917
Publication numberUS 1232575 A, US 1232575A, US-A-1232575, US1232575 A, US1232575A
InventorsGeorges Albert Lefort
Original AssigneeGeorges Albert Lefort
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US 1232575 A
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Patented July 10, 1917.

. Umrnns i ononens Amann `n om:

`igeseva To all lwhomV t concern#` y Be vit known thatfI, Gnomes An FORT, a subject of thelKingjof GreatjjBritain Y residing at St. Tite, Province QoitfQnebeo, Canada, have invented certain ne ful Improvements inFences; and I by declare that thelfollowin'g is aifnll,j cle Y and exact description of "the inventionglsnc as will enable others skilled the" which it jappertains@` to makexiand nseth same. 'K Y 1 The present invention relater, t ldesigned to form aiifobsfta lffforlnilitcfense as a substituteVfor'theordinaryWire *y entanglements now invnsefanda `fobjectof"'v v i" A 'w atfV g2 their "medi-al portion `"sii stantially Vxshapefl )l ink cross *section aving'jthe open l by he'samemayv he,l body :d lly @M4v 'Figf 5 sembled or assembled' and presented'for ilse. Y With the above andSotheirobjectsinyi vvhich will hereinafter appearas thefdesori tion continues, the invention consists 1 of t novel features of constrnctioncombination and formation of partsas- Willbe hereinafter more fully describedandparticn ed outin the appended claims. 1 y f In the accompanying dr ,"Qings haSfbe/e shown the simple, and preferred form Voffthe bracket t fandtherlods l; for securely hold- -ingi ythesame#togetherl *y )InffFigQ 7 L 'thef rivetv iasffshiown @is fplacedginipositinf hams fin y igsSthe rivetlisshovvnplao" yintopositionl" d andfthexrodssecufelyfastenedmeemaken The/*bracket fis preferablyfmade" from 'a `pgiececor sheetmetaighavingsubstantially@ rectangular p configtirationvwlien 1 in "itslblank y *coursel maybe hadthatfcomevvvithinytlie ormjas, shovvnin; `piece of f lscope of the claimsrvvithont departing,from` 1;y Sheet metalasshovvninliga n iisbentfalong the spirit of the invention lorsacriicingthe "ftheglin {toiorm a'section Landthefs ec-` 'e'liciencyof the same. y ion is entgat right angle t the section In'the accompanyingdravving .l y ,Thesectionllisbent'joverupontlie sec-l,

* Figure lis a perspective viewfof the y i tuctureasshovnnfFlg-- The! hupwardlym V40 embodying the present invention;

projecting bs12 :and 13, jon f ,hich' in-k';k

' Fig. 2 is aperspeetive `vievvfoffaloracliet` iateatygthe"minerai 12ans as: a Supporti iop` ya invention, itbeing, however; nnderst'ood that d i 30 no limitation is necessarilyalmadevtothe oise structural details herein exhibitedp biit the right is hereby reservedto anychlanges alterations` or modifications to` fvvhich *r ing.Y 3 is a pian viewofgafbiani reform ing the bracket;V

ip on which reststthef edge 1411, of rthe section" 1 and.,

Figli is a perspectivevieiv of rods;` A l m the'tab 13 islbent "overfthe `section 1111 `1Q aiuto engagementwith; they apen Fig. 5 is a detail crosssection thro h he Fig. 6 is a detail crosssection ong ng15{therebyfholdingfthe,sectionsgjof thef` modified form of therodgyf` l Y Fig.' 7 is a detail cross sect'onbet een, i of the rods and the bracketfshovvinglthe tening means in place for connectingthef ro e to the bracket; and, 1, o Fig. 8 is asimilar vievvsh Wingythe `it tening means seciiredoin"position@ Referring `novv ,morele particular neeted f fthereto j by@` inserting the `jf* cables i l hronghiiheopeningszltfandfia `111 securu ing ythefrods `Eto thebracket fthe, medial por-1i f d tion f 'one offtherods Liscofnnected to the Y arallelf" A second rod is placed upon the section l1 having one Hange connected to the section 1l and its other flange connected to the section 8 and the third rod has one iiange secured to the lower face of the section l1 and its opposite ange connected to the section 9.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to sccure bv Letters Patent is:

1. A fence of the character described comprising a plurality of sections, each section comprising a plurality of rods, each rod being V-shaped in cross section, means for Connecting the medial portions of said rods together, and means for HeXibly connecting the sections together.

2. A fence comprising a plurality of sections, each section comprising a plurality of rods, a bracket for each section for rigidly connecting the rods together whereby they will extend at right angles to each other and flexible means for connecting said sections together.

3. A fence of the character described comprising a plurality of sections, each section comprising a plurality of rods, said rods bcing angular in cross section, brackets for connecting the medial portions of said rods together and means whereby cables may bc connected to said brackets for the purpose set forth.

4. A portable fence of thc character described comprising a plurality of sections, cach section comprising three rods arranged at right angles to each other, a bracket for connecting said rods together', said bracket being formed from a single sheet of metal and means for connecting said sections together.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand.


Jos. E. MAssNA'rH,


Copies of this patent may be obtained for ve cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. C.

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