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Publication numberUS1232690 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1917
Filing dateJul 27, 1914
Priority dateJul 27, 1914
Publication numberUS 1232690 A, US 1232690A, US-A-1232690, US1232690 A, US1232690A
InventorsPeter D Keenan
Original AssigneePeter D Keenan
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Nursing-bottle bracket.
US 1232690 A
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Patented. July 10, 1917.




Specification of Ietters Patent.

Patented July MD, 1121?.

Application filed July 27, 1914. Serial No. 853,301.

vention is to provide a bracket for ready attachment to a chair, table, crib, or other convenient support, and upon which a nursing bottle may be readily and safely mounted so asto be protected against injury by falling to the floor or other adjacent surface and being broken when released by the infant.

The invention consists of the parts and the construction and combination of parts as hereinafter more fully described and claimed, having reference to the accompanying drawing, in which- The figure is a perspective view of the device,"showing a nursing bottle adjusted in position thereon.

2 indicates a substantial U-shaped bracket or arm, having a threaded boss 3 for the reception of a thumb-screw 5 with a swivel washer 6 adapted to be forced up against a convenient support 7, as the arm of a chair or rail of a crib, etc.

Upon the bracket 2 is formed an extension 8 engageable with the supporting member upon which the bracket may be mounted.

On the opposite and upper member of the' bracket 2 is a tubular threaded arm 9 for receiving a threaded post 10, upon which is mounted a lock nut 11 whereby the post 10 may be locked in. suitable adjusted position in the tube 9 of the bracket. 1 f

Pivoted or otherwise suitably connected to the upper end of the threaded post 10 is a curved seat or receiver 12 upon which a nursing bottle, as 13, may be placed and held firmly thereupon by a spring 14 suitably connected to the upper portion of the seat 12; the spring 14: yielding to receive the bottle 13 when the latter is inserted and operatmg to securely hold the bottle against abnormal movements upon the seat 12. Thus I have provided a simple, practicable device adjustable to meet the conditions that may arise in use and which conveniently and effectually holds a nursing bottle within reach and use of an infant.

Having thus described my invention,'what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent 1s A holder for nursing bottles, composed of a horizontal seat formed of a metal plate but so :as to be curved in cross-section to conformably'receive the-bottle on itsside therein and having each of its ends free, a

single spring connected at its ends to the sides of said plate at points central of the length of said sides so that said spring extends across the seat, said seat being comparatively short so that a bottle when placed therein ill have each of its ends extending beyond t e respective ends of the seat so that witnesses. PETER D. KEENAN. Witnesses:

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U.S. Classification248/103, 131/257, 446/227, 248/229.15, 24/326
Cooperative ClassificationA61J9/06