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Publication numberUS1234057 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 17, 1917
Filing dateMay 9, 1916
Priority dateMay 9, 1916
Publication numberUS 1234057 A, US 1234057A, US-A-1234057, US1234057 A, US1234057A
InventorsGilbert Mcintyre
Original AssigneeGilbert Mcintyre
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Combined scoop and sack-filler.
US 1234057 A
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APPLICATION FILED MAY 9. I916- Patented July 17, 1917'.

Quid cum;

all may concemkf Be it known that I, GILBERT Moln'rm,

nleaaoat: I

j GILBERT nern'rrnn, or nnni'aomu, sns arcnnwnn, onnann.

a subject of'theKing of Great Britain, re

siding at Denholm, in the Province of I Saskatchewan and Dominionof Canada, have invented new and useful Improvements in Combined Scoop and Sack-Fillers, of which the following is a specification. I

This invention relates to a .combined scoop and sack filling device, so designed. to hold the sackto be filledaround-the d1scharge spout'of the scoop.

Another object of the invention is the provision of a device ofthe above stated character provided with a discharge spout formed from a series, of resilient j overlapping,- sections and permitting of expansion "orcontractionfthereof, thus permittin the spout being readily inserted in bags d1f- .ferentsizes. p I

A still further object of the invention is fthe provision ofa perforated closure for thegoutlet end of the discharging spout, thus .enabling'the' device to'be further utilized -;in treating grain vfor smut prior to empty- 'tion 9 comprisin sitely disposed side walls 11 and overlaping the grain. into wagon-boxes or sacks.

With the aboveand other ob ects in view,

the invention consists in the novel features, 'details'of'construction and combination of parts which -willhereinafter be more fully set forth, illustrated in the accompanying drawing and pointed out in'the appended claims. a

Figure 1 is a plan view of the blank from which my device is constructed;

. Fi 2 is a perspective view of the device in f0 ded position;-

Fig-.8 is a'transverse sectional view taken through the discharge spout; and

Fig. 4. is a'detail view showing the cap applied to the discharge spout.

I Referring more particularly to the accompanying 'drawing,.in which like characters of reference refer to corresponding parts in the several views, myimproved combined scoo' vand sack filler is designated generally by t e reference character 5, and is constructed ,froma single blank of metal 6 so bent to provide a scoop 7 and a sack filler 8. a

The scoop 7 embodies a'hollow body pora bottom wall 10, oppoping top walls 12. The portion of the blank oonrninnnscoor AND SACK-FILLER.

Specification of Letters latent.

Patented July it, Stair.

Application filed May 9, 1916. Serial No. 96,455.

6 forming the sidewalls of the scoop is so bent to provide each of the side walls with a lower section 13 and a topsection 14, the

lower section gradually increasing in transverse dimension in a direction toward the inner end ofthe scoop, while'the uppermost section 14 gradually increases in transverse dimension toward the open end of the scoop,

thus, when the blank is in scoop assembled form, will present the latter with a broad mouth portion 15 and a-contracted inner portion 16. Each of the walls forming the scoop is formedwith an extension 17, and the "portion of the blank provided with the extension is slitted longitudinally as at 18 for the full longitudinal extent of the extension to provide on the inner contracted end 16 of the scoop, a frusto-conical discharge spout 19. This discharge spout 19 embodies a series of resilient sections 19, the meeting edge of one section overlapping the adjacent edge of the other section, and presenting a discharge spout capable of expansion or contraction, thereby allowing of the outlet end 20 of the discharge spout beeasily and readily inserted in sacks of erent sizes, In order to permit of the fastening of the sack over the outlet end 20 of the discharge spout, I provide a pair of oppositely disposed hooks 21, fastened to the exterior surface of the contracted inner end 16 of the scoop and projecting laterally therefrom. A reinforcing strip 22 is permanently secured transversely of the blank at the point of the juncture of the extens10n 17 with the body portion 90f the scoop,

preventing any accidental breakage or displacement of the discharge spout'from said scoop. Suitable handles 23' are connected positioning this cap on the outlet end of,

the spout, after the grain has been shoveled to assume a substantially vertical upright within the scoop, the latter may be raised position, the closed end of the spout being thence dipped into the usual solution used for such purposes. In order to allow the solution to drain free of the grain, I provide the cap with a series of apertures 25.

From the fore oing description, taken in connection with t e accompanylng drawing,

.the advantages of construction and the method of operation will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art to which the invention relates, and while I have de, scribed the principles of operation of the invention, together with the device which I now consider to be the best embodiment thereof, I desire to have it understood that the device shown is merely illustrative, and that such changes may be made when desired as are within the scope of the appended claims.

What is claimed as new, is

1. A device of the class described including a scoop formed from a single piece of material and bent to provide a hollow body 'portion includin bottom, side and top walls,

each of. said wa s being provided with an extension, said extension bein slitted for its length,providing the scoop with a discharge spout capable of expansion or contraction 00910: of this patent may be obtalned tor siubistantially as and for the purpose speciprovide the same with a broad mouth portion and a contracted lower portion, and a discharge spout formed on the contracted end-of the scoop and capable of expansion or contraction, substantially as and for the purpose specified.

A device of the class described, compr1s1ng a series of resilient overlapping sections, an expansible dischar e spout formed on one end thereof, said disc arge spout being slitted to provide a series of overlapping sections, and a series of hooks disposed at a point adjacent the point of formation of the discharge spout with the series of resilient overlapping sections.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.



five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of latentl. Washington, .D. 0."

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Cooperative ClassificationB65B39/08