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Publication numberUS1234370 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 24, 1917
Filing dateSep 21, 1914
Priority dateSep 21, 1914
Publication numberUS 1234370 A, US 1234370A, US-A-1234370, US1234370 A, US1234370A
InventorsChristopher J Meyer
Original AssigneeEvinrude Motor Company
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Propelling attachment for canoes, rowboats, &c.
US 1234370 A
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Patented July 24, 1917.

Invl ioto 1*.'

c. 1. MEYER.



cborrc elyd.





Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Jllly'24,1917..

Application led September 21, 1914. Serial No. 862,850.'

To all whom it may concern:

*hullof a boat,and which is adapted to constitute a stuffing box for the propeller shaft, and a pumping connection adapted to. s uply water to the jacketof an internal comliustion engine, and which will cover a pilurality of openings in the hull in water tight relation to its inner' and outer walls, around such openings.

The drawmg illustrates a fragment of the bottom ofthe hull of a canoe in longitudinal section, showing my improved attachment also partially in section, drawn to a plne cutting the stutling box and pump cyl- 1n er.

` The bottom A of the. hull of a canoe or boat, is provided lwith an aperture a for the propeller shaft, another aperture a for a pump cylinder, anda series of apertures to receive clamping' bolts B. Clamping plates C `end D are then hull and clamped thereto by the bolts I The upper clamping plate C, 1s provided with-a bearing member or bushing E whichl projects downwardly through the aperture a and through a corresponding aperture in the lower clamping plate D. Itis also provided With an upwardly projecting cup which is internally threaded to receive a packing nut F and adapted to contain a suitable packing F. plate C also carries a cap G for a pump cylinder H, which. ca is preferably, formed integrally with mem r C and provided with an outlet nipple G" adapted to serve as a it Tis possible to dispense with packingl pipe or hose connection, such, forexample, as the rubber ltube g. `lli-here the boat hull is of wood and the surface fiat, as shovn,

e.- tween the clamping, platesand the-wa s of the hull. Otherwise it may-be employed.

Ithe tubular port K normally c fitted to the walls of the' The clamping'- The cylinder H isprovided with a p1unger H havin a tubular `socket Hl extending downwar ly therein from its upper end, and provided with an inlet port h at its lower end, communicating with a transverse bore h', which allows 'water to enter the cylinder Hthrough the plunger H. A ball valve I is'seated at the upper end of the port h, and spring J is seated in jt H and projects upwardly above t ,-;plunger and supports a cup valve seat K," provided with an outlet osed by a gravity check valve, such as the ball L. The plunger H is reduced in diameter -where it passes through the lower endv or headof the cylinder H and its range of movement is therefore limited by the cup K onthe upward stroke and'by the shoulder K on the'downward stroke. i i The driving shaftM is incas'ed in a sleeve Mwhich extends through'the stuliing box and bushing and supports a casing M in, which the ropeller shaft N- and gear wheels N and N are mounted in operative rela-- tion lto drive the propeller O. A steering wing P, .preferably of center board type', projects downwardly .from the'casing M, and shaft N carries a vcam S. Steering and reversing operations are largely rformed by revolvingthe propeller about t e axis of shaft M, but the wing P facilitates these operations and aids control. The steering movements are' communicated to the pro' peller and rudder wing P through sleeve M.

A ump operating rodv O' bears on this cam. an extends through the wall of casing M".

It supports a ring. R upon which the lower end of plunger H bears, and as ring R encircles the sleeve M', it is obvious that it may revolve'with the propellerabout the axis lof4 the -driving shaft, without being shifted out of pump operating relation. I claim-4 y A I l j 1. 4A clamping member for boat propeller attachments, provided with a bushing adapted' 'to receive an inclosin a driving shaft, and alsohaving a cylindjergsaid bushing and pump cy inder, projecting from said clamp' member in position for insertion throng contiguous vapertures in the hull of aboat. I l

2.. A clamping member for boat propeller attachments, in combination with a rotatably adjustable ldriving sha-ft sleeve, projecting through the clamping member, a pump cylinder also extending through said member adjacent to said sleeve, an integral cap on vthe clamping member into which said pump cylinder is secured, a plunger in said cylinder, a ring loosely encircling said sleeve, a. propeller, and driving mechanism therefor 'extending through said sleeve, and means including .saidloose ring for actuating the pump -plunger from said driving mechanism.

3. A clamping member for boat propeller attachments, adapted Vto be fitted tothe interior or hull of a boat, in combination with a pump including a cylindermsecured to the clamping member in a Aposition to project through the hull and an actuating member extending from the cylinder, a driving mechanism carried by thc hull and disposed below the' pump cylinder, and means associated with said driving mechanism for operating said'- actuating member of the pump.

4. 'A vclamping means for boat'` propeller attachments, comprising a clamping plate,

spaced tubular members projecting from said pla-teV for `insertion through contiguous apertures in the hull ofa boat, an auxiliary clamping plate provided with bearing apertures for receiving the tubular members, said `platebeing engageable with the hull at its side opposite the first clamping plate, means for holding said plates in clamping engagement with the hull, pump mechanism in one of the tubular members, driving mechanism extended through thc'oth'er tubular member,"

and means operable by the driving` mechanism oulivardly ot' the hull for actuating. the pumping mechanism.

5. A clamping member for boat propeller attachments,in combination with a driving shaft 'slecvc projecting through the clamping member; a pump 'cylinder also extending through said member adjacent to said sleeve,

van integral capon the clamping member the sleeve and adapted to engageand Opfcrate a pump plunger from any and all sides of the sleeve.

'i'. boa(l propeller attacl'nnent, includin thc combination with a sct of inner an ouicr ludl clamping` members. of a pump and n .shaft casing'. cach cxiciiding fl'm-tl1e upper clamping member througl'i the lower for operation b lone, a gear casing connected `with the lower end of said sleeve, a pump operating member encircling said sleeve, and connected for vertical reciprocation above the gear casing, and means t'o'r actuating said pum-p operating member from ivithin the gear casing, said member being adapted to-engage and Aactuate the pump from all sides of the sleeve during rotatable adjustment of saidA casing about the sleeve axis.

S. A boat propeller attachment, including an inner hull clamping member,` a pump cylinder connected.4 therewith and provided with ar v alved outlet member, a 'tubular plunger in said cylinder, projecting throughits-lo'wer end, a valve in the lower portion of said plunger, means for permitting Water to enter the cylinder through the plunger When the-valve is open, means for resiliently depressing the plunger, and propeller operating mechanism, provided with means for intermittingly raising said plunger, substantially as described.

9. A boat propeller attachment'. including the-combination with a hull clamping member, of a. set of parallel tubular projections on the hull enga-ging side, adapted to fit apertures in the hull of a boat: one of said projections affording a passage for propeller supporting and driving mechanism and the other heilig adapted to receive pumping mechanism.

1 0. A boat propeller attachment,4 including the cfnnbination with, a hull clamping `member, of a set of parallel tubular projections on the hulll engaging side, adapted to taperturcs m the hull of a bean-one of said projections affording a "passage for propeller supporting and driving mechanism,

the other being adapted to receive pumping mechanism, togetherwith means,'operative below the hull, for transmitting motion from the propelling to the pumping mechanism.

11'. The combination ivith a propeller shaft casing vprovided with an' axially rotatable supporting slee-ve, of a pump including an actuating member. adjacent the cas, ing, a. pump operating rod extending through the casing. the rod for engaging the pump actuating member and disposed at right angles to the axis of the said supporting sleeve of the casing.

12. 'A boat ing a rotatable propeller shaft` casing, an adjustably rotatable carrying sleeve projecting-upwardly from said casing, a reciprocating pump actuating' ste-m, also projecting upwardly from said casing parallel to Saad-sleeve, and a stationary pump adapted y the stem in various relative positions of said stem. l

13, VA boat propeller attachment, 'including a rotatable propeller shaft easing, an adjustably rotatable carrying sleeve projecting,

and a platecarried by propeller attachment,.includ ,i


l1`J`.p15l"\`trdly from said casing, a reciprocating pump actuating stem,V also projecting upwar ly from said casing parallel tolsa'id A Sleeve, a ring connected with the stem and 5 encircling the sleevez and a 4stationary pump including an actuating member engageable by the ring.

L 2514. In a propeller drive the combination .cima for suppl ing cooling water to 1 "0' the'ffengi'ne for said rive, with means for mounting said pump in a position which is ffxedrre'lativel to said. engine, a propeller in ler, Y and an actuating mechanism interbetween said pump and said propeller E Fis-haft," 4 said mechanism being adapted to.

ransmit ,motion-from said .Shaft to said pump independently of the position of said.

.lurpnmprelatlvely to said propeller shaft.

mounte to permit rotation forfad'- gthe direction of actionof the pro- '15. In 'a propeller bdrive'of the-class speci-A ed,`the combination of a pump which 1s I mounted in fixed position relatively to the drive; a (propeller shaft mounted vto permit rotary a justment for changing` 4the direction of actionl of the propel1er', and an actua'tin mechanism `interposed between said s ha andsaid pump, said actuatingmechm nism being provided with a sliding surface adapted to transmit motion from said shaft jupon said pump independently of the'relative position of said s atand said pump.

In testimony whereof I aix my signature in the presence of two Witnesses.


Witnesses: i

JOHN F. Koen, P.. M. TALLoN.

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