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Publication numberUS1234700 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 24, 1917
Filing dateMay 1, 1917
Priority dateMay 1, 1917
Publication numberUS 1234700 A, US 1234700A, US-A-1234700, US1234700 A, US1234700A
InventorsHarry E Mclain
Original AssigneeWilliam Broad, Harry E Mclain
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Apparatus for massage treatment.
US 1234700 A
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H. E. McLAlN.


1,234,700, Patented July 24,1917'.l




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July 24, 1917.

Application led May 1, 1917. Serial No. 165,681.

To all whom it may concern.'

Be it known that I, HARRY E. MCLAIN, residing at Pittsburgh, in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, a citizen of the United States, have invented or discovered certain newV and useful Improvements in Apparatus for Massage Treatment, of which improvements the followingis a specification.

My invention relates to apparatus for giving massage treatment to a relatively large portion of the body, as for the reduction of obesity, relief of rheumatism, etc.

In giving such treatments the most benefit is derived when the portion of the body being treated is heated, a result which cannot be obtained by the apparatus usually employed for the purpose, because in such apparatus the massaging movements VareV effected by various forms of members which are operated manually or y by mechanical power.

It is accordingly the object of my invention to provide a massaging apparatus which will simultaneously massage, and locally heat, the portion of the body being treated.

In the accompanying sheet of drawings, which form part of my specication, I have illustrated the preferred embodiment of my invention. Figure l is a plan view of the apparatus embodied in a belt; Fig. 2 a face view of a portion of the apparatus, the plane of view being indicated by the line II-II, Fig. l; Fig. 3 a face view ofthe apparatus embodied in a pad; Fig. A a sectional view of a massage vibrator forming a part of the apparatus, the plane of view being indicated by the line IV-IV, Fig. 5; and Fig. 5 a sectional view taken on the line V-V, Fig. A.

In the practice of my invention I mount upon a belt, pad, or other suitable flexible support, a plurality of electro-magnetic massage vibrators adapted to vibrate in directions perpendicular to such support.` By electro-magnetic massage vibrator, I mean that type of vibrators wherein the vibration of the movable member is eifected by means of an electro-magnet contained in the vibrator casing and adapted to be intermittently energized by an alternating current or a rapidly interrupted direct current. In operation, the electro-magnets of such vibrators become heated and thus aiord, at the point of application of the massage treatment', the desired local heating of the patient.

While any desired form of electro-magnetic massage vibrator may be used, I preferably use the form illustrated herein, which is compact in construction, lightV in weight, and otherwise well adapted for this particular use. As shown in Figs. 4; and 5, the vibrator comprises a shallow disk-shaped casinghaving a back or bottom l, side wall 2 and a face or cover 3. The electro-magnet, which preferably consists of two spools l and a laminated core 5, is secured to the back l in such position that the axis of its windings are parallel to such back. The movable element or member of the vibrator is a portion of the cover 3 which is made of resilient 'metal The vibrating portion is set apart from the cover by means of a slit 6 which is preferably substantially semicircular in shape and extent. At the outer end of this vibrating portion there is attached an armature 7 which projects downwardly from the cover to a position adjacent to the end of the magnet. In operation, the intermittent energization of the magnet has the effect of rapidly vibrating the slit portion of the cover.

In the apparatus shown in Figs. 1 and 2, a series of electro-magnetic vibrators of the character just described are shown attached to a belt 8, as by means of suitable fastening clips 9 secured to the binding posts 10 of the vibrators, the bases of the vibrators being adjacent to the inner face of the belt, and the faces lying substantially in a common plane. If desired, the belt may be provided with a suitable flap 1A of cloth 0r other thin material to cover the otherwise exposed faces of the vibrators. As indicated, the several vibrators are electrically pending upon the particular or specific requirements.

According to the provisions of the patent statute, I have described the principle and operation of my invention, together with the construction which I no7 consider to represent the best embodiment thereof. However, I desire to have it understood that the construction is only illustrative, and that my invention may be practised by other forms of construction than that particularly shown and described.

I claim as my invention: v

1. An apparatus for giving massage treatment comprising a leXiblesuppoi-ting ineinber and a plurality of electro-magnetic massage vibrators secured thereto and having their vibrating eleinents lying substantially in a connnon plane, said vibrators beingY adapted to simultaneously massage and heat the portion of the body to which the apparatus is applied.

p 2. In an apparatus for giving massage treatment, the' combination ot a' flexible belt, and a plurality of electro-magnetic massage vibrators secured thereto, said vibrators having oppositely disposed substantially flat bases Yand vibrating faces, the bases being adjacent to said belt and the vibrating" faces lying' substantially in a common plane.

In testimony vvhereotl I have hereunto set niy hand.


Wtnesses: y

IAnn N. CR'jroIiLovv, FRANCIS J. Terrasson.

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