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Publication numberUS1236215 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 7, 1917
Filing dateNov 3, 1915
Priority dateNov 3, 1915
Publication numberUS 1236215 A, US 1236215A, US-A-1236215, US1236215 A, US1236215A
InventorsHenry Schade
Original AssigneeHenry Schade
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Air-fed oiler.
US 1236215 A
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Ml 5f. Patented Aug. 7,1917.

y z suing-SHEET y H. SCHADE.


1,236,21 5. Patented Aug. 7,1917.


l 'unirse srnrns refr-snr HENRYSCHADE, GF SHELBY, IOW'A.

Speeication of Letters Patent.

Patented einen E", ftl

Application filed November 3, 1915. Serial No. 59,366.

4that'the latter will he under pressure, to assure the positive feedl thereof through the delivery spout, irrespective of the position of the oiler, thus makingV the saine' useful to machinists, engineers, 'or the like.

Another object of the invention is the pro-- vision of an oiler of this character, wherein the feed of oil therefrom is under positive manual control, so that ithe desired quantity can he had, without liability of waste in the use of the oiler.

A further object of the invention is the provision of an oiler of this character, which is simple in construction, thoroughly reliable and eicicnt in operation., strong, du-

c rable, positive in' action, and inexpensive in manufacture.

l/Vitn these and other objects in view, the invention consists in the features ci construction, combination and .arrangement or parts 'as will he hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the accompanying' drawing, and pointed out in the claim hereunto appended.

In the accompanying drawings Figure l, is a side elevation lof an oiler constructed in accordance with the invention.

Fig. Q, is a top plan view thereof.

Fig. 3,r is a rvertical longitudinal sectional View. v

Fig'. 4, is a sectional view on the line f-fi of rig.' i.

Simi-lar reference characters indicate coi`n 'responding parte throughout the several views in the drawings.

Referring to the drawings, in detail, designates the body of the oiler, which constitutes the reservoir for the oil, having at its top a delivery or discharge spout 5, te.- pered toward its free end and slightly curved. Through this spout is delivered 'the oil 'from the reservoir, while the bottoni tegral with-the rod of the body, is of concavo-convei` shape, and is formed with n central threaded aper ture 7, providing tilingopening, the same being closed by ineens of a thuinh screw plug- 8, detachahly engaged in the said aperture. its is apparent when the body is inverted the arched hot-tom 6 serves a iunnel. Provided at the bottom 6, of the body A, is an annular hase 9, whichfper mits the oiler being brought to rest Witheet interference by the plug when the seid oiler is not in use.

Diametrically opposite. the spout 5, spaced from the body A, and parallel with the vertical wall thereof is pump barrel or cylinder l0, having at its lower end a nipple connection ll, with the cody A, for connuunication therewith. 'The nipple connection is fitted .interiorly thereoi5 with a check valve 12, while Working; 'within the barrelI or cylinder 1'0, is a pist-on 13, the stern of which 'projects through a cap lll, on the harrel or cylinder and terminates iu a hand knob '15, for permitting manual manipula tion of the piston for forcing' air under pressure into the reservoir. The valve 12,is designed to prevent hack iow oit the air from the reservoir to the harrel or cylin der, and in this manner the oil is put under pressure for ldie positive `feed of the same from .the oiler.

Mounted upon the top of the body fr, is

a lai-shaped bracket in vthe llinhs oi' which is slidahly supported a spring teusioned valve operating" rod i7, which is connected' to the lever 1S, of a cut valve 19, arrangedv in the spout 5. The spring 20, which tensions the rod 17, has ene end hearing against one limb of the bracket i6, and its other end' hearing against shoulder 21, on'the rod i7, 'to act thereon for holding the valve lil, ncrinnliy closed, and. thereby to shut oit7 e d oi' oil from Athe reservoir. @n pressing upon the rod l?, however, thevalve i9, he opened to the proper extent to regula the" iced oil from the reservoir if oiling` purposes dnringr the use of the oi r. A. collar 22, is inriu is normally held in abuttingk relation with one oi the limbs l of the bracket lo to limit the movement of therod and consequently maintain the valve i9 in a closed position.

From the foregciug it thought that `"le construction manner of operation of the oiler will he clearly understood, d therelil :fom :1 more @Handed ziplzmzzcn has bm omitted.

What ik; claimed is:

n n device. of the kind dessi-Nucci, in vom buaton a cylinder, a pipe pU-jecng through h@ top of tha yndezf into th@ cyl ndel' toward its bottom, Ehe uppe' and of said pipe being cmwd fm'wm'dy :L Yah@ casing 011 Said pipe above the, .flop 0f Sad, cylinder, "a m'sxtabla ph/Ig in said musing, un arm Seemed to said plug, Usmy bracket secured th@ 'bop of Said rzyndf and having); its opposite 'hws ncmed upf wardly, openings fxmed, in 'the xeSpfe-cyva lugs, alle opening of om ug being dismesse@ in ai hgghr plane than the opening in Ein-u nher lug, a valve, @panting md s'flasby momd, in thi-3 lugs 0i smid U-Smp. bracket, a, fixed Coar m1 Said :wd wxga@- ugg; one side of Said ugs to hoh said. rod, against .mov/amant in one direction, Secfmd md conm.' on said md. @paced ifmm the 05pmcaite side of Said last named 'h:1g;'.) :L spring coiled around Said rod und bearing' at; one, and, against said lust named lug and against .said secured colimju, :md u 'push hemd formed terminally 011 mid md? said rnd being pvemily Seclxlf-ed to the fx-@Q und of smid. am; Sc as o norn'mlly hold this n. im ncncd 113g wmdly so that mid zum. may move upwardly towzusd the uppr (lend. center p0s- 'tion 01:' said. flu-m.

af'x my Sigmatu m. NRE? SCH ADE.

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