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Publication numberUS1237628 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 21, 1917
Filing dateFeb 9, 1917
Priority dateFeb 9, 1917
Publication numberUS 1237628 A, US 1237628A, US-A-1237628, US1237628 A, US1237628A
InventorsEmma I Ford
Original AssigneeEmma I Ford
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Convertible sleeping-hammock, packing-bag, and bath-tub.
US 1237628 A
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' Patented Aug. 21', 1917.


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1,2,2. I Patnted Aug. 2 ,1917.

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Specification of Letters Patent.

PatentedAu 21, 1917.

To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, EMMA I. FoRD, a citizen of the United States, residing at Denver, in the county of Denver and State of Colorado, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Convertible Sleeping- Hammocks, Packing-Bags, and Bath-Tubs, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to a. new and useful convertible device for use of tourists, campers and the like.

The object of the invention is to provide a convertible sleepigg hammock, packing bag and collapsible. th tub capable of all of these several uses, as required; the sleep ing hammock, when distended and supported with its bottom on the ground or floor,

- serving as a support for the bath tub, and

the said hammock, when not in use as such, or as a support for the bath tub, serving as a packing bag, to contain the collapsible tub, and bedding, such as a pillow, blankets, &c. The collapsible tub is of flexible waterproof material and is readily removable from the interior of the hammock after the user has bathed, so that the hammock may be then used as a. hammock or as a packing bag.

These objects I accomplish by the construction shown in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective of the hammock opened up for use as a sleeping hammock.

Fig. 2 is a cross section therethrough on line 22, Fig. 1.

. Fig. 3 shows the hammock as it appears when used as a packing bag. I

Fig. 4 isa perspective of the collapsible bath tub removed.

Fig. 5 shows the same when opened out flat.

Fig. 6 is a perspective showing the" bath tub in place in the hammock ready for use in taking a bath.

A designates the hammock or bag formed of a sheet of canvas or other suitable material folded to form the bottom a and sides, a and a? designate the ends also formed of canvas or other suitable material and connected to the sides a and bottom a by-stitching or other means of fastening. An oblong bag will thus be formed and in practice it will be of such size as to admit of a person sleeping therein with the necessary pillow, blankets, &c. Along the upper edges of the sides a are seams containing the binding and strengthening ropes B B, which extend beyond the ends to form supporting mem bers at the four corners; these ropes being intended toengage four hooks in the room or the limbs of trees so as to hold the hammock distended. These ropes B also extend loosely through rings a or gromets or eyelets secured to the upper edges of the ends 'a? and serve as draw-strings to draw the ends together when the bag is to be used as a packing bag. Along the upper edge of one side of the bag A is provided a flap C, which serves to close the mouth of the bag when packed and this flap C is in the form of an open-ended tube or sheath for the purpose of holding the collapsible bathtub G, to be presently described.

On the same side as the sheath I provide a pocket a for toilet articles, &c.; the mouth pf the pocket being at the upper edge of the At intervals along the two sides of the bag I provide clamps D, which may consist of ordinary clothes pins attached by cords (Z to the bag.

To the two outer corners of the tubular flap C are secured fastening cords 0 provided with pins or bodkins 0 to pass throu h rin s or loo )8 0 secured to the ends of the bag at the side opposite the cords 0. A similar cord 0 having a pin 0 is secured to the middle of the free edge of the flap C to engage other rings or loops 0 at the opposite portion of the bag A; these cords c and loops 0 serving to fasten the flap C over the mouth of the bag when same is in use as a packing bag.

The collapsible'bath tub G is formed from a sheet of water-proof material, such as rubber sheeting, and is cut diagonally'of the sheeting and eyelets g are formed along the four straight edges of the sheet and provided with lacing cords g by means of which the corners, when folded, may be drawn together, thus causing the formation of an oblong tab. This tub G, when so formed, will in practice rest snugly against the bottom. sides and ends of the bag A. Since the bag A will rest upon the floor or ground and be held from collapsing by the cords or ropes B at its four corners, all strain will be removed from the tub and borne by the bag A. The clamps D will be engaged with the upper edges of the bag A and tub D and hold the tub sides in proper position while the cords 7" at the corners of the tabs will be tied to the ropes or cords B and hold the corners of the tub from sagging.

One side of the tub G will be provided with a pocket for soap, &c.

A towel H may be folded and secured at its ends across one end of the tub by two of the clamps D to form a head rest for the bather.

A portable bath spray having a water bag or receptacle may be used, if desired, or the tub may be partially filled and used in the ordinary way.

The Water may be emptied from the tub by letting down cord at one corner and pouring the water into a bucket. The tub may be readily cleansed by letting out its corner lacings so that it will lie out flat and then thoroughly washed off. When dry, it may be rolled into compact form and slid into the sheath or tubular flap C. It will be seen that I have provided a convertible device Which may be carried by campers, tourists and the like which will take up no more room than would the usual bag employed for holding the bedding.

What I claim is:

1. A convertible sleeping hammock, packing bag and collapsible bath tub, comprising an oblong open top bag of a size to receive a person in recumbent position and having cords or ropes at its four corners to support it and hold it in its distended posi tion, means for closing the mouth of the bag to convert it into a packing bag, and a removable collapsible waterproof tub adapted to fit snugly along the sides, ends and bottom of said bag when distended. I

2. A convertible sleeping hammock in the form of an open top oblong bag having supporting ropes or cords at its four corners and provided along the upper edge of one side With a tubular mouth-closing flap or sheath, and a removable collapsible bath tub supported at its sides, ends and bottom by the corresponding portions of the tub and adapted to be rolled up and placed Within said tubular flap or sheath.

3. A convertible sleeping hammock formed of an open top flexible oblong bag having supports at its four corners to hold it distended, and a similarly shaped collapsible Waterproof tub supported at its sides, ends and bottom by the corresponding inner walls of said bag, and means for removably securing together the upper edges of the tub and bag to hold the tub properly in position,

said tub being formed of a'fiat eight-sided sheet having lacings at four of its sides for per edges of its ends whereby the hammock may be converted into a packing bag.

6. A convertiblehammock formed of an open top oblong flexible bag having rings or ='gromets along the upper edges of its ends, ropes or cords secured along its upper longitudinal edges extended therebeyond to form supports at the four corners to hold the bag distended and also having return bends extending through said rings or gromets to serve as drawstrings, and closing the bag for use when it is to be used as a packing bag.

means for the upper longitudinal edges of I11 testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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