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Publication numberUS1238142 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 28, 1917
Filing dateAug 17, 1916
Priority dateAug 17, 1916
Publication numberUS 1238142 A, US 1238142A, US-A-1238142, US1238142 A, US1238142A
InventorsHalbert K Hitchcock
Original AssigneeEnterprise Mfg Co
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Collapsible camper's stove.
US 1238142 A
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1 ,238, 1 42 Patented Aug, 28, 1917.


. dttozmug H. K. HITCHCOCKv COLLAPSIBLE CAMPER'S STOVE. I APPLICATlON FILED AUG. 17. I9I6. 1,238, Patented Aug. 28 1917.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 28, 1917.

Application filed. August 17, 1916. Serial No. 115,475.

To all whom [it may concern:

Be it known that I. Hammer K. Hrron- CoC-n. a citizen of the United States, residing at Pittsburgh. in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania. have invented new and useful Impro ements in Collapsible Campers Stoves. of which the following is a specificatiiv This invention relates to improvements in portable cooking stoves such as are commonly used by tourists. campers. hunters, etc. The object of the invention is to provide a simple and efficient device ot the character named which can be easily transported and collapsed to occupy a minimum amount of space and in which fire can be e1 sily built and maintained and provided with a table or top for sustaining a cookie utensil. It further object the invention is to make the device as light as possible and so constructed that it can be folded into a comparatively flat form to thereby render the same compact to permit its being easily carried without inconvenience.

Yi ith the foregoing and other objects in view. the invention consists in the novel construction, cranbination and arrangement of parts constituting the in .'ention to be hereinafter specifically described and illustrator in the accompanying i'lrawings which form a part hereof wherein is shown the preferred embodiment of the invention. but it is to be understood that changes. variations and modifications can be resorted to which come within the scope of the matter hereinafter claimed.

In the drawings in which similar reference numerals indicate like parts in the different figures Figure 1 is a perspective view of the device in its open position.

Fig. 2, is a similar view showing the same with the walls partially moved toward their collapsed position.

Fig. 3. is a view similar to Fig. 2 with the walls moved farther toward a collapsed position. and

Fig. 4, is a perspective view of the device in its collapsed condition.

The device embodies four side members, 1. 2, 3 and t all preferably constructed of thin sheet metal. and each preferably fashioned in the general form of a trapezoid. The members 1 and 2 are preferably although not necessarily slightly narrower transversely than the members 3 and 4- for a purpose to be later described. The member 1 is provided with integral tubular lugs 5 along one side arranged in spaced relation and with the openings thereof in alinement. The opposite side provided with similartubular lugs 6 also arranged in spaced relation. The member 2 is provided along one side with tubular lugs 7 arranged in spaced relation and of proper length to be positioned between the lugs 5 of the member 1 to thereby form hinge joint, the pivot for which is a pin or wire 8. The opposite side of the member 2 is provided with integral tubular spaced lugs 9 with the openings thereof in alinement. The member 3 is provided along one side with tubular lugs 10 arranged in spaced relation and adapted to be inserted in the spaces between the lugs 6 of the member 1 and eXtending through the opei'iings in the lugs 6 and 10 is a removable wire or pin 11 to torm a hinge joint. The member r is provided along one side with tubular lugs 12 alternating in position with respect to the lugs 9 of the member 2 and are arranged to be inserted between them and form a hinged connection between the two by means to be later described. The member at on its opposite side is provided with tubular lugs 13 and the member 3 is provided on one side with tubular lugs 14, the lugs 13 and 11' alternating in position with respect to each other. Extending through the lugs 9 and 12 ot' the members 2 and 4: and also through the lugs 13 and 14: of the members 3 and 4- is a U-shaped wire 15 constituting a pivotal connection for the members 2 and l on one side and the members 3 and .l on the other side and this wire extends from the upper end of the lug 9 of the member 2 to the upper portion of the lug 13 of the member 41 to form a straight portion 16. The members 1 to a inclusive are provided in their upper edges with ap proximately semi-circular notches 17 thereby providing openings 18 for a purpose to be later described. The members 1 to 4 inclusive are also provided with openings 19 for a. purpose to be later described. When the various members 1 to 4- inclusive are in their open or expanded position they form a hollow frustum of a pyramid and constitute the side walls of the stove.

The top 20 of the stove consists of a sheet of metal provided at one side with tubular lugs 21 inclosing the portion 16 of thewire to form a hinged connection therewith. The member is furthermore provided along its edges with inwardly-extending notches for a purpose to be later described and the member 20 is of such length so that its free ends 23 rest upon the upper portion of the member 1, between the upper ends of the pins 8 and 11 which serve to prevent lateral motion of the top or cover 20 and this engagement serves to hold the device in its open or expanded condition.

When the device is in its open or expanded condition as shown in Fig. 1, fire may be built within the device and draft for the proper combustion is furnished by the openings 18 and 19 and the products of combustion pass upwardly through the openings formed by the notches 22 for the heating of a utensil which may be seated on the top member 20.

When it is desired to collapse the device where the members 1 and 2, as before stated are slightly narrower than the members 3 and 4 the latter are moved inwardly so as to bring the pin or wire 8 into close engagement with the portion of the wire 15 which extends through the lugs 1-3 and 14 thereby bringing the member 1 into substantial contact or close proximity to the member 3 and the member 2 into similar relation with respect to the member 1. The pair of members 1 and 3 are then moved on their re speetive pivots to bring them into close proximity to the pair of members 2 and 1: and the cover 20 may be swung backwardly to lie against the outer face of the member L so that when in its collapsed condition the device will be as shown in Fig. &.

The foregoing manner of collapsing the stove is peculiarly applicable in cases where the members 1 and 2 are narrower transversely than the members 3 and 4, as being be best and easiest manner of collapsing the stove, but it will be obvious, of course, that the pivot pin 11 may be withdrawn so as to permit the separation of the lugs 6 from the lugs 10 and the members may be folded one over another so as to form as compact a condition as that shown in Fig. 1:.

It is entirely obvious, of course, that all of the members 1 to L inclusive may be of equal width and in this latter case the second manner of folding or collapsing the stove is preferable. Furthermore it is equally true that instead of making all of the members 1 to at in the form of a trapezoid in side elevation they may be formed rcctilinearly and the stove perform all ti :3 functions equally well, however, the trapezoid form is the preferred one.

I claim- A portable cooking stove comprising four side members each in the form of a trapezoid in side elevation and each provided along the lateral edges thereof with hinge forming members, pivot pins for two of the joints between three of the members and a Ushaped member constituting a pivot pin for the other two joints of the device, a portion of said U-shaped member extending between said last named joints and having the sides thereof constituting a support, with the named portion constituting a hand grip in carrying, a cover mounted on said support adapted to rest on. the top of one member, said members provided with draft openings, said cover provided with lateral notches to form an Lip-take passage for the products of combustion, two of said members being narrower than two of the other members to permit the infolding of the narrower members against said wider members and the subsequent book-wise folding of said wider members about said narrower members.

In testimony whereof l. have hereunto set my hand.


Copies 01" this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. G.

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U.S. Classification126/29, 248/167
Cooperative ClassificationF24B1/205