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Publication numberUS1239581 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 11, 1917
Filing dateJan 10, 1913
Priority dateJan 10, 1913
Publication numberUS 1239581 A, US 1239581A, US-A-1239581, US1239581 A, US1239581A
InventorsLeonard L Ferguson
Original AssigneeDuntley Pneumatic Sweeper Company
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Cleaning device.
US 1239581 A
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APPLICATION msn um. lo. |913.

mmm sm. u, 1917.


To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, LEoNAnD L. FERGU- lsois, a citizen ot' the United States, residing 'at Chicago, in the county et Cook and State of Illinois, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Cleaning` Devices, of whichthe following is a full., clear, concise, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming a part olf this specification.

My invention relates to cleaning devices and has for its object the provision of an improved device of this-character which combines both pneumatic apparatus for cleaning purposes and also sweeping or similar apparatus, both kinds of apparatus working in harmony to eil'ect a thorough cleaning ot' the objects which they are to clean. A

In general it may be said that the pneumatic cleaning devices take upv and gather the smaller dust particles which are. to be removed from the object to be cleaned,

' whereas the sweeper or similar apparatus removes the heavier particles, which the pneumatic apparatus generally, or at least frequently, fails to remove. The sweeper apparatus also serves to loosen certain impurities which are then more readily gathered in by the pneumatic apparatus.

My invention concerns itself particularly with the arrangement and construction of a device of this character in which the various component parts may be readily taken apart and in which the gathered impurities may be most readily removed. The compartment within which the sweeping appay ratus operates is removable bodily from the device, thus to gathered after sary to mount dump the impurities therein sweeping, it not being necesany of the Walls of this comtiltable manner as the entire compartment is adapted for removal. This compartment' also preferably carries the mouthpiece used with the pneumatic ap.

paratus, and the parts are so arranged that an airtight connection is readily established for the connection of this mouthpiece with the rest of the pneumatic elements.

My invention further contemplates a very readily removable dust bag. My invention also contemplates a flexible mounting of the wheels so as to accommodate the brushes more readily to the surfaces over which they are operable.

Speccation of Letters Patent.

CLEANING nnvron.

Application led January 10, 1913. Serial No. 741,144.

I will explain one embodiment of my invention more in detail by reference to the accompanying drawing, in which- Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view olZ my improved device;

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the front end `of the main body and of the sweeper and nozzle showing the separability of the parte;

Fig. is a top view ot' the dust bag; Ilig. 4 is a top view of the sweeper compartn'ient and mouthpiece. Referring more particularly to Fig. '1 I show my improved device as comprising a' wall 1 surmounted by` a suitable cover 2 toform a compartment 8. l/Vithin this compartment 3 bellows 4, 4, 4 alre mounted which through the agency of suitable connecting rods 5 are connected with a crank Shaft 6, which crank shaft is held in suitable bearings 7 and carries wheels 8 adapted to roll over the floor. These wheels when the device is moved to and tro impart rotation to the crank shaft, and thereby successively operate the bellows 4 which maintains a continuous suction while the device is in operation. A suitable handle 9. is pivotally mounted at 10 so that the device is suitably under manual control.

Below the wall 1, I provide what I may call a dust compartment 11 which is closed on all of its sides except the front end thereof as at 12.` A suitable passageway 13 leads from each bellows 4 into this dust` to be sprung. into holes provided in the opposite sides of the mouthpiece 16 so that this spring holds the bag 15 in a substantially open condition so as to present the very largest possible surface of said bag to the suction apparatus, thereby preventing crinkling of the bag. A suitable gasket 17 is provided on the outer face of this mouthpiece 16 so as to provide airtight connection with a mouthpiece 18 as will presently appear. VThe impurities are thus sucked through the opening 19 inthe mouthpiece 18 and into the bag 15, which bag separates the impurities from the air so' that these impurities may thereafter be removed 'drive the brush 27.

by merely taking out the dust bag and emlptying the same.

elow thedust com vide a couple of gui which an impurities compartment or. dust chamber 21 may be slid into place, which impurities edly secured to the mouthpiece 18. This impurities compartment has lower walls 22, 22 havinglarin extensions. 23 and these walls are prefera ly integral with the side walls of this impurities compartment. This impurities compartment is formed of one piece to form a sort of cup shaped structure artment 11, I prowhich may then be fastened to the mouthpiece 18. In this way a very simple and efficient sweeper brush compartment is provided which can be readily removed to Adump the sweepings and likewise to properly expose the brush of the sweeper for cleaning. It is not necessary to mount the walls 22 in a tiltable'manner as the upper portion of this impurities compartment when removed from the dust compartment 1s entirely open and this impurities compartment may thus be readily emptied. Two wheels 24, 24 are mountedon opposlte sides upon a shaft 25, which shaftprojects through openings 26 in the sides of the impurities compartment, these openings 1 being larger than the shaft so as to permit movement of this shaft to thereby permit the wheels 24 to adjust themselves with respec't to the broom portion 27. This shaft 25 1s pressed downwardly by a spring 28 held 1n a'bridge piece 29 forming part of the 1mpur1t1es compartment structure. Two

brackets 30 are mounted on opposite sides of the impurities compartment structure and are held in place by screws 31, these brackets 30 not being in engagement with the wheels 24 or shaft 25. The wheels 24 bear agalnst friction rollers 33 to thereby A projecting tube 34 1s fastened to the mouthpiece portion and 1s. adapted to project into the opening within the mouth portion 17 so that dust entering the duct 19 is conveyed directly to within the bag 15. The f the brush and mouthpiece structure is provided with springs 35 by means of whichY the two parts are held together through the agency of the clamping yoke 36.

Now 1n order to separate the device and remove all of the impurities gathered, it is merely necessary to swing the yoke 36 out of engagement with springs 35, whereafter the 1mpur1t1es compartment and mouthplece structure is bodily slid away from engagement with the guides 20 and this impurlties compartment maybe emptied. To

remove the refuse gathered within the bag es 20 by means of.

compartment is preferably iixront portion of 15 all that is necessa i is to remove this bag I7 from its normal po and mouth portion sition and empty the bag. A

It will thus be seen `that a very simple and readily operable structure' is provided for cleaning purposes. It will of course be understood that many modifications may be made from the specific structure herein shown, and my invention contemplates such modifications, and what I therefore claim' as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent 1s:-

, 1. In combination with a vacuum cleaning machine having a dust box, a dust inlet nozzle, vacuum creating means and a supporting wheel, of a carpet sweeper having a dust chamber, a brush and brush driving wheels, and means for detachably connecting the carpet sweeper as a unit and for withdrawing it from below the dust box of the vacuum cleaning machine, the sweeper being located between the inlet nozzle and the supporting wheel.

2. In combination with a vacuum cleanerhaving a body portion provided with a vacuum creating means and a Idust box, a supporting wheel and a dust inlet nozzle, the

lnozzle being supported aty one end of the a brush and dirt colmeans for detachablyf engaging the 'nozzle I and attaching means to engage the sweeper casing.

3. In a vacuum cleaner, the' combination with a suction creating device and a detachable inlet nozzle therefor, of a carpet sweeper secured to said nozzle and having a brush adapted to engage the surface to be cleaned, and attaching means to engage the sweeper and the nozzle to maintain them in operative position and permitting the sweeper and nozzle to be detached as a unit from'the suction creating device.

4. In combination, a vacuum cleaner, a carpet sweeper comprising a 'dust chamber, a brush and brush-.driving wheels mounted on the chamber, said chamber being arranged below and connected to the body of the vacuum cleaner, and means whereby the said carpet sweeper may be readily detached as a unit and withdrawn from below the body of the vacuum cleaner.

In w1tness whereof, I hereunto subscribe :Iliy1f2name this 19 day of December, A. D.,




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