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Publication numberUS1239977 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 11, 1917
Filing dateJan 3, 1917
Priority dateJan 3, 1917
Publication numberUS 1239977 A, US 1239977A, US-A-1239977, US1239977 A, US1239977A
InventorsFrederick Percival Small
Original AssigneeFrederick Percival Small
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Combined way-bill and accounting-coupon.
US 1239977 A
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APPLICATION FILED JAN. 3. 1917- Paitented Sept. 11, 1917.


ROV'IEND. VALUE L9 L 15; /3 m M 3x52: 22m: 46 COLLECT .L. N.Y. WEST SIDE TERMINAL 15/67 T =1 DATE /7/ WAYBILL LABEL 41 aovmcsp TOTALTO on WEIGHT CHARGES COLLECT PIECES 53252522 $552k? COLLECT Block Na. 952-A 456 7 N. Y. WEST SIDE TERM|NAL um: L /9/5 (STATEMENT) STATE wzxsm To -12 SHIPPIIROR V TRMZING NO. #351252 "2fi.' JR??? ,-"$A%r 2/ ficahamifizu mm OHFIECES cLAss flel y an VALUE Verifmiby N0 azwmns: ITNESSES A y (7? J19 INVENTOR ATTORNEYS F. P. SMALL.



Lfiw wt Patented Sept. 11,1917.


' freight, express matter or the like to which an in rannnnrcn rnncrvnn snmnn, or amanrmnn, new annsnr;


"neaaaaa' Specification or Letters Patent. Patented Sept. 11, itfiflt do Application filed January 3, W17. Serial No. 140,331

This invention relates to a combined way bill and accounting coupon which is adapted to be secured primarily to a package of it refers,

Among'the objects of the invention is to provide a shipping device to be used by ex- 1 press compames or other carriers, the device being ofa form adapted to be fastened on or accompanythe package, thereby preventing a the separation of the package andthe acdestination or delivery.

counting coupon or statement in, transit from the originating point to the point of duce a'combined shipping device of the nature set forth consisting of alabel, blank, or sheet comprising separable waybill, abstract, and' statement coupons, the last being preferablyin the form of a flap or extension of-the waybill portion, the whole being so arranged or constructed that after the abstract is detached from the waybill portion, said'waybill is foldable along a prede-i termined or weakened line, so as to lie over and slightly. beyond the edge of the statement coupon in position to have paste applied directly., to the back of the waybill label for theattachment thereof permanently 'to the package, leaving the statement couon carried by the package face inward and in such condition or position as to be readily detached from the package at the deliveryefiid of the route for return to the originating o ce.

Another object of the invention is to provide a combined waybill label and accounting device of such a nature that all of the several coupon portions shall bear similar or identifying indlcia, so that while one of the coupons is permanently and securely fixed to the package, it may aiways be available for the re roduction of any other portion p of the devicethat may become destroyed or lost.

in the accompanying drawings,

- Figure'i is a face v ew'of a preferred form of the combined waybill and accounting coupon device; and

Fig. 2 is a perspective view indicating the appearance of the device while the receiving agent is in the act of detaching the return statement coupon to the originating ofice.

Referrin drawings, show a shipping device in the nature of a sheet of paper comprising three main coupons and one or more extensions or flaps for attachment purposes. These coupons are represented at 10, 11, and 12 'andmay be described as abstract, waybill label,

-- and statement coupons, respectively. The.

abstract and waybill label are connected along a weakened line 13 providing for the easy separation of the abstract from the portions below the same, andthe waybill label and statement coupons are connected similarly along a crease or weakened line.

- j'several coupons are printed or otherwise arranged with correlated indicia or other object of the invention is to. problanks for the addition of information pertaining thereto. For example, each coupon is dated according to the date of transaction which along with the weight of the package and the amount to be collected in the case of a C. 0. D. delivery or the like is applied by the agent at the originating office. These coupon is retained.

The abstract couponiis provided preterabl with a binding margin 17 at its upper en whereby the coupon 10 may be bound or attached with any suitable filing device at now more particularly to the the originating office after it is detached trom the waybill label along the line 13.

The manner of .use of the device from this pointmay be. briefly described as tollows: After the coupon 10 is detached from-the part 11-, the operator folds the lat ter forwardly and downwardly around the line 14, bringing the waybill label face downward directly over the face of the statement coupon 12. The statement coupon is provided with a pasting strip or margin 18 connected thereto by means of a weakened line 19. In the folding of the waybill label over the statement coupon, the free edge of the label extends beyond the weakened line 19 land overlaps therefore a portion. say. for

example, one-quarterof an inch of the past- 'waybill label. the paste covering all of such back and the exposed portion of the strip 18. After being thuspasted the operator turns the folded device'over and applies it directly to the package with the result that all of the coupon 11 1s permanently fixed to the package and all of that portion of the strip 18 is likewise fixed to the package remote from the line 19. It will be noted, therefore. that while the label 11 and strip 18 are thus secured rigidly and permanently to the package-the statement coupon 1:2 is secured to the package in a detachable manner. but with sufiicient security. being attached along its upper and lower edges to the pasted portions, to insure under ordinary conditions its safe transportation with the package. It will be noted also that the statement coupon 12 will thus be carried on the package substantially fiat and with itsprinted and inscribed face toward the package. After the package is received at its destination, the agent or other ofiicial at the delivery end will remove the coupon 12, as indicated in Fig. 2.. either by pulling laterally directly upon'the same with his fingers or by the use of a knife or other instrument run along the weakened lines 1- and 19. The overlapping of the free edges of the label 11 beyond the lower edge of the coupon 1:? insures that none of the paste applied to the label and strip 18 will touch the detachable coupon 12. Thereby the easy detaching of the coupon 12 is assured.

I claim:

1. A blank of the nature set forth comprising detachably connected portions which are adapted to be used as a waybill label and an accounting statement coupon, said label and coupon being connected but separable along a predetermined line, one of said portions being longer than the other and foldable thereover. the free edge of the longer portion extending beyond the corresponding edge of the other portion, and a pasting strip constituting an extension of the shorter portion and over which the free edge of the longer portion lies, said longer portion and the then exposed portion of the pasting strip being adapted to receive an adsisting of a sheetcomprising three main coupon portions each connected to another along a weakened line. the several weakened lines being parallel to each other. one of said portions constituting an abstract to be retained by the originating otlice. another of said portions constituting an accounting statement coupon and having along one edge a detachable pasting strip. said pasting strip and the third main portion being arrang-.d along opposite edges of the statementcou pon. said third portion being foldable along the weakened line connecting it to the statement coupon flatly down upon the face of the statement coupon and constituting a waybill label, the free edge of the label remote from the folding line overlapping the aforesaid pasting strip. the then upper face of the label and the exposed portion of the pasting strip being then adapted to receive an adhesive for securing the label, the pasting strip and the statement coupon all flatly against a package leaving the statement coupon free of paste to be detached from the other portions just mentioned to be sent back to the originating oflice for checking up in connection with the abstract. portion first mentioned.

3. In a. device of the character set forth. a blank consisting of a sheet comprising a waybill label. a statement coupon detachably connected along a weakenedline thereto, the \vaybill label being foldable forwardly and downwardly flatly upon the statement coupon. said label and coupon being provided with similar identifying indicia. and an extension along the free edge of the statement coupon 'adapted to receive an application of paste simultaneously with the application of paste to the rear face of the waybill label. whereby the statement coupon is adapted to be detachably secured to a packagealong its two opposite edges coincidentally with the operation of pasting the said waybill label and extension. but leaving the statement coupon unpasted and adapted to be severed along said weakened lines for return to the originating oflice.


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