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Publication numberUS1240266 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1917
Filing dateNov 19, 1913
Priority dateNov 19, 1913
Publication numberUS 1240266 A, US 1240266A, US-A-1240266, US1240266 A, US1240266A
InventorsHerbert A Stoiber
Original AssigneeHerbert A Stoiber
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US 1240266 A
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an sierras ra'rnnr ramen@ HERBERT A. STOIBER, OF BROOKLYN, NEW YORK.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept., i8, i591?.

Application led November 19, 1913. Serial No. 802,008.

My invention relates to that type of tickp ets which entitle the holder to admission to places of entertainment and the like. In many such places, for instance moving picture theatersv the majority of the seats at least are not reserved or numbered but are divided into blocks or groups having di'erent values according to location` ln such places the admission tickets' have dierent colors or bear indications designating the value of the seat to which the holder is entitled. These tickets when presented at the entrance to the theater are usually torn in two, one portion being retained by the doorkeeper and the other portion being held by the purchaser for exhibition in the theater as an evidence of right to a seat of predetermined value. The particular object of my invention is to provide a ticket of this kind comprising a number of readily detachable sections, one of which is retained by the door-keeper, another of .which is kept by the usher in the theater andv the third of which is retained by the purchaser, thus providing a duplicate means for checking up admissions and at the same time avoiding the necessity for mutilating any one of the ticket sections. My invention will be fully described'hereinafter and the l together in a strip.

In said drawing each ticket unit comprises a main coupon or section 5 on which the name of the particular theater and other information `ma be produced and which also preferably ears a suitable designation indicating that it is admission check orcoupon. The ticket unit further consists of two auxiliary coupons or sections 6 and 7 located to one side of said main coupon 5 and detachably'connected with one longitudinal edge thereof, for instance, by means of a line of perforations 8. The two coupons 6 and 7 are detachably connected together end to end by means of a line of perforations 9 which extends transversely from an intermediate point of the line of perforations 8. As is clearly shown in the drawings the combined length of the coupons 6 and 7 is equal to the length of the main coupon 5 and together therewith form a rectangular ticket unit. The coupon 6 is provided with suitable indications .indicating that it is to be taken from the purchaser at the door of the theater, while the coupon 7 is suitably marked to clearly indicate that it is to be received by an usher inside the theater. The ticket-units are preferably provided in detachably connected to the adjacent units by means of lines of perforations l0 extending completely across the strip of units. ln the preferred construction l provide an enlarged aperture 11 of any desired shape at the inner end of each line of perforations 9 at the point of contact with the line 8 and may also provide similar apertures 12 at each point of intersection of the lines of perforations 8 and 10.

As each ticket is sold the entire unit comprising the coupons 5, 6 and 7 is separated `from the strip of units along a line of preforations 10, the act of tearing being pref- `strips of any desired length each unit being erably from left to right in the example shown. In this manner the danger of accidentally tearing along an intermediate line of perforations'9 is avoided, as these lines 9 do not extendbeyond the longitudinal line of perforations 8 and are in consequence protected by the coupon -5. The complete unit having the color or other indication designating the value of the seat purchased is presented by the holder at the proper entrance andthe coupon 6 is separated therefrom by the door-keeper or other person in charge who may tear the same longitudinally along the line 8 until the line 9 is reached and then transversely along said line to completely separate said coupon 6 from the unit. The coupon 6 is retained. by the-said door-keeper and the coupons 5 and 7, which may still be connected, are returned to the holder who passes into the theater and presents the said coupons 5 and 7 to an usher. .The said usher separates these two coupons along the remainder of the line 9, returning the coupon 5 to the ticket holder I and retaining the coupon 7 in his possession after having indicated the .block or group in which the seat to Which the ticket holder is entitled is located.

lt Will readily be seen that each coupon 5, 6 or 7 after having been separated as described remains unmutilated and that the door-keeper, the usher and the ticket purchaser have each retained evidence of the purchasers right to a seat of the-kind occupied. In addition to Athis the coupon 6 in the possession of the door-keeper and the coupon 7 held by the ushers may be used as means for checking up the number of admissions. rEhe unmutilated coupon 5 may be advantageously used for containing advertisements on the back thereof.

The apertures 1l, if used, Will automati cally arrest the longitudinal tearing movement along the line 8 and Will thus prevent the premature separation of the coupons 5 and 7. ln case the unit should be prematurely torn along the line 9 by accident or otherwise, the aperture l1 Will also automatically arrest this tearing movement and will prevent unintentional mutilation of the coupon 5. Similarly the apertures 12 increase the ease With which a complete unit may be separated from the strip. As shown in the illustration each coupon is marked to indicate that it is not good if detached from the other coupons before presentation to the proper person.

My improved ticket unit, it will be seen, provides a simple and eflicient admission medium combined with an identifying means of maximum utility. lt will be understood that, While l lhave described the improved ticket unit as particularly adapted for use as an admission ticket to moving picture theaters, the same may be used for many other purposes as will be readily apparent.

Various changes may be made in the form shown and described, Within the scope of the claims- Without departing from the spirit of my invention.

l claim l. A ticket unit comprising a main coupon and auxiliary coupons, the latter being detachably connected at one end with each other and at one edge with a side edge of said main coupon, and having a combined length equal to the length of said main coupon, said coupons being provided With suitable printed matter constituting each an admission, door and usher coupon respectively.

2. A ticket unit comprising a main coupon and tvvo auxiliary coupons,va longitudinal line ot' perforations connecting one side edge of said main coupon'with alining side edges of said auxiliary coupons and a transverse line of perforations extending from said longitudinal line of perforations in one direction and connecting said auxiliary coupons together end to end, a relatively large aperture being located at the point of engagement of said transverse line of perforations With said longitudinal line of perforations, said coupons being provided With suitable printed matter constituting each an admission, door and usher coupon respectively. f

ln testimony whereof, l have hereunto set my hand in the presence of tWo subscribing Witnesses.

HERBERT a. s'rornnn.



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