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Publication numberUS1240908 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1917
Filing dateFeb 16, 1917
Priority dateFeb 16, 1917
Publication numberUS 1240908 A, US 1240908A, US-A-1240908, US1240908 A, US1240908A
InventorsHarry C Weis, Herbert Austin Consor
Original AssigneeWeis Mfg Company
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US 1240908 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

man irl-rh- 1 HARRY C. WES AND ERBERT AUSTIN CGNSGR, 0F vGNRGE, MICHGAN, LSSIGNORS ro 'rein Weis iaannraorunrne cotisant/, or nonnen, Mionrean, a consona- TIGR',

S eceation of Letters Patent.

pplcaton led February i6, T 'l". Serial No. 145x933.

To aZZ whom may concern:

vBe it linoivn that We, Hanni' C, Weis and HERBERT es'rrx Cesson, citizens or the `United Staes, residing at Monroe, in the county or Monroe and State or' Michigan. have jointly invented certain new and useful Improvements in Tray-Holders; and We do declare the 'following to be a full, clear, and exact description oitlhe invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it'appertains to :nahe and use the same, ret erence being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters and igures of refer ence markedthereon, which forni a part of this specification.

In oices vvhere desk-trays are employed for the reception of papers otvarious classes or for various tiles, the trays on a table or desk are often in the way and it is desirable that some'nieans be employed for holding such trays in proper order Where theymay be readily accessible for placing or removing papers and to which the trays may be quickly and easily attached and from'vvhich they may be as readily and easily removed. It is also desirable that this he accomplished without taking up more desk-space than is usually accorded to a single tray.

To these ends our invention consists of cheap simple and efhcient tray-holder hav- Y ing the characteristics and advantages indicated, which device is hereinafter described,

and shown and. illustrated in the accompanying-drawings, in which- Figure l is aside-elevation of our tray holder with a plurality ol trays in position and supported thereon, andwith one tray slightly disengaged from the holder; Fig. 2,

afrono'elevation of the holder with one tray in place, and Fig. 3, a top-plan-vieiv of our holder with all trays removed.

v Like numerals of referencev indicate like parts throughout the drawings. 4

In the drawings, 1 is a base of any suitable form,-preferably rectangular,and composedv of any suitable materiil-preferably Wood. From the back part of the base, mid- Way between its Vside mareins, 'springs an upright bar 2 which is rigidly secured tothe base. with a series `of equi-distant indentations and recesses adapted vfor the reception of The front side of the bar is providedand engagement with one of 3Lhe side or endivallso' a tray. is these indentations are alike a description of one u'ill sullice for all. Across the front side or the bar Q there is formed a broad transverse rectangular notch or sca the top or' which is undercut as at 3 to form au ovcrhanging lip The bottoni of the scart' is provided at its back with a transverse groove or channel 5. rllhe bottom or door of the scarf preferably rounded, shown at G. The depth of the scart from top to Vbottoni is the saine as the depth from tcp Ato bottoni of the tray to be supported. rhe recess 3 'formed b v the overhanging lip -l is. of just suilicient Width horizontally to receive the top edge of the side-{vall of a tray. The bottom transverse groove is ingin or ledge olf the tray-bottoni. llhen the upper edge of a tray is slipped upwardly and behind Vthe overhangjingj lip with the projecting ledge resting in the groove 5, the tray is supported and held in horizontal position. lis many trajes as may be desired, within the limits of the holder, may thus be supported, one above another. with sutlicient space betweenv the trays to permit ready access to ytheir contents. lt will be seen that all ot the trays may be'quickly removed and carried tege-toer to a cabinet or vault or safe while retaining the several trays in their proper order. Having described our invention, what We claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent, islflna tray holder, an upright bar havingr across its front -lace a series oftransverse overhanginglips' .adapted respectively for engagement with the upper edge O' a tray and having' a corresponding series of transverse grooves adapted respectively for the reception of the projecting bottom ledge of a tray. c

'2. ln a device ot the described character, a base` an upright member carried by the base, said member having a series of transverse grooves arranged at equi-distant intervals one above another, said grooves being adapted respectively for the reception of and engagement with the upright portions of a tray. Y I .3. A' tray holder comprising a base, an upwird side :1 plurality of transverse recesse right 'member secured to saidbase at one In testimony whereof we aix our signaside thereof, said member having in its fortures 1n presence ot two Witnesses.

HARRY C. 'WEB adapted respectively for the reception of the H USTIN CONSOB side of a tray. said iecesses having respectively tunsverse grooves for the reception Witnesses l of the topedge of a tln'y and for the pro- H. E. LENTZ,

jecting bottom ledge of a tray. F. LVHAYES.

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U.S. Classification211/133.3, 131/241, 248/312.1
Cooperative ClassificationA47F5/0025, B65D19/08