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Publication numberUS1242115 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1917
Filing dateAug 15, 1914
Priority dateAug 15, 1914
Publication numberUS 1242115 A, US 1242115A, US-A-1242115, US1242115 A, US1242115A
InventorsPercy Russell
Original AssigneeElectro Dental Mfg Company
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Switch for dental instruments.
US 1242115 A
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Speoaa'tcn of Letters Patent.

SWITCH FR DENTAL NSTRUVENTS Pateilteed (legit. 2. 191 7'.

To all 'whom t may connerie.

Bo it known that I, lnno Tinnsnm., n citizen of the llnitofl tlltnloif.. rvnitling in Brooklyn, Kings county. Now York. huw

invented certain lniprovomonts in iwilohun for Dental lnstruments, of vllhh this fnlv lowing is :11` speciication.

One object, of my invention is to pio vide a relatively simple und suhntiintinl nlm tric switch, particularly designed for nso in connection with flvnlzil :incl nicdifin inrslril monts employing an olvclric. Current sind having its part-s so designed and portati-wml as to prevent injurious firming nl; its contacts,

15 even when Con'lpfuutivoly heavy onrrrnts :1ro

broken. f

Another objectJ of the invention is lo provide a. hand switch with :1 nnvol form of sleeve-operated movnhlv, voulut-t. ngulhcr with a novel form nl incloning mining roni sisting. Ain this caso, of in opvmliln; Elwin provided with n ferons for thv row-gillen; nl' the projecting part, of one of the mutants. wherehjfv :1. rl "itivoly vvhhl separation nt' thrswitoh members ie; possible.

These objfctsnnd oblio? znlvzinlngvfsnsmnh; I secure an lieminnltvr srt. lmlln rolvwnvn being hail lo tho :wvonninnylug llrnwn 1 in which Figure l is :i side ole nl ion of illu instrw mont constituting my iiiirmnion;

Figr 2 i5; :1. long'itnllinrll veirtilnl slvlon, further illustrating the detail con `lrncl-ion ol" tho/device Shown in Fig. l. :unl showing th'o operating Sleeve in 4sich a position :is

to f'loso thv Switch;

Fig. 3 is n vvrticnl sovlion. .Qimilzn' to that. of Fig. il, lont showing; lho Switch open;

Fig. l is n pes'npc-.vtive i. inw of the insulin 40 ing mmnlwr Suppen-ting the Contactin :nul

, Fig, 5 is :L ilvtnthml perspective riuw nl' tho Contacts :xml :m :issnwntcfl part'.

l'n the above drawings l rrprosvnls n. tulnllm' owing, tllrraulml :it nlm Pmi fm' thv row caption of thv i-m-rvpnnllingfly lln'vmlml part 2 nl :my inst innonl to ln snpplofl with unrrvnh nulli lmvinnnph. :in thv fzintorixing; invii-v, Il. :unl nlm tln'sfznlwl 1t its rmx' wml for tho` irruption ol' un imnnting bushing 2l. At llw innvr vwl nl will lliwico 3. :iro

:i pair ot' ronwntriu lmlz'nnzlla l nml 5q insnlzll-ml from wh mini." nml Train thv holly, :mtl no :n'rnngml that thv lvrnn. il 5. whivh is of nmzilhr lliannvlm' than llntvrninnl l.

nmjtl lwynml ihn saune. so n. In wtlwnfl into the forward cnil of the tubular raising 1. This latter has n sido opening (i, immerliniwh. neljsmlnl; ithA i'orwni'el mill and is nlm i'noritlell with :i Slot. l to the roar of said npfrlirsg.

Both the :ilo mul opening :ir-e @mwN-fl lay :in rsienllng' .-lll-i`\3 lh 'llhilih :,ulllnfiili its loi'ii'nrd nml i12; 'ornwtl o1." insiilfilinju; material with n Sallie mveilling or hollow littoral unlnrgfinent The elongated slot il, which in in line with the opening; 6, is clvsigned for tho reception. of the inwardly projecting @ncl of n. l0 cnrriotl by the sicuro 7 in such manner to letinitcly limitl the pos siblo amount of :sliding movomvnt. thereof as woll as to provnt. its rotation on the tubular leasing l. Tn :idllitlion this screw is omifloywl to lliror'lzly actual@ the switlh horo- :1 finir tloriorihml.

Mounted 'within than` milling ii: n substanlinlly fi ifhirfnl elongnllwl body of inasnlnlw in i .nmivi'inl l1 (Fig. ll hohl in plano by i'. iii-t, Hero-w 'il projmting inwardly through thel will of tht* casing. :is shown in Fig. l, nml haring tiro longitudinally uxtonding ru www l sind ll toi-med En its opposito Sides.

'Thal new nl' illuso hns mounted in il', one,

unl nl n signing* Iniflgv or r'ontact pierre 15, mmititntiig tlm inomlult manillar of th Sivituh will Iliiz` i nl .merli lvngth that. its frm nl i-1 #ng-zahlt nl' Ewing niuwrl into onffiggemwni v ith llwtmnnnmr.- oi the Qlnclzio- Vlwvplim lui'iw il. ["rnin Fig'. 5, il will hc nolml flint this; l'rm will of the Strip is OH'SQ to 'form :i nnlnlwi nl" slew m' Shoulders and with the insnlntingg' pir-nf l] is so mounted in tho raising l that wlwn llnl sloom-i 7 is in its reni' punition. itsA lxLll'ainity '15 extends through lln'` inwoning l infn 11m hollow of tlm Snr-lling n1' pm ivflwn H. Um of the nllnnhlvrs 15b nl" tlnsli-ip i5 is no plncofl :is lo lw' vnggsagvll by tho inwardly projecting will of lli(x Screw 10 when tho Sleeve is S0 Hinwil :is to lning Suhl www into the folwzu'tl enel ol' thu Slot Sl, :unl :is :1 vonsoqnence tho Strip 15 so formell that millor these ronditions its; exl'rornity 15" will Contact with the terminal 5.

The recess i4 of the insnhiting piero 11 romains three. Substantially parallel strips lll. l? und llli, of whifh the Sawmill is o" inlln lllilr stri L which nro rfporttivoly oonnwfvsl to minlnclors 2?, :nul 271, in limi ronne-vtod to a snm-m of vnrrent. supply. These Cat strips are held ln their reccsees by windings of thread or cord, extending around the piece il in recesses '19, The strip 18 extends along that side oi' the casing l opposite the opening fi and it is formed with a projecting contact shoulder l at its extremity, so placed as to oe engaged by the cylindrical icrininal el oi. the instrument 3 which is Screwed or otherwise inserted Within the open cnil of the casing l.

This extremity of thc strip 18, as. well as the end i6a of the strip 16, is free to yield to a slight extent and is slightly curved in order that the terminal 4 may slide under it while being maintained in electrical contact therewith, it being noted that said strip insulated vfrom the wall of the casing 1 by a -jiiiilable borlj 20 of insulating material. n insulating bushing 2l is mounted in the rear end ot' the casing l, and has an opening for the passage of a cable 22 containing the conductors and 24, of which one is electrically connected to che strip 16, While the second is connected to the strip 18.

resuming thai'. an electrodcceptive device such the cautcry 3 is mounted in the forward end of the casing 1, its terminal 4 will be in elect rical engagement with the end of the :'.rip ld, although the circuit, Will be open, since as shown in Fig. 3, the strip l5 normally lies with its extremity 15a in the outwardly swelled portion of the sleeve 7, so that the terminals 15a and 5 are disconnected. When. however, said sleeve is moved forwardly in casing l, the end of the Screw l0 strikes the inclined shoulder 15b of the strip l5, moving its free end laterally amil its cxtremiy l5a engages the terminal .3 ol tlm narument 3. At the same time that this iinccurs, the offset port-ion 15c of said etrip likewise electrically contacts with the extremity Ul o elle strip 1G, thus Closing the circui'` al; tao points. The sleeve 7 is held in its forward position by reason of the fact that the end of the Screw l0 rides over the 'more or less blunt angular surface lnitueen The elise?. portion lc and Shoulder l5" and resta on the forwardly inclined part. nl' smid odset. portion.

When. ihn sleeve i' .is moved rearwardly to wat the instalan-nt 3 out of circuit, the end nl the www lll is moved back from the an grular een-face or Shoulder between the parts lf3" anni l1?" of the, strip l5, whereupon it Slides' clown [he relatively stoep inclined shoulder lo and because of the springy naiaro nl' .Ki-ain elrip. il: caused to complete its rcawvaril nlm'enicnt at u relatively high spel-xl. is a consequence, the Strip l5 simaltam'oasly lara-oke the circuit at a plurality ol' lar in, for at ille :same time its extremity lr ,liar-nuages: the terminal 5, its oliv-'L portion 15' brealm contact with the v flrrlnitv lli" of the strip lf. Owing, therelori le lla' quick breakage of `the current at the two points, there is relatively little arcing, even though the current be relatively heavy and the end 15 of the strip l5 to enter the rccess 8 in the sleeve 7, I am enabled to secure a Wide separation between said strip and the two members which it electrically connects, thus still further diminishing the possibility of injury from arcing.

l. The combination in an electric switch of a supporting structure formed to. receive an instrument to be supplied with current; a fixed contact; a. laterally flexible bridge piece; with a, member slidably mounted on said supporting structure to move longitudinally the bridge piece for; moving the Same into the voltage high. By permitting' thereof and operatively connected to direct engagement with c terminal of the instrument and said fixed contact.

2. The combination` in an electric switch of a supporting structure formed to receive an inst ent to be supplied with current; a; fixe contact; a. bridge piece of spring material; means for bending said bridge piece into position to engage said fixed contact and the terminal of said in strument, said means consisting of a sleeve mounted to slide longitudinaliH of the structure and operatively connectedio the bridge rece.

p 3. The combination 1n an electric switch of a tubular Structure for the reception of an instrument to be supplied with current; a. relatively fixed contact mounted in said structure; a. movable contact also within the structure; with a sleeve slidably mounted on the tubular structure andV having a portion movable longitudinally of said structure and operative on the movable Contact to bend it laterally into engagement with the fixed contact and with one terminal of the instrument attached to the structure.

4 The combination in an electric swiiach of a slotted tubular structure for the reception of a portion of the instrument to be supplied with current; a relatively fixed contact and a bridge iece mounted in the structure and movab e laterally thereof; with a sleeve slidably mounted onI the tubular structure and having a portion projecting through the slot intoongagement with the bridge piece for moving the same into engagement with the fixed contact and with a terminal on the instrument.

The combination in an electric switch of a'tubularstructure having an opening; two relatively fixed contacts in said structurc; a sleeve slidable on the structure and having a recess; 'with a movable contact member mounted within the structure so as to be electrically independent of the Contacts when the switch is open and placed to be operated by the Sleeve, said member eX- tending through the opening of the tabular ftherein nml listing nell of the tubular structure iin@ elm-ien engagement with the fixed n'e combination in sii eleeti'ial switch of n tubular strueture; o contlutol -oniited therein end lievi e terminal. or eng-genienwiy e ta-Vrecptne i #sensitively and Het 'd sin' mami 1n,eo1 spri f erse tfiilhilg P y ausl): engage' contact und a. second terminal ov t electffptve device.

7. The combination in ttelettle switch of n tubular i said strip to simultaneousl engage the fix contact und l second terminal of the electro receptive deviee, seid ineens eonsistiii of a sleeve slidiibly mounted t6 move longitudiand operar tite to said spring stri cijblit-isn in an electrib switch littering ennemie; .i siidbie sleeve ignentlyj inounfe. themen sind having a j lori; two relatively xed contacte enr- 1 the sngperting structure; with e' bridge pieve li'uv rigg: fo

engemgie-wi md moet when ifl simil] ci" 1S 611 F611 by (2m. 9. As e newsfe of mann :wurgen electric ewimh consisting; of u subunit eti-ee f' ture; two terminal conteste of which 'ie by one terminal of mi eem placed tube enga e@ eleetroreeeptive vieu; s bridgepieee sistng' of t1 Spring itii-p endnndeteiidinglnlljuglief tactwltli a sleeve gilden mi tubular etriieture and i; ml enacting with said bridge piece the same intosiimiltnneous e f i the second -eontactnnd with the e initial ofthe electrolreeeptlve devine4v a 10. The eoniblnotlonin sn'eleet swiwh of a metallic tube; two insulotbieentwte therein; e movable eomiuctot' mitm-ing" a. brid 'piece and electrically ltldqpendent of sai contacts when the"ewitol1"u| with n 4sleeve of insulating inetertlpeli'` on the tube andhaving n portion holdthe bridge pieee 'in ment with said contacta Whelllod-Y' occupies l predetermined position',

A11. The iiombinatiogiinun electric switch of a tube having a suie opening; a minuit e0 terminal and a. spil-'ing oontot extending "into said tube; o spring strip mounted iii the contact when terminals ofen. Hw

to muse it to sin'iultene` eofried by seid insulating lix'di tact; a spriigstrip; and ineens for cousin yUlrler end movable Y. simui usy engage d ,otprmi- A unis extending iii `nubotontinlly'ftl'ifgfsefiiie n' slideblelongitudinull" 0f the tu ulivo; e sleeve l ,able on the tube end hevshallow e ai-gement Y immediately ed- `,'hteeit the side o ening thereof; with means for moving dini ldintlheeprin Bllrip in engagement with the :te 'iixnl' en with the ,time is moved into `a delinite position, seid strip being disengaged from seid terminal and ond projettng into the hollow enlargement of the greve when the lutter oceupies a. second po- 'l i19t .The combination in electric switch n be; n body of insulating material of n. t mounted therein; two conductors attached to said bodyend conetitutin the terminals of en electric citeuit; e mova le contact nlso e l body; e sleeve eliduble on the tube; and e member on the e iveratve upon the vinovnble eontact' faithful ing the saine inelectricel engagement with the terminals when the sleeve is in one position, esiti contact being disengaged from seid terminals when the sleevejs m :second position. '-5 16 18. The combination of o. tube for the reeeptio'n of an electroreoeptivef device; ii4 eoiitaet forming' port of en electrierswteh und mounted in said tube; n condu eige; trically'independent of seid switch an mov-l 90 ably ynimnited in' :the tube; with means lon-,i Lgitndinally mumble ori-the tube for moving seid conductor jlhterally of the tube to e oo ltiiceliy ioonneot eefli'eortect and a te i nl o t e eetxfoq'eeep j ive evice. ),6 ylll'tllhe Yieo'n'iblnet-iou of a tube; two ter mnels extendin'iii substantially the llame stini t vWl ,in seid tube and; fori'niii part o lilleciti-ie switch; a ring strip mounted in `the tube and electrically; inde'- ideat' efniid terindnali; wtih meanstfr in mprfng aai vist cause i` ol y two terminals. l 15, 'e combination of e tube; tw

straight line withn'esidjtube port ofen electric-Wittig' Y springeni mounted in A v .3i yin e ndent ofsoiglf Y means for literally` mvm 1 um 'cause it to simultaneously' terminals; said menne incl' ween@ the am In nl :ony wheleefyl nl. f

naine to thsspejeifictioiirin the ptlfenoe `two lubaeribiu 'wi g gv PERGY iuisisieiiii'` Winsen E..Bmouir, Y


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