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Publication numberUS1243126 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1917
Filing dateDec 9, 1916
Priority dateDec 9, 1916
Publication numberUS 1243126 A, US 1243126A, US-A-1243126, US1243126 A, US1243126A
InventorsAdolph Oswald Ziener
Original AssigneeDisplay Fountain Mfg Company Inc
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US 1243126 A
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Pat ented 0011-. 16, 1912.






Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Oct. is, rare.

Continuation in part of application Serial No. 8,330, filed l 'ebruary 15, 1915. This application filed December 9, 1918. Serial No. 135,955.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known a that I, AnoLrH OSWALD ZIENER, a subject of the Empire of Germany, and resident of the borough of Manhattan, city, county, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Fountains, of which the following is a specification. g

This invention relates to improvements in fountains, and particularly fountains of the type known as self contained fountains, that is, fountains in which the power plantis directly carried by and is in proximity to the pump and spray apparatus. An object of the present invention is to provide such a fountain device, which is portable and detachable, enabling the same to be placed in any suitable basin, in which a suflicient amount of water may be contained. further object is to provide such a fountain which is'compact, simple in construction and in which the working parts are thoroughly protected from. moisture and in which the necessity for packing is dispensed with.

With these and other objects in View, embodiments of my invention are shown in the accompanying drawings and these embodiments will be hereinafter more fully described, with reference thereto and the invention will be fin lly pointed out inthe claims. i

In the accompanying drawings:

Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view of one embodiment of my invention;

Fig. 2 is a similar view of a slightly modified form;

Fig. 3 is a further modified form in which an electric, motor is employed as the power producing element; v

Fig. 4 shows another modification in which an electric motor is employed; and

Fig. 5 is a sectional View in which illuminating means are embodied with other features of the invention.

Similar reference characters indicate cor.- responding parts throughout the several figures of the drawings.

' 13 is formed, upon which a partition plate 14 is secured, by means of screws 15, the said plate being provided centrally with an opening 16. A plurality of water inlet openings 34 are provided in the upper portion of the wall of the housing and a motor 17 is mounted upon the flange 11 and secured thereto by means of screws 18, which motor is shown in this form of my invention, as a clock work mechanism or spring motor. A driving shaft 19 extends downwardly therefrom and is suspended through the opening 16 of the partition plate 14, being spaced from the wall of said opening and provided upon its lower end with a fan or turban 20, which is slightly spaced at all sides from the walls of the housing and the partition plate.-

An annular tubular rim 21 provided with a plurality of inwardly directed jet nozzles cured to lugs 24, upon the outer surface of the housing, by means of screws 25 and is connected to the housing, by means of a tube 26, which is provided with a valve 33.

A cover 27, which in the embodiment herein is shown bell shaped and which may be of any suitable and preferably ornamental design is placed over the motor and housing and is secured to' the rim 12 of the motor by screws 32, a flange 28 being provided upon the interior of the said cover through which the screws pass. The surface of the cover may beprovided with a plurality of furrows 31, which form descending paths for the water or the same may take the shape of a succession of annular undulations, forming a cascade over which the water may descend to the basin. It will be obvious that any other suitable and ornamental shape may be given to the cover, which will permit the falling water to descend to the basin. This cover acts as a water shed and thoroughly protects the working parts from the falling water, which is discharged upwardly and inwardly by the jet nozzles. The lower edge of the cover is provided with rubber feet 29 which rest on the bottom of the basin 30 and permit theof the openings 34 and of sufiicient width to accommodate the annular ring 21. With applicants device, an extremely shallow basin maybe employed, which is quite pleasing and artistic in appearance.

In operation, the basin is first filled with water, so that the openings 34 are covered, permitting the water to flow therethrough and through the opening 16 of the partition plate into the pump housing. The clock work mechanism is wound by means of the key 17 and water is\ forced through the tube 21 from the housing by operation of the fan or turban 20 and is sprayed from the ring 21, upwardly and inwardly by the jet nozzles thereof, falling upon the cover 27 and returning to the basin, the samewater being used continuously during this spraying and return flow, the same, of course, being replenished, as evaporation occurs. The motor, itwill be seen, at no time is accessible to the water, so that there is no danger of the operation of the same becoming impaired thereby and byreason of the suspension of'the ump through the enlarged opening 16, t 1e necessity for packing is dispensed with.-

In the form of construction shown in Fig. .2, the annular tubular ring 21 is re- 1 moved and a central spraying member 40, which may be of any suitable form, and

- illustrated as taking the formof dolphins 43 and a central spray nozzle 44, is provided at the upper portion of the cover 41 and is connected to the pump housing, by means of a tube 42,. having avalve 45 and which passes :through the rim 12 of the motor. The upper/portion of the cover 41, is recessed as at 4l fand is adapted to receive a small amount of water which overflows at the overhangingportion 41 The operation is similar to that described, with reference to Fig. 1, with the exception that the water is forced through the tube 42, and delivered in several fountain like ets from the nozzle 40. The force of these jets may be regulated or the flow entirely out off by the valve 45: The basin in this form is provided with a recessed portion 46, claw feet 47 or other suitable supports being provided therefor. j a

In Fig. 3, I have shown another modified form of constructiomin which an electric motor 50 is provided as a power plant, the

'current being supplied thereto by wires 51,

In Fig. 5, I have shown a still further modification, in which I provide both an annular ring 70, having a plurality of jet nozzles 71, and a central jet nozzle 72, having a valve 73 therein, and respectively connected to] the pump housing, by means of tubes 74 and 75, the tube 74 being provided with a controlling valve 76; The cover 77 is constructed of a material, which is not impervious tov light, such, for instance, as

translucent glass, rock crystal or the like, and beneath the same and preferably upon the upper surface of the electric 'motor 78,

. there are mounted one or more electric lamps 79, which may be of different colors and which are supplied with current to the wires 80, which together with the wires 81 for the motor extend through the waterproof tube 82. The illuminated 'water shed, to-

'gether with the central and annular water sprays, combine to produce a very pleasing effect. By reason of the portability of the fountain, which permits. of its being placed in any suitable basin, the invention lends itself to many ornamental uses. Thus, for instance, the same fountain may be placed on a table in a basin, or bowl, of suflicient depth,,or the same may be placed in.a garden or the like, in any suitable water container, which may be accessible, and where ermanent basins are installed in parks, the ountain may be placed therein without in any way altering the same.

Ihave illustrated and described, preferred and satisfactory forms of my invention, but it is obvious that changes may be made therein, within the spirit and scope thereof, as defined inthe appended claims.

I claim:

1. A self contained fountain comprising a basin, a. pump disposed in said basin, a pump housing surrounding saidpump and provided with openings communicating with the interior of said basin below the normal water level thereof, a motor disposed over said pump and pump housing and provided with a driving shaft in operative connection with the shaft of said pump, a spray ing device connected with the deliveryof said pump, and a cover disposed in said basin, open at .its bottom, inclosing said motor, pump and pump housing and also nae-alas serving as a Water shed for spray Water of said spraying device, said apparatus being adapted to operate upon a quantity of Water contained in said basin, the same Water being passed repeatedly by means of the pump through said spraying device and regathered in said basin.

2. A self contained fountain comprising a basin, a pump disposed in said basin, a pump housing surrounding said pump and provided With openings communicating with the interior of said basin below the normal Water level thereof, a motor disposed over said pump and pump housing and provided With a driving shaft in operative connection With the shaft of said underneath pump, a jet pipe disposed Within' and extending around said basin, connected With said pump and provided With a series of upwardly and inwardly inclined jet nozzles, and a dome-like cover disposed in said basin, between said pump and jet pipe, open at its bottom, inclosing said motor and serving as a water shed for directing the spray Water of said nozzles back into said basin.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my invention, l have signed my name in presence of two subscribing Witnesses.




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