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Publication numberUS1243206 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1917
Filing dateFeb 20, 1917
Priority dateFeb 20, 1917
Publication numberUS 1243206 A, US 1243206A, US-A-1243206, US1243206 A, US1243206A
InventorsJoseph T Norman
Original AssigneeJoseph T Norman
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Combined bath robe and towel.
US 1243206 A
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Patented 'Oct.- 16, 1917.


To all whom it may cdncern:

Be it known that I, JOSEPH T. NORMAN,

residing atv Nanticoke, in the county of Luzerne and State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and Improved Combined Bath Robe and Towel, of which the following is a specification.

In the use of the ordinary forms of bath robes, the robe is usually not donned until after the bather has, to some extent, used the bath towel for drying, and frequently particularly when taking hot baths, the bather is subjected more or less to danger of being chilled.

My invention seeks to provide a robe made of the usual bath towel material, so de signed that it can be donned immediately on leaving the bath and conveniently utilized as a towel for drying ofi.

My invention, therefore, embodies a combined bath robe and towel in which. the robe is especially designed, so that parts thereof,

while the robe is applied in the usual way, may be easily grasped by the hand and used as a towel, and in which special provision is also made by easily drying the.

back, the robe also including a special form of hood for dryingthe head and protecting the same while the user is drying other portions of the body. I

In its more subordinate features, my invention consists in certain details of construction set forth in the following description, specifically pointed out in the appended claims and illustrated in the accompany,- ing drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a view that illustrates mv combined bath robe and towel as operatively applied.

Fig. 2 is a rear elevation, parts being in perspective, of my bath robe and towel, and

Fig. 3 is a view that illustrates the manner in which the robe-towel is used for rubbing and drying the back.

In carrying out my invention, the robe body 1 is made up of the usual Turkish bath towel material and the said body is of suflicient length to inclose the entire body, as desired.

The robe also includes a hood member 2 which includes lateral extensions 20, that constitute neck bands for closing up under the cheeks and chin of the user directly after leaving the bath, as indicated in Fig. 1 of the drawing.

3-3 designates the robe sleeves, and these,

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patentedct. it, 1917.

Application filed February 20, 1917. Serial No. 149,807.

in my construction of robe have their open end especially designed, as is clearly shown in Figs. 1 and 2 of the drawing, from which it will be noticed that the said ends of the sleeves are each formed with an extension 30, in the nature of a loop having a closed end 31, the said loops being so made that they produce, as it were, pockets 32 into *which the hands may be easily projected and in such a manner that the closed ends 31 and the extensions proper may be readily gripped by the hands and used as rubbers, see

Fig. 1, for drying off the body in a manner the .same as is done with an ordinary towel, it being understood that by havlng the sleeve ends formed as stated and shown, the user can easily reach all parts of the body as readily as can be done by gripping portions of the ordinary towel, and using the said sleeve ends as rubbing portions.

Additional provision is made in my form of robe-towel for reaching and drying off the back and, to that end, hand loops 6-6 are secured to the back side of the robe and, at such points, that t e user may readily grasp them, see Fig. 3, and in such manner that the parts of the ro e towel adjacent the loops 6-6 may be conveniently manipulated as rubbing portions readily movable across and up and down while in the act of drying the back.

After drying, in case the userdesires to keep the robe on, the hands may be readily slipped out through the openings 33 for ordinary uses.

My invention is exceedingly simple and in shaping the robe in the manner stated, it adds practically nothing to the expense of making the robe per se.

The advantage in the use of my robetowel is of special importance to those who are susceptible of readily catching cold after bathing and for invalids who need a protecting covering for the body while in the act of drying olf.-

It is understood since the body of the robe is made up of towel material, any portion thereof may be grasped by the user for drying purposes while the robe is on the body or when taken off.

What I claim is:

1. A robe-towel having sleeves, the ends of which are formed with pocket like extensions adapted for receiving the hands of the user and for serving as rubbin portions, said sleeve where it joins wit said pocket portion being open to expose the back of the hand whereby that portion adjacent to the palm and wrist will be of unbroken,materia1.

2. A robe-towel having hand holds at the back, whereby the back portions may be readily manipulated as rubbing members for drying oil the back of the user.

3. As a new article, a bath robe made of bath towel material, which includes sleeves having loop like extensions at the lower ends that form pockets for receiving the hands and whichserve as rubbing portions when the hands are in the saidpockets, sald loopa likeextensions forming a continuatlon of the sleeve at the palm or inner side and being separated or open at the back side to expose the back of the hand 4. As a new article, a bath robe made of bath towel material, which includes sleeves having loop like extensions at the lower ends that form pockets for receiving the hands and which serve as rubbing portions when the hands are in the said pockets, and loop members attached to the back of the body adapted for being grasped by the hands, whereby the said back of the robe 1 may be used as a towel.

5. As anew article, a bath robe-towel conslsting of a robe of bath towel material, the

said robe including sleeves having loop like extensions that form pockets for the hands and which serve as rubbers, a hood member having portions for extending under the cheeks and chin of the user and loops attached to the back of the robe and adapted for being grasped by the user when the hands are extended through the sleeves of the robe and for utilizing the back portion of the robe as a towel.


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