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Publication numberUS1243462 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1917
Filing dateJun 22, 1917
Priority dateJun 22, 1917
Publication numberUS 1243462 A, US 1243462A, US-A-1243462, US1243462 A, US1243462A
InventorsAntonio Troiano
Original AssigneeAntonio Troiano
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Sanitary appliance.
US 1243462 A
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1,243,462, Puente@ 061.1111917.




specification of Letters Patent. J

Patented Oct. i6, 1917.

Application le. J' une 22, 1917. Serial No. 176,882.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, ANTONIO TnoiANo, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Yonkers, county of Westchester, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Sanitary Appliances, of which the following is a specification.

My improvements, although applicable in a general way, relate more particularly-to sanitation in barber shops, hospitals, and like situations where aprons, napkins, and similar articles, adapted to be tted -closely around the neck of the wearer, are used. ln Letters Patent No. 1,188,512, issued to me .l une 27, 1916, l set forth discardable means for interposition between the neck of the wearer and the apron or sheet used for shielding the clothing etc.,-the discardable means alone contacting with the skin of the wearer, such discardable means preventing the contamination of the apron or sheet so that the latter may be safely` used again without danger of the possible transmission of disease or infection.

rlhe object of my present invention is to provide means whereby the discardable protective collar or neck band may be of the simplest and cheapest material and forni or structure, and to obviate the need of special fastening devices for either collar bandor shielding cloth or apron; and the invention consists essentially in providing said external shielding cloth or apron with an elastic resilient clasp adapted to encircle the discardable protective collar or neck band, said readily sprung into or out of engagement with discardable strip after the latter has been positioned upon and around the neck of the wearer, as hereinafter more fully set forth.

ln the accompanying drawings,

Figure l, is a rear view of a dummy illustrating the practical use of my invention in conjunction with a barbers apron or similar shielding cloth;

Fig. 2, is a view of a dat elastic resilient spring adapted for use as a clasp;

Fig. 3, is a detail view of a portion of a discardable protective neck band suitable for use for the purpose designated;

Fig. 4, is a cross section of the dy taken upon plane of line 4 4, Fig. 1, the spring casing being broken away to show the spring;

Fig. 5, is a cross section illustrating the relative positions of the parts in use;

Fig. 6, is a detail view of a portion of the apron or shield cloth formed with a casing for the spring, which latter is shown as protruding therefrom.

The discardable collar or neck band b, may consist of a flexible strip of any suitable material, preferably a strip of cotton sheet wadding (so called commercially) on account of its cheapness, softness, and adaptability for the purpose herein designated. This band b, is of a length sufficient to encircle the neck of an ordinary individual yand of a width suflicient to afford a bearing for the apron or shield cloth c, in such manner that the latter need not contact directly with the neck of the wearer.

The neck portion or edge of the apron or shield cloth c, is held against the discardable neck band o, by an elastic resilient spring s, preferably although not `necessarily of fiat form as shown in Fig. 2, of the drawings, and made of spring metal, Celluloid Aor any other suitable material. This spring acts as a clasp to encircle the neck, and may be readily expanded and deflected to'eifect placement or displacement as related thereto. lt is also preferably attached to the shield cloth o, by being inserted in a casing c', formed thereon for its; reception as shown particularly in Figs. 5, and 6,-the casing c', being open at either end so that the spring s, may be removed when it is desired to wash the shield cloth c.

It will be seen that l dispense entirely with pins, buttons, or other extraneous fastening devices, while providing eliectually for maintaining the several parts in position with relation to each other in use; that the operations of application vor removal are simple and easy; and that the cost of the discardable neck band is reduced to the minimum. Furthermore while the incorporation of the spring clasp in a casing in the shield cloth is not an indispensable feature of my invention its use in this manner renders lthe combination unitary in character for all practical purposes without impeding the ready removal of the sprng clasp when it is desired to cleanse the shield cloth.

1W hat claim as my invention and desire 5 to secure by Leters Patent is:

shield cloth, e disemdable neekband seperate and disconnected therezem, and an elasfue esilien; spng clasp disconnected from saic Y310th and bend. and fully endWse-movable end adapted to press the 1@ neckbend against the neck of the Weei'er and to hold bhe shield 010th in position. ANTONO TRLNQ Witnesses: Y


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U.S. Classification2/50
Cooperative ClassificationA45D44/08