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Publication numberUS1244751 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 30, 1917
Filing dateOct 16, 1916
Priority dateOct 16, 1916
Publication numberUS 1244751 A, US 1244751A, US-A-1244751, US1244751 A, US1244751A
InventorsAretas S Mccleary
Original AssigneeAretas S Mccleary
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Rectal plug.
US 1244751 A
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yh Patented OCI. 3o, 1917.



To all whom t may concern Be it known that I, .Ann'rAs S. MGCLEARY, a citizen of the United States,`residi1r1g at Kansas City, in the county of' Jackson andVv State oi Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Rectal Plugs, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in adjustable rectal plugs, and one object is to provide a simple, inexpensive,and eificient instrument of this character which may be employed to advantage in the treatmentof rectal diseases.

lVhile the instrument can be used to advantage in the treatment of various kinds of rectal troubles, it is especially eflicient in checking hemorrhages due to surgical operations, by exerting pressure on the walls of the rectum until the iow is stopped,

Other objects and advantages will hereinafter appear, and in order that the invention may be fully understood, reference will now be made to the accompanying drawfold against yeach other as disclosed by Fig.

1, or be spread apart as disclosed by Fig. 2. Each finger 1 is pivotally-mounted at one end in a bearing 2, which is fixed within the socket of a retaining member 3 having a handle 1. f

5 designates an internally-threaded tube ixed centrally in the handle 4 and the bearing 2, beyond which latter it extendsa suitable distance as disclosed by Fig. 2.

6 designates `a plunger for expanding or spreading the fingers 1 apart. Said plunger comprises a threaded stem 8 and a .disk 9, which latter is swiveled upon one end of the former, so that when the plunger stem is rotated the disk 9 need not rotate therewith and thus wear the contacting surfaces of the fingers 1 more or less. In order that the plunger 6 may readilyspread the fingers 1 apart, the latter have inner inclined surfacesll for contact with the disk 9, so that when the same is adjusted toward the adjacent end of the tube 5 it will spread the Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed October 16, 1916. Serial No. 125,950.l

ngers .apart more and more as it approaches v said tube. n n The plunger 6 is adjusted upf and down by 'means' of a detachable key 12, having a slotted terminal 13 for engagement over a pin 14 extending transversely through a socket 15 in the outer end of the plunger stem 8.

In practice the fingers 1 are folded `to their most compact form, asdisclosed by Fig. 1, so that they can be readily inserted in the rectum, after which they are spread apart to exert pressure on the walls of the rectum by turning the keyk 12 in the proper direction to cause the plunger t0 move downward along the inclined surfaces 11. VIn case of a hemorrhage the pressure on the walls of the rectum is suflicient to check the flow which is permitted to escape through the spaces between the lingers 1 until checked.` In some instances it is desirable lto cover the fingers with a rubber orcloth to act asa dam and exert pressure against those portions of the Irectum walls which thek fingers themselves do not contact.

Upward movement of the plunger 8 is limited by the end of the socket 15 contacting the handle 4:, and downward movement of said plunger is limited by the disk 9 contacting the adjacent end of the tube 5.

From the foregoing description, it is apparent that I have produced an instrument possessing all of the advantages above enumerated, and while I have shown and described thepreferred form of my invention, I reserveYv the right' to make such changes in the construction, combination, and arrangement of parts as properly fall within the spirit and scope of the claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:y

't fS'llAans PATENT onmoE,

1. In a rectal plug, a retaining member y having a socket and provided with a handle, a bearing member in the socket, fingers pivoted in the bearing. an internally threaded tube extending through said socket, a f

the plunger, a pin extending across the socket, and a removable key receivable in they n socket and having a slotted terminal receiving the pin, said socket being engageable with @he handle to limit the in movement. of' the plunger. n Y

2. n a rectal plug, a handle, an internally threaded tube rigidlyl connectedE atv one end I with the handle, lingers pivoted abouJ the tube, a plunger threaded in the tube, means on the inner end of the plunger to spread the lingers and being` engageable Witlrthe inner end of the Jcube to limitthey outmovef ment of the plunger, a removable key Jor theL plunger, and meansI on the plunger to Copies. of this patent may be obtainedfoi"y five, cents eajch, by addressing the vCornmissionerof Patents, f

ture, in the presence of two Witnesses.


Witnesses z. n


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U.S. Classification606/197, 606/198
Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/0093