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Publication numberUS1244819 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 30, 1917
Filing dateOct 31, 1916
Priority dateOct 31, 1916
Publication numberUS 1244819 A, US 1244819A, US-A-1244819, US1244819 A, US1244819A
InventorsElmer I Young
Original AssigneeThrot A Lite Company
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Light-projector and tongue-depressor.
US 1244819 A
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E. l. YOUNG.



1,244,819. Patented Oct. 30, 1917.

i h I Qwue'nto'o W ztzlfban attorney 7 ings, wherein- GEORGIA.

To all whom it may camera:

Be it known that I, ELMER I. YOUNG, a citizen of the United States, residing at Atlanta, in the county of Fulton andState of Georgia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Light-Projectors and Tongue-Depressors, ofwhich the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawing.

This invention relates to'improvements in light projecting lamps and tongue depressors, particularly designed for use by physicians, surgeons and others, in making examinations of the mouth' and throatp the object of the invention being to provide a simple, reliable and eflicient construction of device of this character which may be easily and conveniently manipulated and easily and thoroughly sterilized.

A further object of the invention is to provide a device of the character described which'may be applied, if desired, to any ordinary type of dry battery lamp casing and used in conjunction with the switch mechanism thereof, and which, in addition to forming a lamp support, also serves to form a guide-way for cooperation with a tongue depressor or spatula, wherebythe tongue of a patient may be held conveniently depressed and the light projected into the mouth orthroat'for examining thesame.

The inventionconsistsin the features of construction and combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter described, refer ence being had to the accompanying draw- "Figure 1 is a top plan view showingone form of my invention in connection with a tongue depressor blade or spatula;

Fig. 2 is a vertical longitudinal section of the same;

Fig. 3 is a topplan view'showing a modi fied form ofthe invention, the depressor blade being omitted; and

Fig. 4 is a side elevation of the form ,of device shown in Fig. 3 with .the depressor blade applied.

Referring to the drawing, 1 designates a battery casing, which may be of the form commonly employed for flash light purposes;

other material. It is preferred, however, to

and capable of being conveniently held in the hand. This'casing is adapted to inclose a dry battery cell 2 provided with the spring contact members 3 and 4. The contact member 3 is adapted to engage the contact v Specification of Letters Patent.

hereinafter described.

'ELMER I. YOUNG, or ATLANTA, GEORGIA, Assre'noit; DIRECT AND MESNE ASSIGN MEN'IS, 'ro THROT-A-LITE GOMPANEOF ATLANTA, enonem, A oonrona'rron or L ana-PROJ CTOR ennroneuia-nnrnnsson.

{member-5 carried by ablock 6 of insulating material, whereby said contacts 3 and are electrically insulated from the casing 1. Thefcontact l is adapted to be engaged by a 'push button or switch 7 electrically connected with the'casing 1, so that when the switchis actuated the circuit will be closed tofsupply current to the projecting lamp, as

soldered or otherwise] suitably secured upon the top or forward 'end' of the casing l is a bracket or support 8,1formedof sheet metal, and composed of connected top and bottom plates providing a guide-way or passage 9 extending between the front and rear walls of the casingLf- Supportednpon the forward portion of thisbracket 8,. and preferably "formed integrally with the top Patented o eso, 1917. Applicationjfiled ocab mgi le; s iaim'. 1}2 s ,75s. l

plate'9"thereof,is a threaded :s'ocketlO to e receive thelg'lobe orjelectric projecting lamp 11, which is arranged to project "the light rays in a forward direction. One of the terminals of'thisla'mp is connectel'through the socket'lO, casing .1, switch 7, and'contact 4: with one pole of the battery, whilethe other terminal of thelamp is connected with a contact 12 on the lamp socket which is, in turn, connected by a conductor 13; passing through an opening 14- in theiside of the lampi casing,'-with the contact 5 which'is connected through the conductor 3 with the other pole of; the battery, wherebyywhen the switch is operated, thefelectric circuit will be closed to supply current. to the .lamp. I

The'switch'is preferably of the, spring retracted type.commonlyemployed in flash light lamps.

It wilhbe evident that with the construe;

'tion described the operator, grasping the lamp casing l in one hand, may hold the device in position and manipulate the switch 7 to light the lamp, so that theirays of the lamp will be, cast forward into the mouth and'throatof the patient and maybe di rected j against any portion thereof so that a. medical or surgical examinationmay be conveniently made, designed to receive 'a' spatula or"tongue depressor blade 14, whichis preferably ,made

ofa suitabl'e wood but may be made of any per or container which will be removed at the time of use, so that a sterile blade may Thejguide-wayi 9 is termined and excessive projection of the blade will be avoided; also as the acting portion of the blade is not withdrawn through the guide-way the walls of the guide-way may be kept thoroughly clean and sterile and free from the collection of germs from the blade. It will be evident that in the use of the device the tongue may beheld depressed by the forwardly projecting end of the blade while the lamp'is being em- ,ployed toillu-minate the mouth and throat, one hand of the physician or surgeon holding the lamp, leaving his other hand free to make explorations or to medically or surgically treat an affected part When necessary. After the device has been used the lamp bulb may be detached and the device thoroughly sterilized inthe usual way; I In the form of my invention shown in Figs. 3 and 4, the bracket 8 is. composed of a saddle-shaped or U-shaped sheet metal body which embraces the top and sides of the casing l and may be secured thereto by screws or other suitable fastenings 15. This bracketis provided with up-standing transverse portions 16 and 17 to form a tapered guide-way for the spatula or blade, the portion 16 also serving as a support for the lamp casing 10. This structure may be employed when it is desired to convert an ordinary form of flashlight lamp into a projector lamp of the character described. I claim as my invention: 1. A light projector comprising a lamp casing, a battery inclosed therein, a bracket extending across one of the end walls of the lamp casing, said bracket cooperating with said end wall to form a guide-way to receive a tongue depressing blade, "a lamp socket carried by said bracket, and conductors for connecting the terminals of the lamp carried by the socket with the poles of the battery. I v "2. A combined light projector and tongue depressor comprising a lamp casing, a battery arranged therein, a bracket extending across one of the end walls of the casing, said bracket being spaced from said end wall and forming therewith a guideway, a lamp [socket mounted upon said bracket above said guide-way, conductors for connecting a lamp held in the socket with the poles of the battery, and a tongue depressing blade slidably engaging said guide-way.

3. A li'ghtprojec'tor and tongue depressor comprising a casing, a battery arranged therein, a bracket disposed upon one end of the casing and forming a longitudinally tapered gu'ideqva'y, a lamp socket mounted upon said bracket, means for connecting the terminals of "the lamp through said socket with the poles of the battery, and

a longitudinally tapered tongue depressor 'blade slidably fitted in said guide-way.

A combined light projector and tongue depressor comprising a casing, a battery arranged therein, a bracket disposed upon one end of the casing and electrically connected therewith, a lamp holding socket upon the bracket, aconductor insulated from the socket and bracket and adapted for connection with one pole of the battery, a switch device for connecting the socket and easing with the other .pole of the battery,

and a tongue depressor slidably engaging said guide-way.

-5. A combined light projector and tongue depressor comprising a casing, a battery arranged within the casing, a bracket disposed upon one end of the casing andforming a longitudinally tapered guide-way, a lamp, holding socket formed upon the forward portion of the bracket and overhanging the corresponding portion of the. guide way, circuit closing connections, and a longitudinally tapered tongue depressor blade slidably engaging saic guideway and adapted toproject therefrom beyond the socket.

,6. A device of the character described comprising a lamp. casing, a battery arranged therein, a saddle-shaped bracket 'embracin one end of the casing and having depending portions secured, to the sides of the casing and a body portion spaced from the end wall of the casingto provide a guideway to receive .a tongue depressing blade, a lamp socket carried by said bracket,

and means for connecting the terminals of the lamp through said socket with the ,poles of the battery.

, In testimony whereof I hereunto aflix my signature inthe presence oftwo witnesses,

. n ELMER. IV YOUNG. WVitnesses: v I



Copies of this patent may be obtained for fivecents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents wasm gmmnflc

U.S. Classification600/241
Cooperative ClassificationA61B1/24