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Publication numberUS1245231 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 6, 1917
Filing dateAug 6, 1914
Priority dateAug 6, 1914
Publication numberUS 1245231 A, US 1245231A, US-A-1245231, US1245231 A, US1245231A
InventorsJohn T Horton
Original AssigneeJohn T Horton
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US 1245231 A
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Patented Nov. 6, 1917.

N cg

Inventor.- John Tliorton W w 1 m r W u L 1 1 I 1 l I I I r I I I 1 l nH fi l/ F/I/H mw. W i l 2 1 w n k l in- 1%.; i w \W QN 1 \\.W \w n h\ w m by m n his cflttarn e y.

Witnesses: wy/ m WINDING-DRUM Specification-0f Letters Patent;

1 Pate t a'Nov. 6,)1917.

. Application filed August 6, 1914. Seria11 To.8 55,370.

have invented certain new and useful 1m provements in l/Vinding-Drums, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to winding drums and has for its object to provide a drum of the class specified, of simple and rigid construction, and one which may be constructed with a minimum of machine work thereon.

With these objects in view my improvements comprise features illustrated in their preferred embodiment in the accompanying drawing wherein the figure thereof is a front elevation of a winding drum embodying my improvements. Said figure has portions broken away to better show some features of the invention.

Drum shaft 2, which may be reduced at its ends for bearings if desired, is provided with two holes therethrough, one for pin 3 near one end of said shaft and the other for bolt 4: near the other end of said shaft. Mounted on said shaft are gear 5, adjacent to pin 3, and flange 6. Between said gear and flange is tube 7 forming the body of said drum. Gear 5, which is also a flange for one end of said drum, and flange 6 are each provided with inreaching coaxial cylindri cal portions 8, 9 respectively, of a diameter equal to the inside diameter of tube 7. Said tube is carried on said cylindrical portions 8, 9 and held coaxially with shaft 2 thereby.

The several members, shaft 2, gear 5, flange 6 and tube 7 are constrained against relative rotation by the following means: Hub 10 of gear 5 is provided in the end thereof with slot 11 for engagement with pin 3 in shaft 2; tube 7 is provided in the ends thereof with slots 12 and 13, respectively, for engagement with pins 14 and 15 projecting radially from cylindrical portions 8 and 9 of gear 5 and flange 6, respectively. Also slots 12 and 13 are preferably of such depth, from the ends respectively of tube 7, as to prevent the pins coacting therewith from engaging the bottoms of said slots respectively.

For holding the several members, shaft 2, gear 5, tube 7 and flange 6 in endwise en= gagement, I provide the following means: Flange 6' is penetrated by the outer ends of yQ'bOltS '16 and 17 arranged diametrally relatively to shaft 2. :[lhe eyes of saidbolts, as 18 of'bolts 16', are penetrated by an'd'fixed to shaft 2 by bolt 4, said, bolt passing through the' eye of bolt 16, "then through shaft 2 and then through the eye of bolt 17, the whole being secured in place by nut 19 on bolt 4.

Nuts 20 and 21 of eye bolts 16 and 17 respectively are eflicient for forcing flange 6 to the left in the figure of the drawing, thus clamping the several members in intimate engagement with each other and at the same time locating the device endwise by forcing the bottom of slot 11 of hub 10 of gear 5 against pin 3 of shaft 2. Also the ends of tube 7 are forced against gear 5 and flange 6 respectively. There is thereby provided a simple, rigid and efficient winding drum that can be manufactured at low cost and one which is not liable to derangement of places, as for instance in hoisting derricks, and power to rotate said drum may be applied to gear 5 by some well-known means not shown.

I claim:

1. A winding drum including in combination a shaft, a, pair of end members on said shaft, a tube between said end members, means for supporting said tube in concentric relation to said shaft, a stop on said shaft for locating one of said end members circumferentially and lengthwise in one direction relatively to said shaft, means for preventing relative rotation between said end members and said tube, and means connected with said shaft, within said tube and effective lengthwise thereof, for forcing said end members and said tube into engagement with each other and one of said end members into engagement with the stop on said shaft.

2. A winding drum including in combination a shaft, a gear and a flange thereon, a tube between said gear and flange supported in concentric relation to said shaft by said gear and flange, a pin in said shaft, a slot in said gear for engagement with said pin, means for preventing relative rotation of said gear flange and tube, and means for holding said gear, tube and flange in end* wise engagement and said gear against said pincomprising bolts fixed: to said.- shaft thereto by nuts.

3. A Winding drum including in combination a shaft, a plurality of members 'concentrically mounted thereon, means for pre venting-relative rotation of said members, means on said shaft for taking the end i thrust of said pluralityof'nieinhe'rs in one direction and for preventing relative rotatiodof said shaftfand embers, and means for 'ufgingsaid' members against the end thrust resisting'means comprising bolts fixed to said shaft and nuts thereon in engagement with'one of saidiplurality of members.

Signed at New York, in the county of Neii Y-ork and State of New York, this 4th day of August, 1914c, before two subscribing 'w'itnesses.




five cents each,'by ddressing the Coinfiiissi onf of menu,

Washington; D. c.".'

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U.S. Classification242/599, 242/611.2, 242/608.4
Cooperative ClassificationA47K10/40