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Publication numberUS1245499 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 6, 1917
Filing dateMar 16, 1917
Priority dateMar 16, 1917
Publication numberUS 1245499 A, US 1245499A, US-A-1245499, US1245499 A, US1245499A
InventorsGardner P Orme
Original AssigneeGardner P Orme
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US 1245499 A
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,wmuon man MAR.16.191I.

245,499. Patented Nov. 5, 1917.

311 vento@ Za/vdnefl? rrme `UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.



zines and the object in view is to provlde in connection with a fire arm magazine, means for facilitating the recharging of the magazine with cartridges.

With the ordinary construction of re arm `magazines, it is a diiicult4 and oftentimes practically impossible matter-t0 reload the magazine, this being especially `true in extremely cold weather when the fingers are numb and temporarily incapable of forcing the cartridge intothe magaz-ine vin accordancewith the present practice.

The `particular object of the yinvention is to provide means capable of practical use in cold weather for compressing the follower "spring in the magazine to enable the cartridges to be inserted in the magazine one after the .other-.with the greatest possible easef` p l y A further object in view is to provide meansV whereby VWthe follower: may` `be temporarily locked at intervals in the movement` thereofffor the purpose of temporarily .relieving the strain Von theng'ers ofthe operator. w The .spring` compressing means also` comprlses a finger grip Vin the form of a pin, and this: pin is'made removable so that@ itfdoes not interfere inany way with` the .y

` Y pointed at one end as shown at f to facili- `tate inserting the same through the side removal` lof the "magazine :from i nthe gripyyof the gun nor theV reinsertion of the magazine therein. i

With the above andlother ects in-vieiw, thel inventionconsistsin the novel construc-- the magazine.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Application led March 16, 1917. Serial N o. 155,215.

Fi 4 is an inverted perspective view of the ollower.

Fig. 5 1s a fragmentary cross section taken in line with the follower depressing pin.

The magazine A, in the general formation thereof, is similar to the magazine now in common use, the same being of suitable length to accommodate the desired number of cartridges B, the latter being insertible in the normally upper end of the magazine.

. The magazine is insertible in and removable from a magazine chamber C formed in the grip D of the fire arm as indicated in Fig. l, any usual or preferred means being employed for locking the magazine in the grip D and unlocking the same to admit of the removal of the magazine.

In carrying out the present invention, the magazine is formed in the opposite side walls thereof with longitudinal slots a and in the preferred embodiment of the invention, each slot a is formed at intervals in the length thereof With lateral extensions or notches b the purpose of which will hereinafter appear.

The follower E which is slidable longitudinally within the magazine A is provided on the lower side thereof with a down- Wardly` extending luge formed with a transversely elongated slot e. F designates a hand grip shown in the form of a pin for compressing the follower spring G, said pin being insertible through the slots a of the magazine and also through the slot or transversely elongated opening e in the lug e as shown in Fig. 5. The pin F is preferably M walls of the magazine and through the lug e `and said pin is also preferably forme `with a stop shoulder f .which bears against the face of the magazine A when the pin is fully inserted in place, saidshoulder serving y y. toproperly position thQPinF in order ythat the opposite end portions .of said pin may..

project equally from both sides of the magaf zine, ,thereby providing eiiicient` gripping portions. for the fingers of the hand as 'illus- 7. j

trated in Fig. 2.

When the magazine is if" moved from the grip D and at such time, the follower E is at the top or cartridge receiving end ofthe magazine. The pin F the lng e of the follower E, said pin also A passing through both of the slots a. The magazine is then gripped in the hand as indicated in Fig. 2, preferably with the thumb supporting the lower end of the magazine and the index and second fingers en aged over the projecting end portions o the spring compressing and follower depressing pin F. Now by a closing movement of the hand, the pin F is caused to travel lengthwise of the slots a, carrying with it the follower E and compressing the follower spring G. During this movement the cartridges are inserted in the receiving end of the magazine. This movement is continued until the magazine is filled with cartridges. At any time however, the operator may thrust the pin F laterally into engagement with any desired notch b and thereby temporarily lock or latch the follower, thus enabling the tension on the fingers to be relieved. The operation may then be continued at the convenience of the person charging the magazine, and after the magazine has been filled with cartridges, the pin f is removed. After this there is no projection on either side of the magazine and the latter may` be reinserted in the usual way in the magazine chamber C of the grip D. l

The invention herein shown and described is particularly useful in extremely cold weather, when it is practically impossible, with the magazines now in use, to compress the magazine spring and insert the cartridges therein. The pin F forms an eilicient grip for theV fingers and enables the magazine spring to becompressed with comfort and with safety. The fire arm may be provided at any suitable place with a recess or pocket to receive and hold the pin F when the latter is not. in use. The housing of the pin F may be left to the will and convenience of the manufacturer. The magazine may also be loaded more quickly and with less exertion than the ordinary magazine.

' I claim y j l. A fire arm magazine formed with slots extending lonfgitudinally of the opposite side walls thereo a spring ressed follower movable within said magazine, and a detachable follower spring compressingmember adapted to be inserted through said slots and to engage a part of said follower and ybeing further adapted to be moved longitudinally of said slots carrying with it said member bemg of such length as to provide finger magazine, a follower spring, a lug extending from the underside of said follower and formed with an opening elongated transversely of the slots inthe magazine, and a follower depressing member adapted for removable insertion through the opening in said lug and for movement longitudinally' and laterally of the `slots of the magazine,

whereby said follower depressing member may be moved into engagement with any one of said notches, said spring depressing member being of such length as to provide finger gripping portions which project beond the slde walls o f the magazine when in its working position.

3. A fire arm magazine formed with slots extending longitudinally of the opposite side walls thereof, a springpressed follower movable within said magazine, and a detachable follower spring compressing member adapted to be inserted through said slots and to engage a' part of said follower and beingr further adapted to be moved longitudinally of said slots carrying with it said follower, said spring compressing member being of such length as to provide linger grippin portionswhich project beyond the side v. a ls of thelmagazine when in its working position, and also having a positioning shoulder for limiting the extent of its insertion.

4. T he combination of a re arm having a magazine chamber, a magazine removably inserted in said chamber and formed with v slots extending longitudnally of the opposite side walls thereof, a spring pressed follower movable longitudinally within said magazine, and a follower depressing pin adapted to be removably insertedthrough a part of said follower and through the slotted side walls of the magazine, said pin being of suitable length to provide finger gripping portions which project beyond the opposite side walls of the magazine when in its working position.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in the presence of two witnesses.




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Cooperative ClassificationF41A9/67, F41A17/38, F41A9/82
European ClassificationF41A9/82, F41A9/67