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Publication numberUS1246772 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1917
Filing dateJan 4, 1916
Priority dateJan 4, 1916
Publication numberUS 1246772 A, US 1246772A, US-A-1246772, US1246772 A, US1246772A
InventorsWalter Morris
Original AssigneeDan L Harris, Walter Morris
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Automobile gas-lock.
US 1246772 A
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UTMOBILE GAS LOCK. Apwcmon FILED JAN.4.19161 (imm-eg UNITED sTATEs rnTnNT onirica.




Speccation of Letters Patent- Application led January 4, 1916. Serial No. 70,159.

This invention relates to automobile gasI 10 locks, the object of the. invention being to provide means under lock and key or combination dial lock whereby the operator or owner of a machine may control a cut-0E valve between the carbureter and the engine, rendering it impossible for any one to use the machine surreptitiously in the absence of the owner or operator of 'the car.

With the above and other objects in View,

the invention consists in the novel construction, combination and arrangement of arts, as herein described, illustrated and claimed. In the accompanyin drawings Figure 1 is a vertica longitudinal section through a sufficient portion of a motor vehicle to illustrate the application of the present invention thereto.

Fig. 2 is a. perspective view of the control box the door of which is shown open so as to expose the operating lever.

Fig. 3 is a lan View of the cut-off valve and its contalner. y

Fig. l is a vertical section taken in line 'p tween the head 23 and the plate 17, holds with the cut-ofi valve stem.

Fig. 5 is a vertical transverse section through the control box.

In carrying out this invention, I provide aout-0E valve 1 shown in the form of a disk mounted upon a stem 2 and arranged in a circular opening 3 in a valve container 4 which is oblong'in shape and provided with holes 5 to receive the bolts or cap screws by means of which the present day type of carbureter indicated at 6 is fastened to the lflange 7 of the intake pipe,8 of the engine.-

The stem of the valve extends beyond the container into a housing 9 where it has fast thereon a pulley 10. Wrapped around this pulley 10 and having one end attached thereto is a exible connection 11 such as a wire cable or chain, which extends through a guide tube 12 case hardened to protect the cable from being cut, said tube extending rearwardly fromY the carbureter into a hole 13 shown as extending through the bottom wall of a control box 14. The flexible connection chain or cable then passes around a pulley 15 the shaft of which is journaled .in bearing openings in the back wall 16 of the throttle box and in a faceplate 17 llocated within the box and marked at one point with the word Open and at another point with the word Closed. On the inner end of the shaft of the last named pulley there is fastened an operating lever 18l having at its outer extremity a knob or handle 19 by means of which the leverA may be moved toward the word Open or toward the word Closed, the said words indicating the position of the cut-offl valve 1 hereinabove referred to.

The front .of the control box is provided with a door or closure 20 hinged to the box and carrying lock mechanism 21 operable by an ordinary key or combination dial lock.

The handle 19 is provided with a shank 22 which is slidable through a hole in the free end of the lever 18 and said shank has its inner end enlarged to form a friction head 23 which is normally held in frictional engagement with a friction plate 17 in the form of a partition within the control or lock box 14. A' spring 25 is fastened at one end to the lever 18 and bears at its free extremity against the head 23 so as to shift the handle 19 and its shank 22 toward the plate 17. The frictional engagement bethe lever 18 in any adjusted position and prevents the spring 22 from closing the shutter or valve 1.

When theV operator or owner of the car desires vto leave the same for a considerable period of time, he unlocks they do r of the control box by means of a key or; combination dial lock and then moves tlie operating lever to the closed position, whereupon through the medium of the flexible cable, the eut-off valve 1 is moved to affully closed position thereby preventing anyi mix- -ture from the carbureter passing to the engine. The operator then locks the door of the control box. Upon returning to his car, he again' unlocks the door of the control box and moves theoperating lever to the open position, t hereby opening the cut-0E valve 1 so that the machine is then ready to be operated in the usual way.

In the neck of the valve container is a

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U.S. Classification137/382, 74/140, 74/501.6
Cooperative ClassificationF16K35/10