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Publication numberUS1247000 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 20, 1917
Filing dateFeb 10, 1917
Priority dateFeb 10, 1917
Publication numberUS 1247000 A, US 1247000A, US-A-1247000, US1247000 A, US1247000A
InventorsHerman Plaut
Original AssigneeHerman Plaut
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US 1247000 A
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1,247,000. I Patented Nov. 20, 19.17.-

nventor A fturneyz.

- TED stares Parana HERMAN.-PLAUT,' OF 'NEW YORK, N. Y:


Specification of Letters Patent. PatentedNov, 20, 191 7,

" Application filed February 10,1917. Serial No. 147,904;

ject is to provide for illuminatin'gthe ceiling with a diffused, direct light and at the same time transmit some of the light by reflection into the room below the ceiling.

These and further objects will more fully appear in the following'specification and the accompanying drawings considered together or separately.

I'have illustrated my invention in the accompanying drawings in whichlike parts are designated by similar reference charactors in all of the figures and in which;

Figure 1 is a half side elevation and half vertical section of one embodiment of'my invention.

Fig. 2 is a sectional view of a modification. and

Fig. 3 is a detail sectional view of another modification. V 4

In carrying out myinvention I provide a gallery or crown 1 which is preferably of cylindrical form. The crown maybe com posed of any suitable material either transparent, semi-transparent or opaque in character and its exterior surface is preferably highly ornamental in character.

Supported within the crown in any de sired: manner is a bridgeQ to which is secured a lamp socket 3 of any known type, which carries a lamp 4. Also carried by the bridge 2 is a hickey 5 by means of which the fixture may be suspended from a chaim rod or by any other means.

Removably carried by the lower extremity of the crown 1 is an annulus 6 in which is supported a shade 7. The shade comprises a globe or bowl member 8 preferably of semi-transparent character so that some of the rays of light from the lamp 4 will "pass through it and be diffused and some of the light will be reflected from its interior. The bowl or globe is provided withan extension 9 which inFig. 1 is shown as flaring. ,The extension is com- 7 posed of'crystal or transparent glass and is provided at its upper edge with a flange 10 which rests within theannulus 6. The globe '60 and extensionare preferably of a single piece of transparent glass and the globe is rendered translucent or semi-transparent by I a coating of enamel, by being ribbed, by'a sand blast or by acid etching.

Resting. within the crown 1 is a concave reflector 11, by means of which direct rays oflight from the lamp and rays reflected from the globe 8 will be reflected downward through the transparent extension 9. The

reflector 11 is composed of. glass which has been rendered diffusive by having one or both of its surfaces broken up, either by means of corrugations, sand blasting, acid etching or enameling. This will permit a part of the light from the lamp and from the reflectingsurface of the globe to pass through the reflector and be diffused upon the ceiling. The reflector is provided with an aperture at its center for the passage of 86 the socket 3.

If the crown 1 be transparent or semitransparent in character, some of the light diffused by the reflector .11 will pass through it.

The annulus 6 is preferably secured to the crown 1 by means of screws 12 to admit of the ready removal of the globe and. access to the lamp.

In the modification shown in Fig. 2 the 9@ annulus 13 is hinged to the crown l and held in place by means of a catch 14. The reflector 15 is convex and extends downward into the extension 16 which in the modilication is cylindrical instead of flaring. The $5 convex reflector will reflect some of the lightin a horizontal direction and thereby spread it over a greater surface than where the reflector is concave. It will be understood that the form of rcllcctor shown in 9 Fig. 2 may be employed in connection with the crown 1 and globe 8 of Fig. 1 or the crown 18 and globe 26 illustrated in Fig. 3.

In the modification shown in Fig. 3 the bridge 17 is carried by a ring 18 which also 195 supports the crown 18" which in the modification is shown as made of glass. Carried on the ring 18 by means of screws 19 is an annular shelf 20 on which is supported the diffusing reflector 21 and the transparent extension 22, which is integral with the refiGCtOIY The extension 22 is provided with a fiange 23 on which a gallery 24 is supported means of screws 25. A globe 26 is supported on the gallery.

The transparent extension is practically invisible and the globe has the appearance of being suspended in mid-air.

In accordance with the provisions of the patent statutes I have described the principle of my invention, together with the apparatus which I now consider to represent the best embodiment thereof, but I desire to have it understood that the apparatus shown is merely illustrative, and that the invention may be carried out in other ways.

llaving now described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is l. A device of the (character described, having a lamp and a support therefor, an open ended member carried by the support,

a semi-transparent reflector carried by the member, below the support therefor, an annulus removal'ily carried by the member, a semi-transparent globe, said globe having an integral transparent portion engaging and supported bv the annulus, said reflector extending within the transparent portion of the globe. v

2. A device of the character described, having a lamp, a hanger for supporting the lamp, arms carried by the hanger, an open ended cylinder carried at the ends of the arms, said cylinder having an inturned integral flange at its lower extremity, a light transferring reflector flange, said reflector being located between the flange and the arms, an annulus removably carried by'the member, a semitranspa ent globe suspended in the annulus, said globe having an upper, flaring portion engaging the annulus, said flaring portion being integral with the globe and of transparent material, the central portion of said reflector extending within the transparent flaring portion of the globe.

This specification signed and witnessed this eighth day of February, 1917.

HERMAN PLAUT. Witnesses:

ANNA E. BENTON, Jmwmxv. G. MeDmnto'r'r.

supported on the

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