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Publication numberUS1247628 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 27, 1917
Filing dateFeb 4, 1915
Priority dateFeb 4, 1915
Publication numberUS 1247628 A, US 1247628A, US-A-1247628, US1247628 A, US1247628A
InventorsCharles S Britton
Original AssigneeCharles S Britton
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Tag-check contrivance.
US 1247628 A
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55mm" d ammsIsnntura I owner No. No.




Eww, mmm Nov. 27,191?.


' manner of doing ,rn eras CHARLES S. BRITTON, OF CLEVELAND, OHIO.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov.. 27, 319117.

Applieation filed February 4, 1915. serial No. 6,103.

To all whom it may concern:

Beit known that I, CHARLES S. BRrr'roN, a citizen of the.United States, residing at Cleveland, in the county of Cuyahoga and State of Ohio, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Tag-Check Contrivance, of which the following is a specification, the principle of the invention being herein explained and the best mode in which I have contemplated applying that principle, so as to `distinguish it from other im ventions.

My invention. relates to a tag-check contrivance and more particularly tov the detachable combination of a tag-check with one or more stub The objects of Vmy invention are:

To greatly simplify and facilitate the fillin out of certain necessarily -blank spaces.

Io make possible a measurable saving in time.

To insure duplicates.

To accomplish the fullment ceding in a simple, feasible and manner.

By way of illustratingl the application of the principle of my invention, I have se* lected the prevailing type of standard' railabsolute uniformity between of the preeconomical road check, duplicates of which are now, still required to be' in so far as I am aware, largely written separately. Occasionally, as is the casewhen certain character of baggage is checked, it is even expected that copies shall be made in triplicate, and I have selected as exemplifying an arbitrarily preferred embodiment of my conception a blank form intended for such a purpose.

My simple inventive arrangement makes possible the completion of a plurality of duplicate copies at a single writing. The this is of course in itself, long since known and used. As applied however to this particular art, namely that relating to tag-checks, including copy sheets which are detachably connected and at least one of which is capable of being employed as a checking tag, the application is believed to eli'e'ct a new and` useful result in a novel manner.

An incidental advantage which my invention assures is the ready explanation for erreceipts or claim vouchers."

understood y may be properly rors that will inevitably occur. example, a trunk has failed to arrive at its proper destination, due to an incorrect address being unwittingly of record, my duplicating system may be relied upon to disclose the cause and besides, the wrongful destination. In other words ready detection of error is assured from a record by which it may be promptly and with certainty rectified.

The inventive conception is `associated with means which are hereinafter explained and variously combined in the claims.

ile the annexed drawings and particular description thereof, set forth the preferred form embodying my invention, it should be If for one of with which the` principle ofmy invention applied. Figure I is a perspective view of a tagcheck contrivance embodying my invention.

Fig. II is a plan view of one part. Fig. III is a plan view of another part. Fig.` IV is a plan view of still another part. Fig. V is a ing detail.

Fig. VI is a longitudinal section thereof. Fig. VII is a cross section thereof. Fig. VIII isa similar view of a further modification. Fig. IX is ication of Fig. V.V

Fig. X is a longitudinal section of Fig plan of an optional coperat- The arbitrarlly preferred embodiment of `my invention is entirely represented on sheet 1, and will be seen to comprise three overlying blank form sheets of like dimensions. The lowermost strips l will further be .noticed as being somewhat thicker and ordinarily is composed of cardboard. The other two sheets, 2 and 3 respectively, are of thinner and more flexible paper. The strip 1 is fully shown in Fig. IV and as will be there noticed, it is provided with a title, and a number of designating headings, also farther down with a number of blank lines to be supplied with miscellaneous data. The upper two sheets 2 and 3 are substantial 'duplicates save for one Aof the headings which indicates the particular use to which that the means only exemplifies*v many diversified mechanical forms a perspective view of a modi-v tilt) MMD each is intended to be put. All three slips are secured at the top by means of an eyelet A short distance below the eyelet 4, with a line of punctures 6 extending there across to cate record of a tag-check is the yarticle which .withl a carbon surface at a single writing, passengers receipt and to the cardboard permit of its being torn off therealong in the well known manner. sheet is fastened on its reverse or under side y 7 as appears in Fig. I.

The uppermost sheet 3 is similarly provided below the eyelet '4 with a line of punctures 8 extending thereacross. elongated opening 9, suited to the insertlon of a binding strap is also supplied, as is apparyent from an inspection of F1g. II.

Generally, according to the practice of most railroads today, only a single duplimade, such being intended for retention by the owner of is being checked. Accordingly, the form of my invention as shown in Fig. I supplies the distinct data only to the uppermost which is to be attached to the article during transportation. l

' Occasionally, however, as for example when dogs are checked, theregulations require that the agent also provide himself with a record sheet. It is on such an occasion that the cooperating member of my contrivance shown in Figs. V, VI, and VII is to be utilized. Such memberis adapted to be inserted between sheets 2 and 3 to the end that the original writing which is being' impressed upon sheet 3 may be. additionally transferred to sheet 2. The construction of such member includes a cardboard frame having an intermediary portion 10 to be grasped by the hand and two extensions 11 and 12- between which a carbon sheet 13 having one free edge 14 is stretched in anyV suitable manner. Such carbon sheet 13 is preferably slightly wider than the width of the slips 1, 2 and 3. In the exemplification shown the carbon sheet 13 is clamped between opposed pairs of extensions 11 and 12 as is illustrated in Fig. VII. The facility with which the carbon sheet 13 may be inserted, as required, between sheets 2 and 3 is apparent, and mention is furthermore made of the advantage in having the edge 14 of minimum thickness Y whereby a smooth, flat imposition of sheet 3 upon the sheet 2 may be assured.

Figs. VIII, IX, and X have to do with the manner of using my inventive contrivance without having either of the sheets 2 and 3 fashioned witha carbon surface. A scrutiny of these three views discloses a c0- operating member similar in structure and function to that shown in Figs. V, VI and This particular VII though involving a duplication thereof to include a unitary handle 16 and two frames divaricating therefrom. One of the frames has a pair' of extensions 17 which support a carbon sheet 18 therebetween so as to leave one of the edges 19 of the latter free. The other frame constitutes, as already said, a duplicate to include two extensions 20 which support a carbon sheet 21 therebetween so as to leave one edge 22 of the latter likewise free. It'is manifest that the carbon surfaces of the sheets 18 and 21 should be alternately arranged, that is, placed upon corresponding sides of the sheets to face in the same direction. In operation the sheets 18 and 21 are to be inserted between different pairs of sheets 1, 2 and a I claim:

1. A duplicating tag-check contrivance comprising a plurality of paper sheets of varying degrees of stiffness, a reinforcing eyelet securing said sheets together at one end, two of said sheets being of lesser thickness than a third and each fashioned with a row of perforations whereby portions are separable from said eyelet portion, the thickest of said sheets being underneath the others whereby when detached to permit of being tied to the object shipped, all of 'said sheets having registering. blank space provision for memoranda of date, charge, point of shipment and destination as well as indicia designating the character of the transaction, sa1d perforate sheets being adapted to serve as identification and authenticating records for the parties to such transaction respectively, and a device including a pair of carbon sheets flexibly attached together at one end and adapted for insertion between difi'erent pairs of saidsheets-respectively for transferring written impression through said two thinner sheets twice onto another next below.

2. A duplicating tag-check contrivance comprising the combination of three printed check forms, means for fastening corresponding edge portions together, apair of carbon sheets, a pair of frames reinforcing the major portion of the edges of said sheets respectively so as to leave free a remaining portion substantially corresponding in length to that of the fastened edge portions, and a handle flexibly connected with each of said frames whereby only the thickness of said sheets may be simultaneously interposed between diferent pairs of said forms to enable written impression to be smoothly and evenly transferred from the uppermost form to the others.

3. A duplicating tag-check contrivance comprising the combination of a plurality corresponding edge portions together, a carof printed check forms, means for fastening tened edge portions,

bon sheet, a frame reinforcing the major portion of the edge of said sheet so as to leave free a remaining portion substantially corresponding in length to that of the fasand a handle connected with said frame whereby only the thickness of said sheet may be interposed between a pair of said forms to enable written impression to be smoothly and evenly transferred from the uppermost form to the lower.

Signed by me, this 30th day of January,


Attested by* CURT B. MUELLER,

DE LA E. MooK.

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U.S. Classification462/56, 40/662, 283/79, 283/33
Cooperative ClassificationB42D15/0053