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Publication numberUS1249340 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1917
Filing dateFeb 7, 1917
Priority dateFeb 7, 1917
Publication numberUS 1249340 A, US 1249340A, US-A-1249340, US1249340 A, US1249340A
InventorsOliver Frank Woolley Cromwell
Original AssigneeOliver Frank Woolley Cromwell
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Foot-rest for radiators.
US 1249340 A
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LMWMQB Patented Dec, 11, 19x75.

awe/Mom OLIVER F WCKQMWELL is s as his.

.omvnn FRANKUWOOLLEY cnoivrwntn, or new YORK, N. Y.

roo'r-nns'r ron RADIATORS.


Applieationfiled. February 7, 1917.

to the accompanying drawings.

This invention has for itsprimary object a practical, durable and efficient construction of foot rest for radiators, the parts of which may be very easily and cheaply Y manufactured and readily assembled and not liable to get out of order and capable of being adjusted to variouspositions as may be desired and easily attached to or detached from the radiator.

And the invention also. aims to generally improve devices of this class so as to, render them more useful and commercially desirable. 1

With these and other objects in view, as will -more fully appear as the description proceeds, the invention consists in certain constructions, arrangements and combinations of the parts that I shall hereinafter more fully describe and claim.

a For a full understanding of the invention, reference is to be had to the following description and accompanying drawing, in which i J r 1 Figure 1 is a transverse sectional view of a foot rest for radiators embodying the improvements of my invention.

Fig. 2 is a rear elevation thereof, and

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary perspective view of one of the legsofthe device.

Corresponding and like parts are referred toin the following description and designated in all of the views of the accompanying drawing by like reference characters. I l

My improved foot rest for radiators comprises clamping devices A, of which there are two, which are substantially duplicates, and a foot supporting plate or grid B.

Each clamping device comprises a main bar 1 terminating at one end in a preferably curved jaw 2, and an extension. bar B terminating in a preferably curved and com- Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 11, 1917.

Serial No. 147,189.

plemental jaw 4:, the two jaws being deslgned to be clamped upon the feed pipe of the radiator between any two sections of the latter. One of the bars just mentioned (the bar 1 in the present instance) is formed with a laterally projecting pin 5, and the other bar is formed with a longitudinally extending slot 6 in which said pin is received, and a set screw 7 is carried by one bar and is also received in said slot 6, whereby the movement of one bar relative to the other may be .properly guided, said set screw being provided with a wing nut 8 for holding the two parts of the clamps in adjusted positions, whereby they may be readily attached to or detached from the radiator feed pipe.

My improved foot rest also comprises legs 9 and set screws 10 pass through said legs and are provided with wing nuts 11 whereby the legs may be clamped securely in adjusted positions. Theset screws 10 are received in longitudinal slots 12 formed in the bars 1 at one end of the latter, notches l 13 being formed on one side of said bars contiguous to said slots and designed for en gagement by lugs 14L that are formed on the piece structure, and is preferably provided with a heel engaging ledge 15 extending from one side thereof to the other, said ledge being recessed or notched as indicated at 15 and the bars 1 being received in and movable along the notches or recesses. The plate B is formed with depending heel lugs 16 and corresponding toe lugs 17, the set screws 10 passing through the heel lugs 16, as well as the legs 9, as shown, and set screws 18 being carried by the toe lugs 17. The set screws 18 are provided with wing nuts 19 and have pivotally mounted upon them the upper ends'of braces or struts 20, said braces being longitudinally slotted, as

indicated at 21, to receive the set screws 7 after the parts have been adjusted, as desired.

From the foregoing description in connection with the accompanying drawing, the operation of my improved foot rest for radiators will be apparent. In the practical use of the device, the bars are clamped upon the feed pipe of the radiator between any two sections thereof, with the legs 9 resting upon the floor. The foot supporting plate B "may obviously be'adjusted to various angles or inclinations by. means of the set screws and the brace bars 20.

It will thus be seen that I have provided a very practical, durable and efiicient construction of radiator foot rest, the parts of which may be easily manufactured and readily assembled, and which willnot be liable to get out of order and whichdevlce will provide a very convenient support for a persons feet in'proxlmity to theradlator so as to receive the heat radiating thereclaimed.

Having thus described my invention, what is claimed, is; 1 V

1. A foot rest for radiators, including clamps designed for detachable connection to portions-of a radiator and embodying longitudinally slotted bars, set screws mounted in the slots of said bars, legs pivotally connected to the said screws, an angularly adjustable foot supporting plate provided with heel lugs connected to said screws whereby the tighteningof the screws will hold the legs and the adjacent portion of the foot supporting plate in adj usted positions, braces pivotally connected to' the foot supporting plate in advance of said set screws, and other set'screws adjustably connecting said braces to the clamping devices.-

2. A foot restfor radiators comprising clamping devices embodying main bars and slotted extension bars having complementary jaws, pins extending from the main bars and receivable in the slots of the extension bars, set screws carried by the main bars-and extending through said slots and providedwith clamping nuts,'the main bars being formed at the rear ends with longitudinal slots, a foot supporting plate provided with heel lugs and toe lugs, legs, set

" screws carried by the heel lugs of said plate and movable in theslots of the main bars and provided with clamping nuts adapted to clamp the legs and heel lugs to said bars, set screws secured to the toe lugs of said plate, and braces pivotally mounted upon the last named set screws and formed with longitudinal slots receiving the first named set screws, as and for the purpose described.

3. A foot rest for radiators comprising a pair of clamping jaws, each of said jaws having an extension, the jaws being complementary to each other and the extension of one jaw lying against the extension of the other jaw, said extensions being relatively adjustable to shiftthe jaws toward or from each other, legs mounted upon one of said extensions, a foot rest pivoted upon said last named extension, and a brace pivotally engaging the foot rest and said extensions and adjustable vertically tothereby support the foot rest at difi'erent angles.

l. A foot rest for radiators comprising two pairs of complementary jaws, each of the jaws of each pair having longitudinal parallel extensions and one of said extensions of each pair being adjustable upon the other extension of the pair whereby to adjust the jaws nearer to or farther from each other, the extremity of one of said extensions of each pair being longitudinally slotted, a foot rest having laterally projecting pins extending through said slots, legs pivotally. connected to said pins, clamp nuts on the pins, and braces pivotally connected to the foot rest extending downward therefrom and adjustably connected to the extensions of each pair whereby the foot rest may be supported at different degrees of inclination.

5. A foot rest for radiators including horizontally extending supporting members having jaws at their outer ends adapted to engage wer the feed pipe of a radiator, and a foot rest proper, said foot rest being adjustable toward or from the jaws and adjustable to different angles with relation to said supporting members.

(i. A foot rest for radiators comprising a pair of supporting bars, each of said bars at one end being longitudinally slotted and at its opposite end being formed with a downwardly extending jaw and with a laterally projecting pin, a complementary jaw for each supporting jaw having a longitudinally extending slotted shank disposed against the supporting bar and into which slot the corresponding pin projects, a foot plate having laterally projecting pins at its lower end which engage through the slots in the outer ends of said bars, legs mounted upon said pins, nuts engaging the pins and holding the legs and rear end of the foot rest in adjusted positions, braces pivotally connected to the forward end of the foot rest and longitudinally slotted, the pins In testimony whereof I hereunto aflix my I on the bars passing through said slots, signature in the presence of two Witnesses.

and nuts engaging said pins and holding OLIVER FRANK WOOLLEY GROMWELL. the braces in vertically adjusted position l/Vitnessesz and the corresponding longitudinal bar and PARKER G. TENNEY,

shank in adjusted relations. J. R. BENTON.

Gopies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. G.

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U.S. Classification248/215, 248/242
Cooperative ClassificationA47G23/0225