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Publication numberUS1249341 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1917
Filing dateMar 2, 1917
Priority dateMar 2, 1917
Publication numberUS 1249341 A, US 1249341A, US-A-1249341, US1249341 A, US1249341A
InventorsGustave V Cropsey
Original AssigneeGustave V Cropsey
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US 1249341 A
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1 H%9fi%l w I Patented Des. 11, 1917.

UNITED s ra ries PATENT oration.




To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GUSTAVE V. CRorsnY, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Averne, county of Queens, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Wine- Servers, of which the following is a specification.

Although applicable to other uses my in vention relates more particularly to means for serving still wines such as claret,.port, Moselle and the like, and the object is to afford a holder adapted to support a bottle of wine in such manner that it may be conveniently decanted as required, while at the same time the label and the cork brand are presented in position for inspection by the customer,

On account of the sediment which these wines contain itis desirable that the bottles be disturbed aslittle as possible, so as not to agitate such sediment. As ordinarily stored these wine bottles are positioned horizontally, and when removed for immediate use it is customary to maintain this horizontal alinement of thebottle asnear as possible. They have heretofore been served in wicker baskets in which the bottle reclined loosely, the basket being the table in order to decant the wine. The

baskets take up considerable room, do not and are otherwise.

hold the bottle securely, cumbersome and inconvenient to manipulate.

The invention consists in the specific construction and arrangement of parts described and claimed, distinctive features being the means for supporting and locking the bottle in slightly'inclined position; the V provision of rockers which facilitate the decanting of the wine; the provision of acork holder whereby the brand may be exposed; and the open structure of the device, whereby the label on the bottle maybe exposed for inspection without removing the bottle from the holder, forth.

Inthe accompanying drawings,

Figure 1, is a side elevation of my wine serving device, with a bottle positioned therein;

, Fig. 2, is a in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3, is a front view of my holder, without the bottle;

Fig. 4, a rear view of the parts as shown in Fig. 3;

Fig. 5, isa top view of the device without top view of the parts shown Specification of Letters Patent.

lifted bodily from.

allas hereinafter fully set device with its longitudinal axis slightly in-.

cline'd with relation to the horizontal so as to retain the sedimentary constituents of the wine at the bottom of the bottle. The neck of the bottle is sustained in the neck sleeve mwhile the bottom of the bottle is supported in the base cap 0. The latter is articularly connected with the frame work, preferably to the rear cross member 0, thereof, although if preferred it may be hinged to the handle bar it, as in the modification shown in Fig. 7 and be secured by latch to the cross member 0 The arrangement shown in the other figures of the drawings is however the preferred convenient in effecting the introduction of the bottle into position in the holder or re-' and as utilizing theelastlcity' of thehandle h, in maintaining cated in Fig. 6, without removing it from Patented Dec. lid, llgll'ii't Application filed March 2, 1917. Serial No. 1513M.

adetail view showing a modifione, as being most thetable or other support, tofdecant the.

wine. Thus the main weight of the holder and bottleis sustained by the table or other support, and the operation of pouring can be effectively controlled with greater ease and accuracy than where the bottle is held in a basket as heretofore. r

The handle it, is rigidly secured at its forward end to the neck sleeve 'n; and near its rear end it is formed with one or more slots'h, h, to accommodate the catch hook 0 on the base cap 0. Its medial part is bent to form the hand loop 71. and it is preferably made of elastic resilient metal so that its rear end acts as a spring latch or hasp for engagement with the catch 0 on the base cap 0, as above stated.

Secured to the forward cross member 0, of the frame is a cork receptacle (1, in which a cork may be placed and exposed after ext'ivonarrow treads traction from the bottle so that the custoiner may have visual evidenceof'thebrand that the structure of the h'o'ldenis such-that the label on thebottle can also be readily examined Without removing the bottle, the Whole body of the bottle being exposed-be- I tvveen :t'lie 'nec k' sleev'efvt, and' tlie base cap -0.

' Provision'is made for supporting the'bottle at such an inclination from the horizontal'tha't the contents will not flow out'even henth'e bottle .isifull until the device is tilted for-ward on 'therockers t, t. This is indicated bytlie dottedlinew a, 1,

,and'b'y FigJGJ The base capo, isfflanged"peripherally to retain the bottom offth'ebottle which is seated therein, Thenecksleeven, and base cap c, Ycoiijointly Hold the 1 y removedgbyfthe openin saidbase cap a, on its hinge I V identical remand stru'ctureof'the' support- 7 v eons might be re'sortd fto therein Without mayreadily be accomplished, orthe bottle departingffroni-the spiritiand intent'ofmy invention in this're'spect; 'Fofr instance 'a'single broad tread "might-be substituted for the t, t, fWitli'like result.

I have herein} d'esjcribed invention I as i applicable particularly tojthe serving of still wines, although it is: obvious thatthe' device might 'b'eutilized for the serving of" other nonee'ife'rvescentibottled beverages, so thatI not restrict k my claims in this respect.

I claim as 'myinventioii" and desireto 'secure"by Ijetters Patent"is,

1'. A rockable"bottle holdingand serving device gofithefcharater designated, compris- I bottleclose enough" to prevent undueloosene'ss'" or play'of'the bottle when positioned" therein; Which'latter' g or turning back of ing a rockable supporting frame, a pivoted base cap, a resilient handle, a neck-sleeve rigid With said frame and handle, and separa'ble'means for locking the base cap in position to hold a bottle in said neck-sleeve and base cap.

2. A rockable bottle-holding and serving device'of'tlie character designated, comprising a supporting frame with rockable tread members, to engage the neck ofa bottle, a hinged base cap, a resilient handle, the neck-sleeve being rigidly supported by said frame and the handle connected to the neck-sleeve, and means lockingthe base cap and handle-to clamp a bottle between the latterand the neck-sleeve.

3; A bottle holding and serving deviceof the character designated, comprising'a supporting'frame, rocker members supporting the'same, a neck sleeve, a'base cap, means for'securing the latter in closed position, a

handle, and a cork receptacle 1 movable with said rocker members, forthe purpose d'e scribed.

4. A bottle holding and service deviceof the character designated,comprisinga supporting frame'arran'gedto hold a bottle in substantially horizontal position, a neck sleeve fixedly supported on said frame, a

hingedbasecap, means-for securingthe'latter in closed position,

neck of a bottle, and ahandle movable'witli' said securing means, said supporting frame being open vbetween said neck sleeve, base cap, and handle, a bottle seated sleeve and said being rigid with said sleeve and extending tothebase cap, for the purpose described ,GUSTAVE V. GRO PSEY. Witnesses:


in and between said neck a neck-sleeve rigid with said frame I I said cap and'sleeve' being adapted to engage tlie bottonr and so as to expose-the body'of' base cap, and said handle

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U.S. Classification248/139, D07/622
Cooperative ClassificationA47G23/0241, B65G65/24
European ClassificationA47G23/02B