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Publication numberUS1250328 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 18, 1917
Filing dateFeb 14, 1917
Priority dateFeb 14, 1917
Publication numberUS 1250328 A, US 1250328A, US-A-1250328, US1250328 A, US1250328A
InventorsEdwin L Langford
Original AssigneeEdwin L Langford
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US 1250328 A
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Patented Dec. f8, 1917.

Chroma Enwm 1.. moron, or Hermann, NEW msnr.

Application filed February 14, 1917. Serial No. 148,482.

To all whom it may concern: I

Be it known that I, EDWIN L. LANGFOR a citizen of the United States, residing at Haledon, in the county of Passaic and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Combination-Tools, of which the followingjisa specification, reference being had there to theaccompanying drawing.

This ion relates to hand toolsand more particularly to screw-drivers, although not necessarily limited to that exact. form of tool. g

Its object is to provide a compact combination tool, of the general typeof a screwdriver, which can be carried in the pocket.

- and which comprises two or more tools of different sizes, the smaller contained in the larger, and each size being immediately available for use.

In the preferred form ofmy invention, and in that illustrated in the accompanying drawing, the tool is a three-inone screwdriver, that is,comp'rises three screwdrivers of different size, having a common handle or head and each constructed to be nested in the next larger one.

The construction will be understood by reference to the drawing in which- Figure l is acentral longitudinal section through the tool with the parts assembled or nested, and

Fig. 2 is an elevation of the three screw drivers as they appear when disassembled. 1 represents the smallest of the three tools,

which comprises the blade member 10, the

head 11, the knurled grip or shank member 12, a larger screw-threaded portion 13, and a smaller screw-threaded portion 14.

2 represents the next larger tool, which comprises the blade portion 20 and the knurled grip or shank member 21, which is bored out at 22 to receive the blade 10 of the tool 1, the opening of said bore being internally screw-threaded at 23 to engage the. smaller screw-threaded portion 14 of the tool 1.

3 represents the next larger tool, in this case the largest one, which is similar in all respects, except size, to the tool 2. It comprises the blade member 30, the knurled grip or shank member 31, which is bored out at e anate or Letters Ma.

oorrnrnanoN-roon Patented Dec. 18,1917.

32 ,to receive the shank andjbl adeof 'tool. 2

and'fis internally screw;threade d at 33 toengage the larger screwethreadedportion 13 of the tool 1. The shank member 12 of tool i 1 is preferably of the same diameter as the shank member 31 of tool, 3, as shown.

By providing the 'tool' 1 with more than two screw-threaded portions, thenumber of toolscould obviously be increased but, for practical purposes, three-is 'suflicient.

The tool, which evidently may be of any type desired, capable ofbeing nested as'described, for domestic, surgical, mechanical, dental, etc., use, provides a convenient, portable implement, comprising a plurality of I tools of different size, each immediately.

available for use, having a common head and each provided with a grip or shank.

membergj'p ferably knurled as shown. What.

claim is:

1. A screw=driver, or1similar hand tool, comprising a plurality-of nested members each having a blade, the smallest member also having a head, and screw-threaded portions of different diameter; the largest member having a body portion-internally screwthreaded to fit on the largest screw-threaded portion of the smallest member, and an intermediate member internally screwthreaded to fit on the smallest screw-threaded portion of the smallest member.

2. A combination hand-tool. consisting of three tools of different-size adapted to be nested, the smallest tool comprising a head, a grip portion, two screw-threaded portions of different diameter, and a blade; the next larger tool comprising a body' portion internally screw-threaded to fit on the smaller screw-threaded portion of the smallest tool, and a blade, and the largest tool comprising a body portion of the same diameter as the grip portion of the smallest tool and internally screw-threaded to fiton the larger screw-threaded portion of thesmallest tool,

and a blade.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature in presence of two witnesses. j; DWIN L. LANGFORD.

Witnesses: 1

J orm F. Kenn, .J. H. ADAMS.

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Cooperative ClassificationB25B15/007