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Publication numberUS1251389 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1917
Filing dateDec 31, 1914
Priority dateDec 31, 1914
Publication numberUS 1251389 A, US 1251389A, US-A-1251389, US1251389 A, US1251389A
InventorsOscar Lasche
Original AssigneeGen Electric
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US 1251389 A
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Y y APUCATION FILED DEC. 3i. i914. 1,251,389. Patented Dec. 25, 1917..


` I-m/ervtcJr-f4 f. OSC: rf La: e, g, bym

is ofltor-heilly.A




Speclication of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec.- 25, 19t?.

Application led December 31, 1914. Serial No. 879,833. y

. To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, OSCAR LAs'cHn, asuhject of. the King of Saxony, residing at -Charlottenburg, Germany, have invented certain Anew and 'useful Improvements in Crank-Shafts, of which the following is a specification.

The present inve/ation relates' to multithrow crank shafts more particularly for tively long in order to afford the necessary- The object of the invention is to provide a crank shaft which isshorter in length than those heretofore made and which at the same time is materially stronger at the points-where the greatest stresses occur.l

' For a consideration of what IA believeto Vbe novel and my invention, attention is directed to the accompanying description and the claims, appended thereto.

Referring'to lthe drawing, Figure .1 is a side elevation of a multi-throw crank shaft embodying my invention;,Fig. .Qis an end .View thereof taken ou line 2 2, Fig. 1; and Fig. 3 shows diagrammatically my improved y shaft in connection' with an internal com- Referring bustion engine.

first to Fig. 3, 4 indicates the cylinders of a two-cylinder internal comfI bustion engine and 5 the op ositely moving pistons. 6 indicates a inu tai-throw cran shaft having a central journal 7 and end journals 8 and 9, eachsupported in a sitable bearing 10. Between the central and each outside bearing the shaft is provided with three crank pins, a central crank pin 11 to which'the lower pistons are connectedby the connecting rods'12 and two louter crank pins 13 to which the upper pistons are connected by cross-heads '14 and side y rods 15.

Referring now particularly to 1, it

will be seen that the crank'pins 13 are made very short as related to the crank nins 11 and that they are of greater diameter, `their diameter being such that they intersect or overlap thejournals. This overlapping of the crank pins with the journals is a very important feature of my invention, as .it adds great strength at a point where strength is needed, thereby materially increasing the margin of safety. At the same time it permits the cheek plates 16 between the pins and the journals to be made much narrower than the remainingl cheek plates 17 which also tends'to shorten the over-all length of the shaft. The cheek plates 16 and 17 form the crank arms of the crank shaft. It is through them that the Apower is transmitted.v If found desirable the journals may also be'made larger in diameter so as to obtaina-greater overlapping of the samewith the pins.`

In Fig. 2-the extent of the overlapping of i the journals and crank pins is very clearly shown, but it will be understood that the proportion ofthe parts may be Varied t'o suit different conditions met with.

In accordance with the provisions of the' but I desire tohave it understood that the apparatus` shown is on] illustrative, and that the invention can other means; l

What I claimas new and desire to secure by'Letters Patent of the United States, is,-

A. multi-throw crank shaft having crank lpins' displaced approximately 180, and

journals, said crankpins and journals being connected to each other by cheek plates which formV the crankl arms of the shaft, the crank pins adjacentthe journals being made relatively short as compared to the others and of such diameter as to overlap with the journals, and the cheek plates between them being substantially narrower -than the remaining cheek plates.

In Witness whereof, I`have'hereunto set my hand this 23rd day of November, 1914. OSCAR LASCI-IE. Witnesses:


e carried out by

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US6684755Jan 28, 2002Feb 3, 2004Bristol Compressors, Inc.Crankshaft, compressor using crankshaft, and method for assembling a compressor including installing crankshaft
U.S. Classification74/596
Cooperative ClassificationF16C3/08