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Publication numberUS1251560 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 1, 1918
Filing dateAug 6, 1917
Priority dateAug 6, 1917
Publication numberUS 1251560 A, US 1251560A, US-A-1251560, US1251560 A, US1251560A
InventorsTheodore Myskow
Original AssigneeTheodore Myskow
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Wire basket for boilers.
US 1251560 A
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1,251,560. Patented Jau. 1,1918.

FIG. 1

m 3715 J6 J6 Jo .E7 Z1 Z6. FIG. 2 y v UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.


Wlan BASKET For, soumis,


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented an. 1, 1918.

Appiicauoa flied Auguste, 1917'. serial Nb. 184,716.

. useful improvements in wire baskets fo boilers.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of a foramiiious basket arranged with a readily detachable carrying means,

the construction being such as to render a single carrying member serviceable in connection with a plurality of containers, the latter preferably being of uniform size and appearance.

A further object of the invention is the provision of a carrying frame for foraminous containers arranged for removably securing the containers therein for convenience in transporting goods, the entire struc- I ture being light in weight and easy and inexpensive to manufacture.

Vith these generalobjects in view and others that will appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, the same consists in the novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter more fully set forth and described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and pointed y out in the appended claim.

In the drawings forming a part of this application and in which like designating characters refer to corresponding parts throughout the several views Figure 1 is a side elevation of the complete l device.

Fig. 2 is a horizontal longitudinal sectional view thereof,

Fig. 3 is a vertical transverse sectional view taken on line III-III of Fig. 1,

The said container maybe of any desirable elongated form being herein illustrated of oval formation inl horizontal section and having continuousV foraminous side walls 12 and a foi'aminous bottom 13, al bead oi' rim 14 being provided on thev top of the side walls y12 while thebottom and the vside walls are connected together by an angular 'form of uniting o r binding strip 15.

. The carrier consists of a central [tube l'having a two-strand twisted wire 17 eX- tending transversely therethrough and rigidly secured thereto by means of solder 18, the opposite outer ends 19 of the strands forming the cable 17 being bent divergently upward in separated substantially V-shaped arrangement forming struts for the framework of the carrier.

Opposite U-shaped frames 2O are provided formed of metal rods and having oppositely projecting hoop rods 21 carried thereby in longitudinal alinement with each other at the opposite ends of the carrier 10, the rods 21 being slidably positioned within the opposite ends of the tube 16.

Springs 23 are arranged within the tube 16 connected between the cable 17 and the inner free ends of the extensions 22 whereby the frame rods 2O are normally resiliently held against the opposite free ends of the tube 16. The rods 21 are provided with up-turned hooked ends 24 at opposite ends of the carrier and adapted to engage over the binding strip of the container 11, when the container is seated upon the tube 16, and frame rods and between the hooks 24.

The upper ends of the struts 19 are provided with loops 25 surrounding the upright portion 27 of the frame rods 20 adjacent their upper ends, rings 26 being carried by the tops of the upright portions 27 for pivotally mounting swinging bails or handles 2S therein.

From this detailed description of the invention it will be understood that the container 11 when seated within the carrier 10 may be readily engaged by means of the hoop rods 21 while the container is easily carried by means of the handles 28. When desired to deposit the container 11 at any desired point, the hooks 24 are forced outwardly, thereby releasing the container 11 which is readily separated from the carrier 10. It will be understood that the springs 23 normally draw .the frame rods 20 with their uprights 27 inwardly toward each other while the connecting struts 19, by reason of the resiliency of the wire of Which the cable 17 is formed, permit such opposite movement of the ends of the carrier l0, it being understood that the loops 25 freely receive the upright rods 27 therethrough.

A serviceable arangement is provided for carrying dierent commodities such as those from which it is desirable to drain water, a single carrier l0 being1 serviceable for a plurality of containers 1l, which containers may be of the form herein described or of slightly different form found desirable.

That I claim as new is A carrier comprising a tube, a twisted wire cable transversely therethrough, the

Copies of this patent may be obtained for strands of said cable being up-turned at their opposite free ends in the form of struts, U-shaped frame members arranged `adjacent the opposite ends of said tube having upright portions slidably connected to the said struts, extensions upon said frame members slidably arranged within the 0pposite ends of said tube, spring connections between the inner ends of said extensions and said cable within the tube and oppositely projecting rods centrally carried by said frame members in axial alinement with the said tube and with each other and arranged With up-turned terminal engaging hooks.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. G.

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U.S. Classification220/485, 217/125, 294/167
Cooperative ClassificationB65D7/20