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Publication numberUS1252092 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 1, 1918
Filing dateJul 15, 1915
Priority dateJul 15, 1915
Publication numberUS 1252092 A, US 1252092A, US-A-1252092, US1252092 A, US1252092A
InventorsHarry C Currier
Original AssigneeHarry C Currier
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US 1252092 A
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L fi fi g Patented Jan. 1, 1918.

To all whom it may concern:

I I part of this specification,

HARRY o. CURRIEB, ormrnnnnroms, mivnnsora; I


Be it known that I, HARRY C. CURRIER, a citizen of the United States, resident of Minneapolis, county of Hennepin, State of Minnesota, haveinvented certain new and useful Improvements in Stationery-Files, of which the following is a specification. 7

My invention relates to devices for keeping a supply of note or letter paper, bill heads, envelops, carbon paper and v.the like convenient for use, and the object of the invention is to provide a v file particularly adapted for use in a drawer ofa desk where its contents. will be readily accessible and where it will be protected from dust and dirt. n I A fur her object is to provide a file. in which the pockets are removable to allow substitution of other pockets of varying size and to adapt the device for different. lines or sizes of envelops and paper.

The invention consists generally in various constructions and combinations, all as hereinafter described and particularlypointed out in the claims. I z

In the accompanying drawings forming Figure l is a planview of a stationery file embodying my invention,

Fig.2 is a longitudinal sectional viewgof thesame,

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of one of the pocketsv removed from thefile,

.Fig. {I is a sectional view of one corner of a desk, showing the file fitting in the drawer.

In ztheidrawing, 2-:represents the outer shell or box of the'file, having an open top and a closed bottorn. .Withinthis box a seriesof pockets are arranged. The outer pocket and is divided by a partition 3 into separate compartments adapted to receive envelopsplaced endwise therein; The. pocket is at an incline and the ends of the envelops will project beyond the open end of the pocket where they can be conveniently reached for removal. The next pocket 4 is seated upon the pocket 3 and has its in-- ner end abutting against a stop 5 that is punched up out of the bottom of the box. This box has side walls 6 with inwardly turned upper edges 7 and an upwardly turned rear edge 8 and between the walls 6 a slide 9 is preferably arranged to adapt the pocket for difl'erent lengths of envelope that may be placed therein. This pocket is pref- Specification of Letters at.

3 1s preferably secured in the'box I Patented J an. 1, 1918.

.Application filed Ju1yl5, 1915. seriainueaoes.

erably deeper than those for the letter paper, and also has a partition dividing it into separate compartments.

10, 11, 12 and 13; represent a series of pockets placed one upon anotherand of varying length, the lower pocket 10 resting upon the pocket 4 and seated against a stop corresponding to the stop 5 and having. a slide 1e corresponding in its function to the slide 9'in the pocket 4. The other pockets 11, 12 and 13 contact with the rear wall 15 of the box, the upper ends of all these pockets being in alinement with one another. .Areceptacl e 16 is fitted into the recess in the inner endof the box, resting upon thepocket13, and has acover 17. This receptacle is adapted tov receive stamps and other, articles used around a desk or typewriter. V V

In Fig. 4 a desk 18 is illustrated, of conventional design having a flat top 19 and a .drawerQO in which the box 2 is fitted, lVl1 en this drawer is closed, the contents of the box will be concealed and protected, and when the drawer is drawn out, all the envelops, note paper, carbon paper and the like will beexposed where it can be conveniently removed for use.v

The device may be made in various sizes, the number of pockets and the-size thereof maybe modified, and in various ways the details of construction herein shown and described may be, modified and still be within the scope of my invention.

, I claim as my. invention:

1. Astationer'y file comprising a sheet metal box having a'fioor, side walls, an end walland open at the opposite end and top,

asheet metal plate having an upright front wall and inclined inwardly and downwardly therefromfitting within said box. at the open end thereof and forming the floor of a pocket adapted to receive envelope and the -like, and a series of pockets arranged above said plate and downwardly and inwardly inclined between said first named pocket and said end wall, said pockets being loosely arranged in said box and having their upper ends on substantially the same level.

2. A stationery file comprising a box open at the front end and closed at the rear end and having side and rear walls of substantially the same height and an open top, pockets fitting one above the other Within said box and rearwardly and downwardly inclined therein and of varying length, the

level of the others and accessible through i the open end of said box, said pockets being comparatively shallow and adapted to contain articles, such as stationery.

3. A stationery file comprising a box having an open top and stopsstruck up out of thebottom of said box, pockets fitting within said box and resting upon one another, the lower pockets being seated against said stops and the upper pockets being-seated against the-inner wall of said box, and all of saidpockets being inclined'backwardly and downwardly from the front to the rear of saidbox.

4. A' stationery file comprising a sheet metal box having an opentop and front end, sheet metal pockets fitting within saidbox and downwardly inclined from the front to therearof the box and arrangedone above the-other therein, the forward pockets being deeper thanthosein the rear thereof-andaccessible through said open end, saidpockets increasing in length from the ends ofthe box toward the middle portion thereof and being removable one' from the other.

5. A stationery file comprising a sheet metal-box having side walls and an endtwall of substantially the same height andan open top, a series of sheet metal pockets fitting within said box, one above the other, and

rearwardly and downwardly inclined therein, the upper mner pocket belngj seated against said end wall, there belng atr1angu lar space formedbetween said pocket and the top of said side and end walls and a cor respondingly shaped stamp box fittingwiths in said space and having the top thereof flush substantially with the tops of said pockets. I

6. A horizontal stationery file comprising a sheet'metalfbox having a floor, sidewalls, an end wall and open at the opposite end andthe. to-p,f a pocket having an inclined floor fitting withinsaid box at the open end" thereofand secured to the walls of the box and adapted to receive envelops and the like,

and a series of removable pockets fitting within said box and. resting one upon another therein and'having open outer ends.

Astationery file comprising a sheetinetal box having side and rear walls of substantially the same height and anopen-top and end, comparatively shallow sheet metal pocketsfitting=within said box and extend-' ing from side to side thereof and one above the other and rearwardly;andidownwardly inclined therein, some of the forward pockets'b eing'deeper than the othersto adapt them for envelops and the like and accessible througlrthe open end of the box, the lower pocketsbeing seated on the horizontalbottom of said box and some of the'upper poclo ets having "their inner ends seated against the'vertical rear wall of the box, the upper ends of'said pockets being-open for the insertion of stationery and the like therein.

8. A file for stationery-comprisingabox' having an opentop and pockets 'fittingthere-- for fitting-within'a desk drawer and extend ing from side to side therein andf havi nga ClOSBdlDIlGT-"Gll'd, an open'top and front end,

a series of sheet metalpockets fitting within" saidbox and'downwardl'y andinwardly inclined thereon, thelower pockets having their inner ends seated on 'the'bot'tom-ofsaid box and the upper pockets having their lowerends seated against the rear end wall of said box, the'forward' ends of the upper pockets being on substantially 'the sameilevel and-open for'the insertion of stationery and thelike, and said pockets fitting looselybetweenthe side wall'sof the box andremovableoneffrom the'other therein.

In jwitness whereof,,f[ havehereunto set, my hand this'9th dayof any 1915. i i p C. GURRIER.

, Copies of this'petent may be obtained for fiv'e c'ents each, by addfessing'the'Commissioner offPatents,

. 'Washingt0n, D.--.C.' r

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