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Publication numberUS1252094 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 1, 1918
Filing dateOct 7, 1916
Priority dateOct 7, 1916
Publication numberUS 1252094 A, US 1252094A, US-A-1252094, US1252094 A, US1252094A
InventorsAdolphe Henri Rochette De Lempdes
Original AssigneeAdolphe Henri Rochette De Lempdes
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Cartridge-indicator for repeating or automatic small-arms.
US 1252094 A
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Patented J an. 1, 1918.

llfwk om it may concern; a

- e it known-lthat ll, Anorrrni Rocj mrrp DE LEMrnEs, citizen of the French Lqir, France, have inventedtnewand useful Improvements in; Cartridge-Indicators for Repeating .or Automatic Small-Arms, i of whichthe following isia specification.

catjor for: automatic or repeating. fire arm's,

audits" principal object is to provide a simply constructed and eflibiently operatlng 7 device for indicating atany given time, the

preferredvform of cartridge indicator;

H Fig, 2is a similar view with a lateral wall a thecasingflremovedpandhthe magazine dFigE 3 is a'sim ilarlview with a lateral wall oftthe casing partly broken. away, three cartridges: being shown 1 in "the magazine;

,Fig. i a aview similar h ng; a of a m 1 somewhat modifiedlfonn ofahe invention.

Referrin to the drawing, and particularly to Figsgl to 3,. A: denotes, ajcasing constituting the magazinesin which the carjj tridges B are contained. a

MMOVable w'ithin'r the "casing; A; lengthwise L01 thereofiis a cartridge support 1 whic'li pref-x y qerably comprises, a shelf upon which the j cartridges may rest, and a downwardly turned flange l? which may slide along the 1 inner face of the rear wall of the casing A ,5 and assists in guiding the support 1 in its movement.

Arrangedbetween the lower'face of the supportl and the inner face of the base of thecasing A" is a coiled sprlng 2 havlng a 0 normal expansive tendency whereby the cartridge support 1 is forced upwardly 1;f withinthemagazine. i

Pivotally connected at 3 to the support 1 is a rod 4 having a pin 11 at or near its 5 ,lowerend. The rod 4 extends into a cylinder'5 provided with a curved slot 5 into Republic, residing at tS enonches, Eureetit My invention-relates to a cartridge. indi- "gure llzisia side elevationalview ofthe oration which i en' ule rod 1" eiitends; W a 2 cylinder owtelescopes with; ax cylinder the latter; being provided with a1 curved slot 6? through which extendsa pin'il lfi -carried at or; near; the. lower end of the cylinde'rl 5.

Theacylinder ,6 :telescopes intola: cylinder: 7

provided; withat. curveda slot 7*? intc which extends. a} pin; l l wacarried at orlnear the lowerend' oi: the cylindenfilfl Thelgwerendiof the cylinder 7 revolves In; a fixed socket 8 at the base ofithemaga;

zine, and intermediate'itsends thecylinder i (Z carries; a sleeve 9..provided'; with suitable indicat ng} characters, such as the numerals shown inthe,drawing. a Y 1 g 1 Alt;v a, point in, line; with. the sleeve 9 the casing A, 1s, provided witlnan opening or window 1,0,; through. which the i numerals on the sleeve may be read. a

v Inthefforn of; Eig j l I; dispense withtthe e escqpings esves 5 an ,1 nd use. in lie h no. inglea d 12; provided with, :a qjectsa p 'n heli all at; 125% into la /thick.

(n tis own) ,carriedtbyia eere 11?, emracing-theM 512,a d,c rried byi e odjr PiYQ fl y eon 'eetcdi oit po 1; a 11 LIQWQI end; 0.11 the d 2. bears a bs ck tfifrand; djac nt such low r nd th 10 2 ai ie athe numenals le ve I 5;. n othe respec s t e oiistr etieeief themodi:

i $9 3 .1 :iS t:.efzt ieipreferr dt fa m-- The parts-are slre str cted and a corre lated than. t he. .cy ief le a-Z, ten hs-r d l arry -1 -t i la memlrsl eve; Willi make ne eomplet gre clut nseacmtime the a ar cartr dge asap:

Bridge ear ier? 1; is; moved; e ther to its as;

tremeleu -e :-,.hi hn si ienaaml' w th vthis understanding, the operation is as follows lnathefformiofil sigs; l andzfiywhensthe mega:-

.zine-;'is charged with cartridges by placing the latter on the carrier 1, such carrier will be depressed until it has reached its lowermost position in the casing A, and 7 will show through the window 10, indicating that the magazine contains seven cartridges, which is its assumed capacity. When the pistol in which the device is arranged is used, the cartridges will pass successively from the magazine, and as each cartridge is used the spring 2 will raise the carrier 1 a certain distance, moving the rod 4 upwardly and causing the cylinders 5 and 6 to rotate and to rise, While the cylinder 7 will only rotate, and carry with it the numeral sleeve 9 so that successive numbers will show through the wind w 10- The number appearing at

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U.S. Classification42/106, 42/50, 235/91.00R
Cooperative ClassificationF41A21/08