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Publication numberUS1252628 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1918
Filing dateNov 3, 1914
Priority dateNov 3, 1914
Publication numberUS 1252628 A, US 1252628A, US-A-1252628, US1252628 A, US1252628A
InventorsEdward Terry
Original AssigneeEdward Terry
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US 1252628 A
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1,252,628. v Patented Jail. 8,1918;


Patented Jan) 8,1918.


125252 .Tqallwkom it may concern: a

' Be it known that I, EDWARD TE RY, a subject of the Kin of Great Britain, residing at Milton .all, 117 Loughborough Park, Brixton, England, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Goat-Rugs,

' of which theffollowmg is a specification.

My invention has reference to equipments and accoutren'ients' for personal Wear of the 10' kind which may be worn as a coat cloak or Wrap or utilized as a'tent or shelter.

Among the objects I have in view is to P OVIdG,aII III'IPIOVBd device of thls charactcr w'hich While being extremely simple in construction and cheapln manufacture may be easily converted into a variety'of articles f of personal wear-or equipment with a minimum of trouble and without the employmentof extraneous aids except such as are. j flikely,to be readily at hand. Moreover my Y invention contemplates a device of the aforesaid kind which" when worn as a coat or cloak shall. be neat inappearance and serviceable to the ends in view.

5' These and such other objects as may herei'nafter appear or/are incidental thereto are attained in the manner which I will now proceed to describe in detail for theready understanding of which reference should be had to theaccompanyingdrawings wherein:

p Figure 1' is a planview of myimproved f a device in that condition in which, a may be employed as a traveling rug or as a ground sheet 1 Fig. 2'illustratesthe same in useas a mili tary cloak for the use ofcavalrv.

' Fig. 3 is a view showing the device in use as an infantry coat or for civilians wear when motorlng or otherwise.

. Fig. 4is a'rear view of the same.

I Fig. 5 illustrates the device in use as a.

stretcher and Fig. 6 shows a tent or shelter constructed therefrom.

'45 Fi 7 is a view of my device in use as a lady s cloak or wrap.

efe'rring to Fig. 1 my improved device is compose of a single piece of preferably waterproofed material a rectangular in i form and acombined collar and hood-be attached thereto such as by sewing along the line a and having tabs or projecting portions d e f and g which are normally retained "in the extended position shown by fastenings for example of the press or spring j button type b engaging with correspondin of said" material noted coAr-mre.

members secured to the material a. Iin hthe center of'the material a an aperture iis formed conimunicatingwith .a fiyj having v fastening members such as buttons in and Specification of Letters Patent. I Patented Jan. 8, 1918. 1 Application filed November 3,1914. Seria1No. 870, 077.

each ofthe two longer sides of the material is providedwith slits or 'flysl m n ando each having fasteninjlg members such as butf tons ;oi On each si of the center line'of the material a buttons or other fasteners :q

are secured and near the longitudinal edges adapted for engagement with like s are also secured. I g Each cornerof the material is reinforced with a pocket shaped piece Zillie additional eyes or' the a hooks or the like r purpose ofwhich as "also of the fastening it members 1' and s will hereinafte'rappean.

The device constructed as aliiovedescribed 1 may beemployed asla traveling .rugor ground sheet or by placing two together as illustrated in Fig. 6 and inserting poles u a in'the pockets t at the corners a tent or shelw ter may be readily formed. Itshould he that by providing byv my inventionthe buttons 79 together with the sleeve flies n 0, etc., these same butt0iisandfiies are a 'made to serve a double purpose to wit, the

means for connecting together two or n'iore rugs to form a continuous covering for a i" tent 'and also for providing the sleeves of a my improved coat rug which will. be


To convert the device into' a loose cloak' adapted for example for the use of cavalryj as illustrated in Fig. 2 the tabs d ,e the hood 7) are disengaged from themateriat a to allow it being turned back to expose the aperture. i through which the head-of I then passed around the throat and secured the wearer is inserted the tabs d andebeing 1n position by means of 'thefastenings h andh whichlatter are located onthema- 'terial a; in a convenient position near the aperture 5. The hood is then 1 brought around the back of the head of the wearer y and the tabs 1 g fastened over the frontofv the cap thus forming awarm and com fortable hood which will effectually protect the head'neck and throat of the wearer in the most inclement weather.

The sleeves of the ,garment are formed 1 by opening the slits Z. m 'n. o the buttons p being released. for this purpose and bringmg the materialbetween said slitsaround the arms of the wearer and reengaging the button a Zlhe full skirt at th g rm nt thus formed allows for ample freedom-of movement of the wearer rendering the garment very serviceable gfor cava lry use or and g lie upon the tabs d c it is then brought around the neck and fastened in 'front "as illustrated in Fig. 3. Theedges 2, 2 and 3 3 of the material a are then secured together by engaging the hooks 1- with the eyes 8 thus preventing the skirt of the [garment being disarra nged by the wind or "otherwise. If desired-a plurality of such hooks and eyes can be provided though only a single set is shown init'he drawings. As it is unnecessary that the garmjent should have the sa am u o fullness when worn for walking as is desirable for riding the surplus material shown at' the rig htand left of Fig; 2 is gathered-up and'folded around tothe back of thewearer w ere it is secured by the c ooperating1snap catches g and 9' Fig. 1. A belt 41 may now if desired'be passed around the waist and the garment will appear as shown in "Figs. 3 and 4. p

For use as arstretcher or carrier for ambulance purposes the rug shown in 1 is simply folded around two poles w and the longitudinal edges of the 'material (1. brought together and overlapped where the weight of the person'carried will of itself be sufiicient to keep the material in position.

The use of my improved device as aladys coat or traveling wrap will be readily understood from an' inspection of Fig. 7 and as the position of the parts are -inallgre'spects similar to that shown in Fig. .Z'further description is deemed unnecessary.

A device in accordance with this invention possesses many and manifest advantfages over devices of a similar nature'heretofore suggested. Being compos'ed of but very few parts which are secured together andareextremely simple in construction the labor required in its manufacture "is 'inconsiderable while the various uses to which it can be put renders it a valuable "adjunct I to the personal impedimenta of troops in the field orof travelers, motorists, cyclists or touristsbeing at all times instantly ready for use either as ,a rug or wrap as a cloak orc'oat forriding or walking or' as a" sleeping suit or as astretcher orasafteutor shelter.

\lVhaft I claim is: p

1. 'As a new article {of manufacture, a substantially"rectangular shaped cloth having pairs "of slits on opposite sides thereof and'aeentral head opening, means for converting the portions of the cloth bounded by said pairs of slits into sleeves, a cover for said "head opening, cooperating fasteningxde ices on the cloth and cover for forming latter into a hood and .throat cover or a collar and other fastening devices on said cloth for converting the same into a garment. 2.. Afsubstantially rectangular rug having sleeve flies on opposite sides thereof and a central 'fi'yand opening forlthe insertion of the head, cooperating fastfening devices for connecting the ortions 10f" the rug bounded by said'pairso I merits in the form ofpo ckets at the ,corners of said rug, a covering'for' thexhead opening in said agpfastenin devices onsaid covering for iforrhing a throat and head covering'tliereof, cooperating fastening devicesnear the edges of saidrug ahdiother cooperating fastening devices farther removed from the edges oi said ru v WAR ERB Witnesses: I

I Wnsroor'r,

A. E. Wnrm.

Copies ot this patent may be obtainedlor fi v'efcent'a each by addressing the Commissioner oflhteuts, I "Wa'shi igton; D. 0.

flies into sleeves, .rein fo rce-v

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