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Publication numberUS1253903 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 15, 1918
Filing dateMay 8, 1917
Priority dateMay 8, 1917
Publication numberUS 1253903 A, US 1253903A, US-A-1253903, US1253903 A, US1253903A
InventorsDeland M Stevens
Original AssigneeDeland M Stevens
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Combined bottle carrier and opener.
US 1253903 A
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1,253,963. Patented Jan.15, 1918.

INVENTOR wrmsses W l? a ./m/lw 3K y r y ATTORNEY nnnannm. s'rnvnns, or musxneon HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Jan. 15, 1918.

Application filed May 8, 1917. Serial No. 167,306.

1 '0 all whom it may concern: V

Be it known that I, DELAND M. STEVENS, a citizen of the United States, residing at Muskegon Heights, in the county of Muskegon and State of Michigan, have invented new and useful Improvements in Combined Bottle Carriers and Openers, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to combined bottle carriers and openers and it consists in the novel features hereinafter described and claimed.

An object of the invention is to provide a device of the character stated which may be convenientlyused for carrying a milk bottle and which also maybe used to advantage I for removing the cap or top from the same In the accompanying drawing Figure 1 is a side view of a bottle showing the carrier applied thereto;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the carrier.

Fig. 3 is an edge view of the same.

The combined bottle carrier and opener comprises a member 1 which is formed from a single length of wire having a bail portion 2, with a point 3, projecting from one corner thereof. The bail portion 2 is provided at its opposite sides with loops 4 and a bowed portion 5 joins at its ends with the loops 4 and the major part of the said bowed portion 5 lies in a plane at an acute angle with relation to the plane in which the opposite side and'intermediate portions of the bail part 2 lie. The intermediate portion of the bail 2 is provided with a bend 6 and one end of the wire which constitutes the member 1 is coiled around the intermediate portion of the said bend 6 and hence the end portion of the wire which constitutes the member 1 is connected together.

The carrier also includes a second member which is in the general form of a how 7 having at its end outwardly disposed extremities 8 which are received in the loops 4 of the member 1. The intermediate portions of the bows 5 and 7 are normally held spaced from each other when the carrier is in an upright position and before the same is applied to the neck of a bottle by reason of the fact that the end portions of the how 7 have contact with the end portions of the bow 5 and thus their intermediate parts are held in spaced relation and the bow 7 is supported in a'plane at an acute angle to the plane in which the major portions of the bail 2 of the member 1 lie. When it is desired to apply the carrier to the neck of a bottle the bail is grasped in the hand of the operator and the carrier is lowered over the neck of the bottle so that the'bows 5 and 7 spread'and pass around the head at the mouth of the bottle and lie at the opposite sides of the neck thereof. Consequently when the carrier is elevated the said bows 5 and 7 will tend to move toward each other and they will engage under the bead at the neck of the bottle and the bottle is lifted.

When the device is used for removing the top or cover from a milk bottle, the point 3 is inserted through the intermediate portion of the top or cover and the intermediate part of the bail 2 is used as a lever at the edge of the bottle whereby the said top or cover is pried out of the mouth of the 'bottle. From the foregoing description taken in conjunction with theaccompanying drawing, it will be seen that a bottle carrier of simple and durable structure is provided and that the same may be easily and con-.

veniently used for removing a top or cover from the bottle.

Having described the invention what is claimed is I A combined bottle carrier and top remover comprising a member in the form of a bail and including parallel side portions with loops at one end, a bowed portion connecting the loops together and a top .portion con-' nected with the other ends of the said or tions, there being provided at one end 0 the top portion a pointed extremity, the said bowed portion lying in a plane at an acute angle to that in which the side portions lie, and a second member in the form of a bow having at its ends outstanding extremities which are loosely received in the said loops.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signatu rc.


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U.S. Classification215/397, 294/164, 294/27.1, 294/61
Cooperative ClassificationB65D23/108