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Publication numberUS1254532 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 22, 1918
Filing dateJul 9, 1917
Priority dateJul 9, 1917
Publication numberUS 1254532 A, US 1254532A, US-A-1254532, US1254532 A, US1254532A
InventorsFrederick N Paul
Original AssigneeFrederick N Paul
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US 1254532 A
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' Patented $311.22, 1918.





Specification of Letters Patent.


Application filed. July 9, 1.917. Serial No. 179,458.

Toall'wkom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FREDERICK N. PAUL, a citizen of the United States, residing at Flagstaff, in the county of Coconino State of Arizona, have invented new and useful Improvements in Tooth-Brushes, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to tooth brushes, withthe primary object of the invention being to provide an implement of this character which may be effectively employed for removing matter which has accumulated between and upon the teeth,

With these and other objects in view, the invention resides in the novel combination and arrangement of parts, which will be 1?"- hereinafter described and particularly pointed out in the claim.

The preferred embodiment of the invention has been illustrated in the accompanying drawing, although no restriction is necessarily made to the precise details of construction therein shown, as changes, alterations, and modifications, within the 2:5, scope of the claim may be resorted to when desired.

.In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a perspective View of a tooth brushconstructed in accordance with the invention.

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view therethrough.

Fig. dis a plan View of the brush body.

Fig. 4 is a transverse section through the.

g5 brush head.

Like characters of reference denote corresponding parts throughout the several views in the drawing.

Referring now to the drawing in detail,

to the letter A designates, a tooth brush constructed in accordance with the invention wherein the brush body 5 includes a handle 6 at one end of which is a head 7, said brush body being formed from any material suitable for the or the like.

The brush head 7 has formed therein'a longitudinally extending recess 8 in one end Wall 9 of Whichis formed spaced bearing openings 10, While the other end wall 11 of the recess is provided with a pair of purpose, such as celluloid, bone brush head 7. A recessed boxing 1a is seated in a channel 13 and closes the recesses 12 in the end wall 11 of the recess 8.

A pair of shafts 15 and 16 extending longitudinally of the recess 8, with the ends of the shafts extending within the bearing openings 10 and recesses 12 and upon these shafts are mounted to turn rollers 17, with each roller having formed therein between its'ends, an annular groove 18 having oppositely inclined walls 19, with one of said walls having formed thereon gear teeth 20. The rollers 17 are formed from any suitable material which will permit bristles 21 to be mounted therein so that the rollers may be employed as brushes for cleaning the surfaccsof theteeth, as well as removing matter which has accumulated therebetween.

A roller 22 of compressible material is arran within the recess 8 between the rollers 1. and is fixed to a shaft 23, the ends of "which are journaled in and extend beyond the arms of a yoke 24% secured centrally to the bottom wall of the recess 8.

Gear wheels 25 are fixed to the extending portions of the shaft 23, with the teeth on the gears meshing with the teeth on a wall Of the groove 18 adjacent thereto, so that when the brush is in use, the roller in its passage over the teeth will impart rotation to the rollers 17 and cause the bristles thereon to remove foreign matter which has ac cumulated upon and between the teeth.

From the foregoing description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, it at once apparent that a tooth brush has been provided which may be employed as an eit'ective implement for not only brushing the exposed surfaces of the teeth but for removing from between the teeth the matter which has accumulated therebetween,

Having thus described. the invention, what is claimed as new, is:

A tooth brush comprising a brush body including a brush head having a. recess therein spaced shafts rotatably mounted in said brush head to extend longitudinally of Patented an, an, act.

said recess, rollers on said shafts having shaft, and gear wheels on said shaft at upbristles thereon, said rollers having annular posite ends of said yoke engaging the teeth grooves provided with inclined Walls, gear on the walls of said grooves. it teeth formed on a Wall of each of said In testimony whereof I aflix my sign- 5 grooves, a yoke mounted on said brush heed ture.

centrally of said recess, a shaft rotatably I mounted in said yoke, a roller fixed to said i FREDERICK N. PAUL.

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U.S. Classification15/27, D04/109, 15/26
International ClassificationA46B7/10
Cooperative ClassificationA46B7/10
European ClassificationA46B7/10